Exercise – Round 2

N dropped off a few of my things at my parents’ place the other day, if you remember, and one of those things he dropped off was my Apple Watch. I’m very excited to have my watch back 😆 I can now get back to closing my rings on a daily basis and therefore getting back into a regular exercise routine.

I’d been out of action for a few weeks immediately after my hospital stay, and then I slowly started getting back into it once I started to feel a bit stronger. And then my life imploded. So of course I lost all momentum, so I had a few weeks off again as a result. Now I am trying to get back into it again – round 2! 😆

And because I’ve been doing more lately than I have been this past month or two, my muscles are now sore 😅 That’s good! It means I’m working them 💪

I should also start looking at getting back into dancing as well. It was one of the ways that I enjoyed getting my exercise. But let’s take it one step at a time, shall we (no pun intended 😂).

Darling Square

I had a terrible night’s sleep last night. I think the previous night wasn’t all that great either 😔 Well, sleep in general has been pretty disrupted these past few weeks, but last night was particularly 💩.

But that didn’t stop me from going for my walk around Sydney today: I walked around Darling Harbour for a while 😊 The whole area has completely changed. There were a few familiar sites, but there were more changes than not. The new (how new is it??) Darling Square is really nice. This may be my new go-to area in Sydney! Not quite as nice as Gardens by the Bay (because nothing is as nice, Gardens is just the best! 🥰), but good enough. I went in the morning, so it was still really quiet and peaceful. But by the time I left the area, the numbers had started to pick up, I guess with people going out for lunch.

And yes, as they predicted yesterday, the weather did turn, unfortunately 😒 So I took that as my cue to head back.

It was a nice walk, though, and Darling Square and the surrounding area is definitely a place that I would want to go to regularly 👍🏻

And I managed to film while I was down there! Unfortunately I don’t have my computer, though, but I can still edit on my phone. It’s harder, as you can imagine, and will take longer to do, and the resulting video won’t be as good. But it’s all I have at the moment, so I just have to make the most of it! 😅

Where to go and explore…

Olivia Newton-John passed away today. My condolences to her family who must be hurting terribly today 😢 I have a sense now of how that feels 😞

I continued to try and distract myself by immersing myself in my languages again. Any and all distractions are welcome at the moment! 🤗

One of the things that I wanted to do during this two-week holiday that we were supposed to have now is to go and visit some of the more touristy places around Sydney. Maybe I should go and do that anyway. There’s nothing stopping me from visiting these places on my own. Except maybe the crappy weather 😒 I think there might be a few showers this week, but that shouldn’t stop me from going out and exploring. It’s not like it’s T8 weather 😂 Now that’s something we never have to worry about in Sydney!

So maybe I can do that tomorrow. Let me think about where I want to go and explore…

A tough Monday

N dropped off some of my stuff at my parents’ place today. He’s in Sydney, he caught the original flight that we were supposed to be on. We originally booked a two-week holiday back to Sydney, if you remember, and those two weeks is now.

Anyway, he brought stuff back with him that he thought I would want. I didn’t ask for any of it, he just brought stuff that he thought I would want but I just didn’t have any space for in my luggage. If I could go back to our apartment and do a second round of ‘collection’, I pretty much would’ve chosen the exact same things that he chose to bring with him. Sighhh. He knows me. Of course he knows me. He’s my best friend 😞😭

I also got my hair cut today, and I hate it 😔😂 Now I feel like going somewhere else to get it ‘fixed’. I was originally thinking of going to a Japanese hair salon again because I’ve really liked their cuts these past few years, but I didn’t do that this time. Dang, now I’ve paid the price 😔

And it was a lovely day today! Where was the sun yesterday when I was at the park?!? 😒

It just wasn’t my day today. So I found some comfort just resting with my friend’s cat. She came up to me and cuddled up against me, which was sooo cuuute 🥰 I needed that today.

She cuddled up against me 🥰

Walking and reading

I was very tired today after all the socialising yesterday (not to mention the recent events, which is the most energy-sapping thing of all 😔). I needed today to recover. I went to a nearby park just for a bit of a walk and to also read a bit while I was there. The weather was a bit shady, and it eventually got a bit too cold for me to stay there for any longer, so I started to head back. I decided to take a longer route home because I just wanted to walk more, but unfortunately, halfway through my walk back, it started to rain 🌧 It wasn’t too heavy, though, more like a shower, so it wasn’t too bad. Again, I’m still not sure how I haven’t gotten sick yet since I’ve been back! 🍀

There was next to no one around when I was walking to and from the park, and even at the park, there was just so much space that I didn’t really need to worry about social distancing. That’s something else that I miss about Australia: all the space here!

I took a nap when I got back, I just needed a bit more rest today. And then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in my room reading. I did a ton of reading today, which was nice. I haven’t been able to do that in a long time. It was quite a relaxing Sunday. Relatively speaking, that is 😔

Weight and health

I spent the day (and night!) at a friend’s place catching up with old friends. It was good to chat and just continue to distract myself 👍🏻

Now I’m really tired, though, I can barely keep my eyes open. We had a bit too much food, and all takeaway, so that’s probably adding to how I’m feeling right now! 😴 My friends have gained weight the past few years (they said that, but they looked the same to me), so our ordering takeaway today probably didn’t help their goal of losing a few kilos! 😅 I, on the other hand, have lost weight these past few weeks because I just haven’t had much of an appetite. But I might’ve gained a bit of that lost weight back today! 😆😓

They were also talking about their own health woes 😔 Other than my recent stint in hospital, I have thankfully been relatively healthy. Touch wood it stays that way. Being healthy is something that we take for granted so easily. So this is something else that I always try and be #grateful for.

Appreciating Sydney again

I met up with a friend in the city this morning, which was great. It’s nice to see a familiar face 🥰 He showed me around his new office near World Square, which was really cool! And then we went to a nearby cafe for coffee. He paid for both our coffees – and he got change for a $10 note! 😱 Now that’s something I’m not used to. I’m more used to just being able to buy one coffee with $10 😒 And the coffee was goood! Ahhh how I miss food and drinks here!

And then I just wandered a little bit around the city and the outskirts, and I also walked through Hyde Park, getting some vitamin D. The sun was gorgeous today, something else that I miss about Australia.

A beautiful day 🥰

Usually when I take a photo with my phone, the phone automatically adjusts the colour of the sky to make it look bluer (is that a word??) than it really is. But today, the sky was actually as blue as it is in the photo 😱 It was such a beautiful day and a perfect day to go out for a walk. It didn’t even feel like winter, it felt more like a beautiful spring day 🥰 #grateful


I hope I’ll feel normal again one day. Happy. Pretty much how I’d been feeling for a long time until my life suddenly imploded on me 😢 But right now, I’m still grieving. Everything is still raw. Fragile. Maybe the universe has given me strength over the last few years to prepare me for this hell that was about to befall me that it knew was coming. I’m surprised just how well I’ve held it together. But there’s still a long journey ahead of me 😔

And I thought N was happy too. I really thought life was great for the both of us. Turns out I was wrong 😭

I went into the city today, wandering around and basically just getting some fresh air. It’s nice to be reacquainted with my hometown. It’s familiar yet different at the same time, with so many changes since we left the city. With my life suddenly being turned upside down, the comfort of a familiar place is very much appreciated ❤️ The fresh air and just being outdoors helped a little bit, at least. And I did feel better in the evening. I didn’t feel as tired as I have usually been feeling lately, not so emotionally drained 👍🏻

So, so tired

I was very tired today 😔 It was really difficult to concentrate for long stretches, but I tried to. I didn’t go out either, which probably didn’t help. Normally I’m fine staying at home, being the introvert that I am. But right now, I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts because I start to think about this current situation 😢 Even things that I would ordinarily do to relax, like watch TV or read a book, isn’t all that enticing right now. I either can’t concentrate or it just doesn’t seem all that interesting. Or both. Sighhh…

I’m going to try and do some more language study now to distract myself. This is one thing that has actually helped to distract me these last few weeks. Maybe I should ramp up my studying. It might actually help.

So yeah, today, I was / am so, so tired 😪

Another roller coaster ride 😂

Never mind the relationship turmoil that’s going on in my life right now, I was on another roller coaster ride today with the other parts of my life too 😅 I’ve been touching base with old friends and organising catch-ups with them over the coming week, hearing about what they’ve been up to since we moved overseas. And we’ve also been chatting about mutual friends. It’s all very exciting stuff 😁

So that was the fun part of today’s new roller coaster ride. I’ve also been trying to organise care for my dad, whose mental and physical capacity has declined these last few years. And navigating your way through a government organisation is not easy. This was the not-so-fun part of my day 😔 And after having taught students of English while I’ve been overseas, I am now even more acutely aware of the difficulties of having to communicate in this country if English is not your first language. And now I’m wondering even more how I can better help them.

For me, though, one of the cool things about being back in Australia is not having to alter my speech so that I am better understood. I just talk and say whatever comes out of my mouth, and people understand me! 😂 No need to slow down my speech; no need to enunciate; no need to choose easier words or say awkward phrases or even alter sentence structures. I can be as bogan as I like and I am just understood. The freedom that brings is amazing 🤩🤪 I wonder how long this feeling will last. But at the moment, I am savouring it 🥰 But given all this time that I’ve been working with students of English, my pronunciation has probably altered significantly now anyway. Speaking more clearly isn’t a bad thing!

And N messaged to tell me that his best mate’s treatment has started. Hopefully things go well and that the side effects are not too bad 🤞🤞