Typical Monday – with some 日本語 thrown in

Trading: a great start to the trading week.  If only every day was like today! I wasn’t shouting at the screen, and I didn’t feel like I was fighting with anyone. It was just calm and easy. So gooood!!

Ballet class: great, as always. Such a good supplement to my Ballroom & Latin 😁 

I also did a bit of Japanese language review, in preparation for our trip to Japan. You do know, though, that when we finally get there, most of it will just go out the window, and a helluva lot of pointing and gesticulating will be happening instead, lol. I still remember the basics from high school, so that will always be there, but it never hurts to add to vocab or grammar structures. Plus I’ve just forgotten so many words, it’s been years since high school, after all. It’s just doubly hard now too, coz the Chinese word for something is the first thing that comes to mind now! Which is good, though, since I’m spending so much time learning Chinese these days! 😂 but it just makes it harder and harder to retrieve those Japanese words… ahhhh wouldn’t it just be wonderful if I were a polyglot!

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