Share bikes and scooters

I went to my usual FX seminar today, but instead of going home and trading like I normally do, I spent the afternoon down at the One Fullerton area overlooking Marina Bay, reading my current trading book. It’s quite a nice area, why don’t we come down here more often?! It’s very pretty and quite serene, with tourists comprising most of the people walking through the area. We rode through here on Tuesday when we cycled around Marina Bay with our friends. We should ride around here more often. And with so many share bikes around these days (and so cheap!), it makes it so much easier to just pick one up along the way and pay the ~S$2 for the few hours.

I walked all the way to the Merlion, and surprised myself when I got this clean shot without any of the tourists who were swarming the area πŸ˜‚

Along with the share bikes, there were also a few tourists with hired scooters, both the traditional scooter as well as the hands free version. Pretty cool. I like how this city has embraced these share bikes and scooters. I guess it’s easier in a small city like SG. Plus riding around in such a safe city makes it all the more pleasant, when you’re not constantly worried that your bag is going to be snatched or someone’s going to be a jerkstick while you’re riding past them.

And because they’ve become so popular, there’s been a few accidents involving them, so these signs have now cropped up recently:

Some hefty fines there. If that’s not a deterrent, then I don’t know what is! But even though there is the odd irresponsible user, most people are courteous. And even pedestrians are courteous, and let the scooters and bicycles go by. So I feel that generally, there is relative harmony on the footpaths 😊


Dancing and flowers

My dad sent me this YouTube clip on rumba walks, which was rather timely because I was going to go find one myself and post the link here, to give you an idea of how weird I must look on the treadmill at the gym! πŸ˜‚ It’s not so bad when I’m the only one on the treadmill, but there are two side by side, so when someone else is using one, then my doing the rumba walks on the other looks rather odd πŸ€ͺ

I came across this small display on Orchard Road, promoting the upcoming Singapore Garden Festival at Gardens by the Bay. I’m very excited, I can’t wait to go! Apparently it’s on once every two years, but I didn’t know about the 2016 one, which is the only prior one we would’ve been here for. So this will be a new festival for me. I should buy my tickets now! 😊

We had a good Ballroom lesson today, working on Slow Fox. It actually felt that little bit better πŸ‘ And Latin practice afterwards didn’t feel too bad either. Maybe there’s hope for us at the comp next week πŸ˜‚

Our teacher asked us if we were doing ten dance at the comp, and we said “Yes – well, six dance”. We only registered for the 3-dance events, but because we do both Ballroom and Latin, it is effectively six dances. So even though we’re “only” doing six dances, that is still one more dance than the specialists do, who only have to do five dances. O-M-G. And there are still four dances to do, two in each style. OK, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I forget the number of dances that we have to do compared to the specialists! Sighhh… Is this goal a bit too ambitious??

An actual public holiday

Today was an actual public holiday in SG, unlike the “enforced” one yesterday πŸ˜†

We did a lot of riding today: first, we cycled with our friends to Gardens by the Bay and back, stopping by for coffees, smoothies and milkshakes at Marina Bay Sands; and then lunch at Robertson Quay. I rode my scooter, while the others rode their bikes. I don’t get much opportunity to use my scooter, after I ruled out using it to go to the vet with Kitty, so I’m glad I decided to use it today.

After lunch, we parted ways and N and I did part 2: we rode the North Eastern Riverine Loop! It’s still very pretty, and once again, there were very few people on the trail. I rode the bike this time, to get a bit more of a workout, while N rode on the scooter. The scooter actually lasted all day, which was unbelievable. It only started dying when we were a few hundred metres to the finish line, its battery life is very impressive.

We were so knackered by the end of the day. I took a nap as soon as we got home, and then we finished the day with the third and fourth Jurassic Park movies. I’m all caught up and ready to watch #5! πŸ‘

An β€œenforced” public holiday

Today was going to be errands day. It was a public holiday in both the UK and US, so I knew that trading wasn’t happening today, with the two major financial hubs basically out of action. So rather than watching paint dry, which is what would happen if I sat in front of the markets today, I decided that I’d run errands and basically just do stuff that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to do during the week.

One of the things that I wanted to do was to go buy some health and beauty stuff from Watsons. But as soon as I get there, I realise that I had left my discount voucher at home. I had changed to a smaller handbag, and so I’d left my wallet at home – thereby also leaving the voucher at home. Argh! 😩 So now I have to redo this trip another day πŸ˜”

I also started reading my new book: Atonement by Ian McEwan. He writes really well, very descriptive. I’ve read two chapters so far, and virtually nothing has happened, but I feel like I know so much about the people and their surrounds already. I’ve heard good things about this book, so I’m looking forward to a good read πŸ“– I hope the reviews haven’t talked up this book too much for me, and I end up disappointed!

And in the evening, I went to the gym. And that was pretty much all there was to my day. I actually wanted to do some trading stuff: some backtesting, reading some more of my current trading book, reading a few of my favourite trading blogs etc etc but none of that happened πŸ˜” Oh well. I guess you can’t be productive every day!

Dancing and a few firsts

We had a good Latin lesson today: we did Samba, which feels like it’s improving – until our teacher filmed it for us. Bleurghhh! It definitely feels better than it looks! 😞 I’d rather it the other way around! That is, looking better than it feels. Coz at least it doesn’t hurt the audience’s eyes that way! πŸ˜‚ Oh well. I read this quote on the interweb today: “I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it” – Vincent Van Gogh. Pretty much sums up my life!

And then we actually lasted for the whole two-hour Ballroom practice session. Normally we die about 3/4 of the way through, but today I somehow managed to tough it out. Probably because we weren’t running through entire routines, and just focusing on sections of each dance. But it was good. Sometimes you just need to break it down like that, and work on the technique.

We decided to go to Changi City Point afterwards, a mall with a lot of discount outlets, to check out a sale at 2XU. It’s a pretty cool mall! We’ll have to come back another time, when we have a bit more time and energy to walk around. Coz today, after three hours of dancing, we were just ready to go home.

And then we watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the second movie in the Jurassic Park series. It’s the first time I’d seen it, and I definitely haven’t missed out on anything all these years πŸ˜‚ It was terribly disappointing, after watching the first one, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Oh well. Two down, two to go. Hopefully we can squeeze the third one in sometime this week. Ooo, Tuesday is a public holiday here, so maybe we can watch it then 😊

So that was a disappointing way to end the weekend, but overall, it was still a good one πŸ‘

A wet Saturday

I decided to wear jeans today. As soon as I walked out of the house, I could feel their heat insulating capabilities πŸ˜‚ Why do I choose to wear jeans in Singapore, you’re probably wondering. I only wear them when I know I’m going to be indoors for long periods of time, because when you’re indoors here, you’re always in aircon. Always. Apart from when you’re at home, you can guarantee that you will be in air conditioned comfort. Shopping mall, restaurant, office, public transport etc etc. It’s only when you’re walking to these places will you be enduring the heat and humidity. And I get cold easily, so I get quite cold when I’m in aircon for long periods of time. Plus a lot of places have the aircon turned up to the nth degree, so my coldness is exacerbated.

So Chinese class; lunch (Bak Kut Teh! Haven’t had that in aaaages); and then a movie this afternoon (we watched Solo – not bad) – all indoors. My jeans were perfect πŸ‘

And it turned out that by the time we were on our way home this afternoon, it started to rain, which washed away some of the humidity, and my jeans actually felt ok to wear on the walk home. Excellent choice in attire today 😊

But because it was all wet, by the time we reached home, we really didn’t feel like going out again. Plus N was feeling quite tired, so we skipped dancing tonight. But after a bit of rest, we still decided to go to the gym πŸ’ͺ I actually didn’t have to fight with myself to go today, I think maybe because I already had it in my mind that we were going to dancing today, and the gym just happened to be the alternative.

And then we spent the rest of the evening watching Jurassic Park 😊 It’s been 25 years since the original was released, omg. A quarter of a century. No wonder I can’t remember it πŸ˜‚ I want to watch the previous Jurassic Park movies before we watch the new one that’s coming out in June. I want to be all up to date, so that I know the back story beforehand. There were a few missing pieces in my knowledge when we went to watch Avengers: Infinity War, so I’d like to be a bit more prepared going into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. So one movie down, three more to go…

A walk, a book and a paso

I was feeling a bit down today, don’t really know why. I wanted to run a few errands, but never got around to doing them, unfortunately, so they’ll have to wait until next week. In hindsight, I probably should’ve gone out and done them, if just to go for a walk and get some fresh air, it might have helped me feel a bit better. Oh well, I’ll remember that for next time 😊

I finished my next book, Friend Request by Laura Marshall. It’s a mystery novel, a Gone Girl type of book (not that I’ve read or seen that yet, but I know it’s in this same genre). I enjoy reading these types of books, even though they freak me out πŸ˜‚ They keep me on my toes, and I want to keep reading to find out what happens. I’m thinking that perhaps my next book should be of a different genre… Not sure which one yet… I might have to browse my mega long to-read list… 😊

We went and practised tonight, which actually wasn’t too bad. And they played Paso Doble, which got me inspired to revisit that dance. We have a routine and all, we just never practise it, simply because there are so many other dances to do! And because we never dance Paso at comps (much like Viennese Waltz on the Ballroom side, they always leave it out of our events), the other dances then always take precedence. So maybe we can start working on it again after our next comp. At least just to remember the choreography again! πŸ˜†

The working week is now over, thankfully. I’m sure the weekend will bring joy and laughter with it πŸ˜„