Trains, yum cha and cats

We caught the train to Bondi Junction today. I told my mum that I’d look up the train timetable online, but then she gave me her paper version 😲 I’m surprised they still print these. Although yes, I know not everyone is online. But I still had to take a photo of this vintage item hahaha

The new timetable has express trains stopping at different stations. My first thought was “oh that’s annoying, less express trains for us! Grrr!”, but then soon decided that this was a fairer way to distribute express trains, so it’s actually not a bad idea.

But we caught an all-stations train anyway 😝

We had yum cha with the parents and N’s brother and his nephews at Zilver, and then aftereards we made our way to our old place, which we’ve rented out to a friend. The next door neighbour’s cat came in and hung out with us. I wonder if he remembers us. He’s so much friendlier than I remembered him to be. But Kitty was there too when we lived there, and so of course Ms Anti-social always hissed at him and chased him out of the apartment each time he tried to come in and make friends.

I wasn’t successful in stopping him from drinking out of the glass hahaha

Update on Kitty: the vet sent us an email and said that she’s not doing well, and asked us if he can do further tests to determine what’s wrong with her. I hope it’s nothing too serious. Sighhh… I really miss her 😔 She might feel better if we were there with her. Part of me just wishes we could catch an earlier flight back 😔

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