At the beach or at Coles

We spent the day pretty much either buying groceries or just chillaxing at one of the numerous beaches up here 😂 We weren’t very organised with our grocery shopping, so we actually made about three trips to Coles 😲 Especially since nothing is open tomorrow, we figured we should buy whatever we think we need today. We probably overbought, but we figured we can just take back to my parents’ whatever leftovers we have left.

We went up to Palm beach first and hung out there for a few hours; and then we made our way down to Newport Beach later in the afternoon. The weather was much cooler by the time we got to Newport, so there was no way I was going in the water there 😝 Although N probably spent more time in the water at Newport than at Palm Beach!

We got a bit of a sun shower while we were at Newport, that was actually really nice. The sun combined with the droplets of water was a nice way to balance the hot weather. Although we couldn’t quite figure out where the rain was coming from, coz the sky looked so blue. The sky still looks dark in this photo compared to how it actually was:

Where did the droplets come from?!? 🤷‍♀️

Oh and we had to stop by the liquor store to help us get through the next few days with family hahaha 😂 I got a clearskin cab sav – for A$5! Bargain! I like clearskins, they’re like a lucky dip with wines, but you still get a bit of a choice coz you get to choose the grape varietal. And the label also did say it’s from the Hunter region, so I effectively got to choose the region too 😊 So it’s a pretty good deal!

Omg so apparently, according to Wikipedia, the idea of cleanskin wines is an Aussie/NZ thing! I just assumed this was just a thing all around the world. Well that’s one thing I’ve learnt today!

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