Northern Beaches

We made it to the northern beaches! Such a relaxing place. It feels like one of the tropical resort towns/cities like Port Douglas or Cairns up here: people are wandering through Woolies in their beach gear, some even barefoot; there are a few bars and cafes that you can just hang out in on a lazy weekend arvo; and nature is all around you, the sound of the birds and cicadas is loud and constant throughout the day. The Airbnb place that we booked is huge, so there’s tons of space to spread out and just chill for the next few days. This was such a good idea, I’m so glad we decided to do this. And I’m so happy that I even found a place, especially since I booked so late in the year, and I didn’t think we’d have much (if any) of a choice.

The owners have quite an extensive collection of kids’ books, and through them, I have discovered Patrick Ness, an author of young adult fiction. Now I’m interested in reading a few of his books! 😊

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