Roselands and Bankstown

We didn’t really do much today. I just wanted to find my Maseur slippers, which I’ve been dying to buy for years – ie probably ever since we moved to SG!

So we went to two of the shopping centres that we grew up shopping in: Roselands and Bankstown. Neither of us had been to Roselands in years – probably decades, and so of course we didn’t even recognise it. They didn’t have my slippers, so off we went to Bankstown. And I got a pair! Omg I am so excited hahaha It’s so sad, but I love these slippers, man. I’ve been wearing them for yeeears, they just feel so nice on my feet. I always get the ones that give your feet an “invigorating massage” hahaha 😂

And I’ve started reading my new Crazy Rich Asians book. It has a number of SG references, so it’s pretty cool knowing these things now. I even looked up on Google Maps a street mentioned in the book to give me some perspective on where it is in the country hahaha It’s not bad so far. I’m not used to reading books these days, I’ve been on audiobooks for so long now. So I’m probably reading much slower these days! 😝

And then we had to organise times and meeting places for tomorrow: we’re doing the Bondi to Coogee walk again! 😊 Actually we’re doing Coogee to Bondi, which is the direction that I actually prefer. I love that walk, either direction, it’s so nice. I’ll have to post photos tomorrow 😊

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