Dancing and then chillaxing

We had our first Latin lesson today in what feels like aaaages. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I can’t remember the last time we had a lesson 😔 and you can’t ask me what dance I want to do. I will ALWAYS choose Rumba lol but luckily for me, Rumba was already playing in the studio, so we ended up doing that dance. We changed up a bit of the choreography, but for the better, I think. It flows better now, and it felt really good to dance. Something else to work on now… 😊 

We were asked if we wanted to teach a Beginner Ballroom class. I said no. I sorta feel bad for doing so, but I know that’s the right thing for me. And if I did say yes, I’d just start resenting the studio, and being all annoyed with myself for committing to something that I didn’t want to do in the first place. There’s preparation that goes into teaching a class; dedication; commitment; and for a beginners class, responsibility for setting a foundation for their future higher-level classes, should they choose to pursue it. And I don’t want to spend that time preparing lessons or grooming students.  Nor do I feel qualified enough to do so! Plus I really want to spend most of my time getting my trading up and running, that’s probably my highest priority at the moment. So it was a nice gesture to be asked, but I think I will have to decline at this time. Ask me again in five years when (!) my trading is looking good and my Ballroom has improved some more and I have more time to spare, and I may have a different answer for you 😊

And we just ended the day watching a few episodes of 13 Reasons Why. A pretty quiet, relaxing day 😌 we’re not quite up to a typical Sunday yet. Maybe next week when I’m hopefully fully recovered. It’s good to have these quieter, more relaxing days, when I don’t feel like we’re constantly on the go. Nice to stop and smell the roses occasionally 🌹 

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