Traffic, Optus and my new books

I was sorta glad that we were leaving the northern beaches. The sounds of nature were starting to freak me out hahaha My imagination was starting to get the better of me 😳

The drive back to my parents’ place was a bit longer than expected. We were thinking of going through Homebush, but apparently that was chockers, with everyone wanting to go to the DFO there to get to the Boxing Day sales. Then Google Maps was saying that the road leading up to Birkenhead Point was also chockers, so we took some third alternative route. It probably added about twenty minutes to our overall trip, but at least we didn’t get stuck in traffic, which was our overall aim.

We fixed the internet at my parents’ place. There actually wasn’t anything wrong, they just had to register with Optus their newly replaced modem so that it was attached to their account. Not that anyone knew you had to do that, I just found that out when I rang them for tech support. That’s my one new thing learnt for the day.

And then we went to N’s cousin’s place for dinner. She lent me Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan, which is apparently all about the obsession with money in Asia. She said the books were hilarious, and that I’d probably appreciate it more having now spent a few years living in SG. And apparently Kevin Kwan was born and raised in SG. I’ve been wanting to read Crazy Rich Asians for ages, now I have it AND the sequel! I’m very excited! 😊

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