Coogee to Bondi and back

We decided to start at Coogee because we figured parking would be easier to find. It wasn’t easy, but we did eventually find a spot on the north side of the beach. I still think parking would’ve been even worse at Bondi.

We got there just after 9am, which was better than I expected. The walk to Bondi took us around 2.5 hours, but we did stop and take a bajillion photos hahaha

The morning walk: Coogee to Bondi
Coogee Beach
Clovelly Beach
Thanks Len 👍
And finally, Bondi
This was pretty spot on, after allowing for daylight saving
The walk back to Coogee

We stopped at Bondi for lunch at Gabby’s Cafe, which was a bit mediocre. Plus we had to pay in cash, which is rather annoying, especially since we are now overseas residents and cannot just take cash out of the atm as easily as we used to be able to. I’m surprised they still do cash only anyway, with the rest of Sydney pretty much trying to go cashless.

And then after spending a few hours just chillaxing at Bondi Beach, we then headed back the way we came – ie Bondi to Coogee! We were all so exhausted at the end, and my feet were throbbing hahaha But it’s always worth it, the walk is just so nice 😊

I have decided that I prefer going from Coogee to Bondi because 1) it’s mostly downhill, and 2) there is a “big reveal” towards the end of the walk of one of the most iconic beaches of Australia.

And then in the evening, the cattery messaged me to say that they took Kitty to the vet, because she wasn’t behaving like her usual self this morning. She got yet another drip, and her blood test results were not that much different from last time, so hopefully she was just a bit dehydrated. Awww I miss her 😔 We’ll get to see her in a few days. Not long to go now. Leaving her is the worst thing about going overseas 😞

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