Good stress and unnecessary stress

Trading started off on a crappy note today, and I was basically cursing at the computer, feeing terribly annoyed with everything. Kitty must’ve felt it because she quickly snuck off and never came back again. I went looking for her a while later, and when I went into the bathroom, I noticed poo in the middle of the floor and some faeces smeared across it too. Faaantastic. That sight pretty much summed up my trading so far today.

But then that annoyance quickly turned to worry that something was wrong with Kitty, since smearing faeces across the floor isn’t normal for her. So i was determined more than ever to find her. She hides when she’s not well, and of course she won’t make a sound when she’s hiding – it sorta defeats the purpose! So I just went looking for her in all her usual hiding spots. And I couldn’t find her! Note that we live in like a teeny tiny apartment that’s like 800sqft (70 odd sqm), so it’s not like she has that many places to hide! But she still somehow manages to hide really well.

I eventually found her: sleeping in N’s closet! I left the door open because earlier she was curious as to what was inside. She was right up the back of the closet, completely hiding her face. I didn’t want to disturb her if she really was sick; but at the same time I also wanted to know if she was, so I can figure out whether or not to make an extra visit to the vet this week.

After a few hours, she did come out, miaowing for dinner as she normally does. I guess she’s ok then! So then my worry turned to guilt, because now I feel like my outburst at the computer / markets earlier might have stressed her out, causing the poop incident in the bathroom. Sighhhh… Poor Kitty. So that was a lesson learnt: outbursts help no one, and they may cause unnecessary stress in pets 😞

And then I went to the gym in the evening. I had all this energy, I still have no idea where it came from πŸ˜† I ended up doing 10 minutes on the elliptical, did some weights, and for some reason I still had more energy to spare, so I did another 10 minutes on the elliptical. I think the elliptical will be good for Jive: your legs have a bit of an upward motion as the elliptical makes its way around, which is what you need in Jive. So a good Jive was my motivation to keep pushing on that machine. My least favourite Latin dance was motivating me to work harder on the elliptical. Who woulda thunk?!? πŸ€ͺ

And then I finished T-6 with an episode of Downton Abbey. The episode was hilarious! I’m getting to know all the characters better, so I’m getting into the story more and more. The seasons are very short, so I think I’ll get through this series relatively quickly. But I still have a while yet 😊

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