Osaka week – Friday

I decided to go to Osaka Aquarium today. As with all popular tourist attractions, people always say to go very early or very late to avoid the crowds. So even though I’m not a morning person, I decided to do the former 😲 And surprisingly, I did it! Hahaha The Aquarium opens at 10am and I got there just a few minutes past 10!! Yes, I surprised myself too 🤣 I even went to the Information Centre to buy my ticket, and I still made it to the Aquarium pretty much by 10am. Impressive start to the day.

There was already a massive queue at 10am, but because I bought the Osaka Aquarium day pass, which gives me unlimited access to the subway trains and city buses for the rest of the day, I could just walk straight in. Woohoo! Awesome start to the day 👍

So many things in Japan are so cuuuute! Even this ticket!

The aquarium was actually quite good. The layout of the place is pretty cool: you basically start on the 8th floor, and as you walk through the aquarium, you’re basically spiralling down towards the lowest level without you even feeling it. You only know because the largest tank in the aquarium cuts across multiple levels, and your view of it just gets lower and lower. You never actually feel it. It’s pretty cool.

Pacific Ocean Tank at Osaka Aquarium

Afterwards, I wandered around Tempozan Marketplace right next door. And I stumbled across a Sanrio shop! Omg the cutest place ever!! I wanted everything in the shop! 🤣

Cuteness overload omg

I saw the Tempozan Ferris wheel this morning when I first got to the area. It was so impressive that I decided that I was going to go on it today 😃 it was quite fun, even if I had to wait in the queue for longer than the ride itself hehehe Although I did decide to join the queue for a “see-through” cabin, where the queue was 10x as long as for the standard cabin with maybe 1/5 the number of cabins 😊

Tempozan Ferris wheel during the day

I then went back to Tempozan Marketplace and stumbled across this small petting zoo of sorts inside! So of course I had to go in 😊 So cuuuuute!

An alpaca!
These guys have got the right idea 😂
Look at its grumpy face!
Not sure why this one needed to wear a nappy… Hope it’s ok…

I then went and had a quick linner in the foodcourt, then dessert at this cute Japanese green tea place. I had no idea how to eat this crepe, so I just ate it like an ice cream haha🍦

Mixed fruits and cream wrapped in a green tea crepe

And can you believe it: by the time I got out of the Marketplace, the sun was setting and the lights for the displays out in the open area were already switched on! So I basically got the daytime view and the nighttime view. I totally did not expect to be staying in this same area for a whole day! But it made for pretty photos 😊



Tempozan Ferris wheel day vs night

So another eventful, but tiring, day 😊

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