Is this a turning point??

Things are slowly returning to normal in HK. Which means that a few of my students have gone back to regular classes, and so I have lost a few students. Thursdays used to be my busiest day, but now that’s no longer the case. I’m not complaining, though. I’m actually taking this as a sign that the universe is telling me to focus more on the online business that I’ve been wanting to start but haven’t been able to.

I also watched a personal development workshop this week that got me back thinking about this online business idea, and losing the students today sorta cemented that idea even more into my head. So I really feel like the universe is trying to tell me something.

My dad sent me a few text messages today that I didn’t understand. I feel like his ability to articulate his thoughts is getting worse πŸ˜” He was never good with verbal communication, but he could always articulate his thoughts in writing. Now he’s starting to lose that as well, which must be terribly frustrating for him. I really wish he would go and see his GP and get a proper diagnosis, so we know exactly what his problem is and what we need to do going forward. The GP will also be able to tell him what resources are available to him. He’s in a much better position to advise on these things.

And we also finished all the episodes of Shadow and Bone. I’m not sure if they’ll make a season two, but even if they do, it’ll be aaages before they release it. We are living in a COVID world now, and the stupid 🦠 will probably slow things down. So we need to find a new show to watch…

So all these things today seemed to point to one thing: a turning point in my life. It doesn’t feel entirely life-changing, but it feels like enough of a turning point to make me notice it. The universe is asking something different from me, and I feel like I need to step up and deliver. Deliver what, I don’t quite know. But I just feel different.

Yeah, I know, this is all a bit strange. But I’m just going to continue to run with it and see where it takes me… I’m always open to change, and so if the universe is asking me to pivot in a different direction, then I am more than happy to follow. I’m not usually in tune with the universe – heck, I usually don’t hear anything! πŸ˜† But I feel like I am hearing something today. Which is all the more reason to follow it, don’t you think?? 😊

I need to plan

I really think this HK-SG travel bubble is under threat πŸ˜” With more cases of the variant strains in SG, they’re causing larger clusters, so I’m expecting the numbers to worsen again in the coming weeks. Sighhh… The saga is never-ending… When are we all going to be able to travel again?? 😩

I really should organise our next staycation. It’s the closest thing we can do at the moment to travel, so we may as well make the most of it and explore this current city of ours! We never really did that while we were living in SG, so we should really do it here in HK while we’re still here! Who knows when we’ll be off to our next city πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It’s getting pretty warm for N already, though, so hikes are out of the question now. We need to stay somewhere close to the water instead! πŸ˜† I need to do my research… The next long weekend here is 12-14 June, so I should try and organise that now while it’s still over a month away and hotels are hopefully not yet completely booked out. Yep, that’s going to be my goal over the next few days πŸ‘

Tight and tired πŸ˜‚

We got a letter from the bank saying that our last rental payment was rejected and the amount was credited back into our account. So N went to the branch to find out what happened. Apparently our landlord had closed his bank account – and neglected to tell us! WTAF. He is not very good with his communications with us generally, which is already really annoying. But this is just ridiculous. If he’s too busy to deal with tenants’ queries and requests, then he should just delegate it to someone and not be a tight-arse about it. It’s just so annoying when most of our emails basically fall on deaf ears πŸ™„ And now he’ll probably find a way to blame us for not paying our rent πŸ˜’ As you can tell, I’m not all that impressed with him.

I was feeling quite tired in the evening, so I just watched a few more episodes of The Crown while N was at karate. I’m guessing that the factual events in the show are true, but that the writers used a fair amount of poetic licence for the conversations between the various people πŸ˜† I’m loving the show nonetheless 😊

Mostly grateful

I had a pretty good day today 😊 I had quite a productive day, even though it’s a Monday. I don’t really expect too much on Mondays. It’s the start of the week, after all. But it was actually a pretty good day. And that’s despite the crappy weather today too! πŸ‘πŸ»

I was thinking about how I take a lot of things for granted in my life. And then I only notice that I do this when one of these things is taken away from me. So today, I tried being much more grateful for the things that are actually in my life at the moment. So I was noticing the tiniest of things:

  • I closed my eyes to really taste each and every sip of my coffee this morning;
  • I noticed the fact that I could type really easily, that my fingers were basically just gliding along the keyboard;
  • I noticed that I had no pain whatsoever when I walked;
  • I loved how the T-shirt that I was wearing was so comfortable;
  • I stopped and really appreciated the scent from my essential oil diffuser…

The list goes on and on. Maybe that really helped with my mood today. I should try and do this more often 😊

And then we only had two 🦠 cases again today! Woohoo! But the HK-SG travel bubble definitely looks like it’s under threat once again: there were 17 cases in SG today πŸ˜” I don’t remember the exact requirements of the travel bubble, but I think the rolling 7-day average number of cases in each of the cities needs to be below 10 or something like that. And so if the numbers in SG continue to remain high, then they’re going to call the bubble off again. And even if they don’t, I don’t think I’d want to travel anyway, given the increase in numbers. Argh! It’s never-ending… πŸ˜’

Not much luck with art and recycling

We went to go check out one of the free art exhibitions today as part of The French May, an annual art and culture festival here in HK. But when we got there at around 7pm, they had already closed. Maybe checking their schedule before heading over there would’ve been a good idea! πŸ˜†

There is a recycling machine near the art exhibition, a government initiative to promote more recycling of plastic bottles in the city. N had used this machine before, but I hadn’t seen it in action, so I wanted to see it today. But the machine wasn’t working and it just kept rejecting our bottles πŸ™„ Faaantastic. And someone had left a whole bag full of plastic bottles by the machine because it wasn’t accepting the bottles. It’s a relatively new initiative and my first experience with it wasn’t a positive one πŸ˜’ But knowing the efficiency in this city, it’ll be fixed sometime tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get to use it myself soon enough. They’re testing out the machines for one year at first, and then I guess they’ll decide if they’ll continue with it once they see the results. I hope they do continue with it and roll out even more machines throughout the city. Maybe even have them in apartment buildings. That would actually be even better.

And then we had a quick dinner in the area before heading home. It was really quiet in the restaurant, which is always a strange feeling for me in HK because it’s always so busy everywhere. Maybe the fact that it was Sunday night and it was raining a bit kept everyone at home, I don’t know πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ No issues with social distancing, though, so I’m fine with that πŸ˜†

And speaking of the 🦠, there were only 2 cases in HK today! Woohooo! πŸ₯³ Keep it up, peeps! Stay safe!

Parents and children living in different cities

We went and had dinner with a friend today. She’s from China and had spent the last few months there, and she just returned to HK a few weeks ago. Apparently the country is pretty much back to normal. They have their 🦠 numbers completely under control. I’m so jealousss… She doesn’t want her parents to come and visit her because the numbers in HK are high in comparison! 😱

We had dinner early so we got home relatively early. It was early enough so that we had time to watch a movie. I chose a light-hearted movie: Spy, with Melissa McCarthy and a few other relatively big names. I needed something to make me feel a little better because I think my dad’s cognitive skills are declining. I think he knows it, which is why he gets frustrated much more easily these days πŸ˜” I don’t know if there’s anything that we can do to help him. And the other frustrating thing is that he won’t go and see someone about it! And with the stupid 🦠, he’s even less willing to do anything outside of the house πŸ˜” So I don’t even know what the true situation is without a proper medical diagnosis, and therefore I don’t know how best to help him. And my mum’s defeatist attitude isn’t helping πŸ˜’

So I was struggling a bit today πŸ˜” I just wish that he / they would go and seek help.

Splits: an update

I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on my splits. I set myself a 30-day challenge to do some splits exercises to see how close I could get to the floor. I didn’t get to the full splits at the end of the 30 days, but my splits was definitely better. So I vowed to continue doing the stretches to see if I could ever reach the floor. After the 30-day challenge, there was one week where I lost momentum and didn’t do any stretches at all, which was a bit of a bummer. But after that, I quickly got back into the rhythm, and now I’m back to doing them quite regularly.

But it feels like I’ve hit a plateau now, and I don’t know if I can get any closer to the floor from here. If I can, the improvements are so minuscule that I don’t see them at all. And it’s still hard! πŸ˜‚ It’s not like I can just go straight into the splits and sit there and watch TV for the next half hour. Uh uh. That ain’t happening! It’s still very tiring, and it still hurts! So I don’t know if this will get any better, or if I just have to keep pushing myself and continue to do the stretches, since these particular muscles have never had to stretch this much before! So mabye they need time to just get used to it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

N went for dinner with some of his mates tonight, so that gave me more time to continue watching The Crown. I’m really enjoying it! And I have a feeling it’s just going to continue getting better as I get to know the characters more 😊 It reminds me of Downton Abbey, which I also really enjoyed. But it’s not really the type of show that N would watch, so I think I’ll have to try and watch it when he’s not around πŸ˜†

The stupid 🦠 and TV

You know that HK-SG travel bubble that we’re all waiting for? Well I think that’s going to be pulled once again πŸ˜” SG’s cases have spiked; and today, HK saw 15 cases. And we had our first locally transmitted case involving a variant. Sighhh… So signs are pointing to this travel bubble being popped yet again… Both cities were doing so well πŸ˜” You really can’t be complacent with this damn 🦠 It is relentless.

On a brighter note, apparently 12% of HK residents have now received their first vaccination shot, and about 6% have received both. That’s more than what I had expected, but much less than what the government wants. And we’ll be joining that 6% very soon!

N had drinks with work people tonight, so instead of continuing to work, I decided to watch TV. I watched the first episode of The Crown. I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages now, but I don’t really spend a lot of time watching TV. And when I do, it’s usually to just wind down at the end of the day with N. But because he had work drinks, I decided to watch something on my own, something that he probably wouldn’t really want to watch. So I finally decided to start watching this. I’ve heard good things about it (and its imdb rating is at 8.7!), so I hope I can find the time to continue watching it! 😊


I decided to say ‘good morning’ in Cantonese to the security guard and the cleaner down in the lobby. Now, as you might know, I am learning Mandarin, not Cantonese, so I know a very limited number of words in the latter. And one of the few things that I do know how to say is ‘good morning’. Except I’m not very confident with the tones – which is an ongoing problem with my Mandarin too. So I decided to check the tones afterwards – and discovered, to my horror, that I didn’t even know how to say ‘good morning’ properly! Never mind the tones, I didn’t even get the sound right! OMG major language fail! But I was close (I said ‘jo sai’, not ‘jo san’). Don’t ask me what tones came out, though! 🀣 Hopefully they didn’t even hear it, and / or they just put it down to not hearing me properly because my voice was muffled by my mask πŸ˜‚

And then later, I went to the supermarket. When I got to the register, the cashier asked me how I was: “How are you?”. I replied with my usual “I’m good, thanks! How are you?”, which I actually said in a cheerier tone because I was genuinely quite happy 😊 She said nothing in return and basically ignored me. This brought me back to reality very, very quickly. Firstly, for the entire 2.5 years that we’ve been living in HK, a cashier has never asked me how I was. Why is this one starting now?? Then I realised that she might’ve just been asking “(Are you a) Yuu (member)?”. Yuu is one of those membership point systems where you earn reward points for every $X spent in a store. Which makes much more sense because this is actually a question that they always ask! πŸ˜‚ Gosh, how embarrassing. Did I have a brief amnesia moment and forget that I’m not in Oz?!? What’s up with that?? πŸ€ͺ

Language and cultural fails happening all around! What happened today?!? πŸ˜‚

Exploring another part of HK (or at least I tried to!)

I went to Kowloon today, to Elements, one of the shopping malls over there. They have a lot of upmarket shops in that mall, it’s sorta like IFC but on the other side of Victoria Harbour. But, just like IFC, it also has some reasonably priced restaurants, and a few other more ‘regular’ places like a cinema. Elements also has an ice-skating rink, which is pretty cool. We watched a little bit of an ice hockey game there last time we were at the mall. It was the first time I’d ever watched an ice hockey match. It was actually really good! Very fast paced. I think I’d totally be into ice hockey if I lived in Canada 😊

I tried to figure out how to walk from one green circle to the other today πŸ˜‚

Anyway, near Elements is the West Kowloon Cultural District, and I wanted to go and check it out. It looked like there’d be a lot of interesting things to do and see there. The only problem is, this area is quite new and is actually still being developed. So there are no signs whatsoever pointing you to the area. So I literally wandered everywhere around Elements Mall looking for an exit to get me to the Cultural District. And I finally found it: pretty much at my starting point! So picture this: I was at a corner of a rectangle, and then I walked the entire FOUR sides of the rectangle, when all I could have done right at the start was turn around, and the exit would’ve been staring right in my face. O.M.G. πŸ™„

But since I had just walked all around the mall, I didn’t have much time to explore the Cultural District today πŸ˜” So I’ll just have to come back another day to check it out properly. It was such a shame, though, because today was such a perfect day to explore the area: there was virtually no one around! And you can imagine just how rare this is in HK. It was raining a bit today, so maybe that kept everyone away.

Not much time to explore this area today. But look at the view!

The Cultural District is also just outside West Kowloon station, which is where the high speed rail station is to go to mainland China. But the high speed rail station is currently closed πŸ˜” So I think this area would normally be buzzing with tourists from the mainland, but at the moment, no one can travel, so the area is really quiet. The mall is probably usually really busy too. So I think we’ll try and go to this mall a few more times and take advantage of this quiet time while it lasts! πŸ˜‚