A Quiet Start to the New Year

Happy New Year!! 🎉🎉

We had a pretty quiet start to the year: N bought some groceries (yes, the supermarket is open on New Year’s Day! 👏) and then we watched a bit of tv. I watched a very short Korean drama called Splash Splash Love, which only had two episodes – surely that’s a record?! And he’s busily trying to catch up with Game of Thrones.

I also started planning out how I will get closer to my goals this year. As I’ve mentioned before, consistency was lacking last year, as well as a clear process, so I plan to tackle that head on right from day one. I am yet to whip out my Bullet Journal for 2018, which will help me even more, but I have written down some ideas, at least, so I’ll solidify them once they’re in my BuJo. Such excitement! 😊

I read a text this morning from our Chinese teacher. He wrote 万事如意 (see dictionary screenshot below). I had to look that up (yes, he’d prob be ashamed that I didn’t know what this meant 😆) but I typed it incorrectly in the dictionary and instead wrote 房事如意. Here are the dictionary entries:

What our teacher wrote


What I inadvertently looked up instead 😂

HAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣 I don’t think that’s what he meant…

So that was an amusing start to the year 😂 Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018! 😁

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