A Rebel in Vaucluse

I discovered a little more about myself from The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, one of the hosts on the Happier podcast. The weird, illogical things that I seem to do now makes perfect sense. In the Four Tendencies context, I am apparently a Rebel. I didn’t believe this at first, as I am not a particularly rebellious person and consider myself a rather logical person. So I thought I’d be an Obliger or maybe even a Questioner (but definitely not an Upholder! šŸ˜‚), especially since these are the two more common tendencies in the population. But as soon as I told N about the framework and how people are classified, he was immediately like “nah, you’re a Rebel”. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind. Hahaha hilarious!! The book goes through the whole thing, of course, but basically, it boils down to how you respond to expectations, both external and internal. You can take her quiz to figure out what your tendency is, and it could help you understand your own nature and how to improve your own happiness based on this. It’ll also help you to better understand those around you, and to communicate better with them. Fascinating stuff. So now I feel much more at ease with who I am and why I sometimes make these decisions that make no sense whatsoever, in complete contrast to the logical side in me hahaha And I am now more aware of how to better deal with this internal conflict that has apparently been raging inside me virtually my entire life! šŸ˜²

Anyhooo… šŸ˜Š I’m a tad obsessed with this podcast, as you can see… šŸ˜† And I’m STILL two years behind omg. I feel like I’m never going to catch up!

We met up with a few of N’s family friends for dinner tonight. We went to the Grumpy Baker in Vaucluse, which apparently turns into My Little Israel in the evenings. I like the identity change! It’s like Clark Kent by day, Superman at night šŸ˜ That’s cool! The food was superb, and our waiter was really nice too. It was just a lovely evening on all counts šŸ˜Š

A much better day compared to yesterday (let’s not dwell on the crappiness of yesterday…!) šŸ˜Š

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