Lots of sprinkles today

I was going through my Twitter feed this morning and stumbled across this tweet, which I thought was very timely, since I was feeling like I wasn’t progressing with my trading at all.

So after seeing this, I vowed to review all my trades from October, and make sure I understand what worked, what didn’t and why; and how I can go about improving my process and understanding of the market.  It’s like the universe was telling me not to give up, and gave me a sign to point me in the right direction. That gave me hope!

We had our Mandarin makeup class this afternoon, since we didn’t go on Saturday, and our teacher corrected my earlier message.  So much for flawless Chinese!  hahaha but hey, at least I gave it a go.  How else do you learn if you’re not willing to put yourself out there and fail a gazillion times? 😊

Before correction:


After correction:


Not bad. He understood what I was trying to say, but there was one sentence/phrase that stumped him, lol (the bit with 出差了 apparently does not make sense hahaha). Oh well, I gave it a go 😊

I went and had bak kut teh for the second time in my life today, which literally means “meat bone tea”. Not that there is any tea in it, so I don’t quite get why it’s in its name.

Bak kut teh 肉骨茶

Despite it looking pretty damn boring lol it’s actually really nice!  I like to have it with rice, but I’m sure you can have it on its own or with veges.  It’s basically just boiled pork, but the soup must be jam packed with different herbs coz it’s so flavoursome.  And definitely lots of pepper!  Both times I had this, I choked from the pepper, not expecting just how peppery the soup would be hahaha


I was reading the Chinese on the sign thing on the table, and was impressed that I could read almost the entire thing.  Except I didn’t know what 脸书 (liǎn shū) was.  I know 脸 is face, and 书 is book, but it didn’t click for aaaaages hahaha even with the English right on top!  One of my new words for the day 😊

We didn’t have our usual Ballroom lesson tonight: our teacher is in Vietnam for the coming week.  Sighhhh… I can’t even remember the last time we had a Ballroom lesson (or a Latin lesson, for that matter!), other things just keep getting in the way!  And we were gaining such good momentum too.  Oh well, such is life.

We managed to get to the last hour of the Wednesday social, though, and we got to go through all ten dances in that hour, amazing. Well, as much of each dance that we could remember anyway. We could tell just how out of practice we are: Ballroom was so rough; Latin was not sharp. Blahhhh… I wore my new practice shoes – and they were gooood 😁 they did the job perfectly. Happy with my purchase 👍 now just need to USE them!

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