Second day trip to Malaysia

We went over to Malaysia for another day trip today. We’re becoming experts at this whole crossing over the bridge thing πŸ˜† Well, not quite. Read on. πŸ˜”

We had yet another productive day working on Ballroom. I feel like our waltz is much better now, even if I do say so myself 😊 The judges and our teacher may say otherwise, but I’m happy nonetheless. The other dances… well… They’re slowlyyy coming together too, I guess πŸ˜†

It started pouring just when we were about to head over to the immigration checkpoint to go back home, so we were concerned that the ridiculously long queues at immigration would be even worse. So we decided to hang out at one of the shopping malls near immigration and have dinner there, while we wait for the rain to subside. N decided to go and have a massage afterwards as well, while I just waited and wrote some of this post 😊 Why didn’t I get a massage too, you’re probably wondering. Good question! I guess they’re just not my thing, I’m not sure why. I’d much rather be spending that time reading or writing, which is exactly what I did.

Well waiting for the rain to subside didn’t seem to have helped. The trip home was a complete nightmare, and was definitely much longer than last week’s. The powers that be just wanted to give us a good experience the first time over, perhaps?! πŸ€” There was queue after queue, and it took us over three hours to get home!! 😱Even with the special immigration pass (which we don’t have), although you skip the long queues at immigration, you would still have to queue up for a bus to get across the bridge. We actually considered walking across (which is probably a few kms) given the ridiculous queues for a bus. But we’d spent so much time in the snaking queue already that it felt it would be a waste to give up our spot after having already waited for about 45 minutes.

If the buses are in such short supply and you have to wait HOURS to get back home, I don’t understand why people would even bother to make this trip at all, unless it was out of sheer necessity. Or you’re on holidays. Yeah it’s cheaper over in Malaysia and all, but then you lose half your day/night just waiting in queues, so you pay for it with your time instead. Either way you pay. I guess it’s up to the individual how they want to pay.

At least it was a relatively cool day today, so we weren’t dying from the usual heat and humidity. Coz immigration isn’t very well air conditioned and the bus queues are OUTSIDE. At least the home stretch (SG immigration) is much cooler. And once on the SG side, the queue for our particular bus back home is considerably shorter than any of the other bus queues for some reason. And luckily we got the bus! Since everything took soooo long, we were concerned we’d miss the last bus for the day and we’d have to either wait yet again in one of the other queues or pay for a cab back home.

If we plan on doing this day trip more often in future, I’d have to do some more research on how to best get back to SG. Coz this ain’t cool. In all senses of the word.

Oh but on the upside, the public toilets at the shopping mall that we were at tonight weren’t too bad! Not great either, but not too bad πŸ˜† I was a bit hasty in generalising last time 😊


2 thoughts on “Second day trip to Malaysia”

  1. I will avoid weekends for the CIQ-Woodlands run. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after 9 and before 4 are good times. At weekends take the train its only 5 minutes πŸ™‚ but youll need to book ahead for a ticket.

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    1. Yeah I was wondering what it was like during the week, so thanks for letting me know! 😊 And yes, we’ll have to try the train one day too 😊


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