Ten dance, here we come!

Dance-wise, things are feeling like they’re slowly improving for me. All eight (!!) choreographies are feeling like they’re coming together. Total amaze balls, I still can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like all eight routines are concurrently coming together πŸ˜‚ I feel that Latin is always ahead of Ballroom, and have described Ballroom as Latin’s poor cousin. Now I feel like Ballroom is finally catching up. Maybe this is truly the year for ten dance for us… πŸ‘

Although having said that, I just watched a video of our Jive today – blahhhh!! 😩 That’s obviously a work in progress 🀣

And then tonight, we decided to try this new Chinese restaurant down the road. I’ve been reluctant to try it out, as the place just doesn’t seem too inviting, but I’m glad we did, coz it was actually quite nice πŸ‘

Not a bad way to end the week 😊 Now let’s see what the trading week brings next week… I did get to review my trades last week. Shocking. I don’t even know why I took some (most?) of the trades 😲 I want to do better this coming week.

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