Carousell and Greece

I finally registered on Carousell, a local online marketplace where people can sell new and used items. We want to sell some of our stuff, but it’s just one of those things that I always put off. I finally bit the bullet and signed up. It seems like starting is where I get stuck on. It’s one of those things that’s good to know, because at least I know where my obstacle is. Much like the gym: I’m fine as soon as I get there, it’s the getting there that is the constant struggle! So I just have to get off my butt, literally, and just do things! No um-ing and ah-ing. Just DO 😂

We had our anniversary dinner tonight at Bakalaki in Tiong Bahru. We went for Greek food! 😋 I LOVE Greek food! And as you can imagine, Greek food is not readily available in Asia. They are dotted around SG, and we’ve been to a few of them, but this one is probably one of my favourites, both in terms of food, and also in service. It has a pretty casual vibe, and I can imagine sitting in such a restaurant in Greece somewhere.

One of my bucket list items is to go to Greece 😊 I’ve probably built it up in my mind so much that it may be such a let down when (if) I finally go there! I will have to go one day. Still dreaming…

I drank quite a fair bit tonight, so I’m half asleep right now as I write this, so this post may not make much sense! I’ll check in the morning 😂 Maybe I’ll dream about Greece tonight… 😉


Good habits

I am re-reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, a book on habits, this time noting down all the various quotes in the book that really resonated with me. I’ll have to list them here once I’m done. It’d be good to have them all in one place electronically, so I (and hopefully others) can refer to them for inspiration on maintaining my good habits.

Speaking of good habits, I went to the gym tonight, but again battled with myself for some stupid reason, even though I know full well that I was going to go. Such a waste of time and energy! Why do I always have to have this argument with myself?! And this is the biggest battle for me, just turning up. Because once I’m there, I have no problems running through my workout. It’s so silly, this mental obstacle that I always put up!

I am really enjoying doing my basics on the treadmill. It’s always the last exercise that I do, because then I can look forward to dancing to a nice Waltz, Foxtrot and Rumba at the end of the gym session. I have walked a few kilometres now just doing basics on the treadmill, I’m quite proud of that 😊 The consistency each (week)day is slowly adding up now, love it 👍

Enjoyable performances

We got up at 11:30am today 😲 We were both so tired, N from his crazy busy work week, and me from being woken up three times during the night by Little Miss. So by the time we went for brunch, it was 1pm and so technically already lunchtime 😂

We had our Latin lesson, and we covered both Cha Cha and Rumba, the two Latin dances that we were going to perform at the birthday dinner tonight. We’ve been asked to perform 😲

So of course I’ve been stressing about it for the past few days, since I’m probably one of the few dancers who actually don’t like to perform! As a true introvert, I just don’t like the attention. The same reason why I don’t really like comps, not to mention all the pomp and fuss that goes along with them.

But somehow, when today finally rolled around, the nervousness somehow dissipated and I just allowed myself to enjoy the evening. And of course, when I’m not nervous, I follow N better, I interact with the audience more, and I just feel the music so much more and therefore dance that little bit better. The birthday lady said that she really enjoyed my dancing, and so did her friends. That was really nice to hear, coz we always think it’s so terrible when we watch it, we just never think that other people would actually like it. So it’s nice to hear that some people do in fact appreciate our dancing 😊

We got food at the birthday – there was actually a dancers’ table, with all three performing couples and our entourage (parents and spouses) all given dinner, which I thought was very nice of the birthday organisers to do. And the food was really nice! Pretty much all the food was what would be usually served at a Chinese wedding. But unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat as much as I would have liked. I can never really eat when we have to go and dance. This happened during the comp in Vietnam too.

So we cooked some gyoza from out of the freezer and ate them while we watched the France 🇫🇷 vs Croatia 🇭🇷 final 🥟🥟 We got home just in time for the match 😅 Awesome game to watch! Who would’ve thought six goals would’ve been scored in the final?! 😲 A good final 👍


We had our first Chinese class in what feels like a lonnnggg time. I wrote a short story and our teacher corrected it today – and he had very few corrections to make! Woohoo! 👏 There wasn’t anything complicated in the story though, and it was quite short, but still, I was quite proud of my effort 😊 I haven’t written a short story in a while because I’ve been focusing more on listening. But it’s a really good exercise, quite challenging trying to express myself in another language, using the limited amount of vocab and grammar that I have at my disposal. I feel like a primary school kid all over again! 😂

But now our next lesson will be 25 August 😲 We are travelling again over the next few weeks, and N has a karate comp early August that will keep him busy too. We had a pretty quiet first half of the year, getting into a really good groove. But then June rolled around, and ever since we went to Melbourne for a dance comp, our day-to-day life as we knew it has been thrown out the window. Ah life. We just have to roll with you 😊

We went to the inaugural SG Cat Festival today. It wasn’t the best, unfortunately, with the organisers not having things work for them today. They were squeezed into an ultra tight space, and we just couldn’t see any of the cats that had come to attend their festival, as there were just too many people in such a cramped area. Such a shame. But hopefully they’ll learn from this year’s event, and return with a bigger and better festival next year 👍

We then headed over to the Suntec City area, and to a particular mall there called Millenia Walk. I can’t believe we hadn’t walked through there before! It’s quite an understated mall, but still one that I’d like to walk through again. It seems to have potential…! 😊

So by the time we got home, we were just too tired to go to dance practice, so we stayed home and just watched a few more episodes of Masterchef Australia 😊

Oh check this out:

N captured some of my basics on the treadmill last night. I decided to do a bit of editing on them, and this is what I came up with 😜


Our friends flew back to Oz today for good today, after living here for around 2.5 years. It was great having them here during that time, but it has now come to an end 😔 End of a chapter, start of a new one. And like I keep saying, who knows how long WE will be here, so I just try and make the most of each and every day, grateful for even having the opportunity to live here 🙏

The new theme at Gardens by the Bay started today, so of course I decided to head over there 😊 I wasn’t disappointed. It was so pretty! All different types of orchids, different shapes and colours. This is probably one of the better displays 👍 This is one place I would definitely miss if we ever leave SG!

And then tonight, I went back to the gym for the first time in what felt like aaages. Well, over a week, at least, since we flew to Vietnam Thursday last week. And then I wasn’t feeling too well earlier in the week, so I skipped the gym. And last night, we met up with a friend for dinner. It feels more like 3 weeks, actually, not just one. So I wasn’t really expecting an improvement from my effort since last time. But I surprised myself a little, improving on a weight for one of the exercises, so that got me a little excited 😆 So it’s a start to my going back to my normal routine, woohoo! 👏

More Oz in SG

We met up with a friend from Oz who’s been living in Vietnam for almost four years now. He had a stopover in SG for about nine hours, and so he decided to come out and meet us for dinner tonight. We went to Xu Ting, this hot pot place that we like to take friends to whenever they’re in town to visit. They speak limited English though, so we always have to pull out whatever Chinese we can. And as you know, whatever gets learnt in the classroom somehow goes out the window whenever I’m put into a real life situation! That doesn’t happen with Japanese, but yes, I have known the basics for that language for much longer than I’ve been learning Chinese. Obviously I need to practise more 😊

And I watched a few more episodes of Masterchef Australia today. I have just finished Gordon Ramsay week, which was surprisingly quite a good week! He’s a tough one, that guy, but the contestants seemed to learn a lot from him. And he seemed to be bringing out the best in them, so he must be doing something right!

Old and new

One of my oldest friends accidentally messaged me today, and she just happened to mention in her message that her mum had recently passed away 😢 She wanted to message her cousin who just happens to share the same first name as me. Her mum has been sick for a while now, but I suppose one is never prepared for when the time actually comes. Sending my love to her during this tough time 😞

We didn’t have our Ballroom lesson, as our teacher was just coming back to SG from Vietnam today. N was meeting up with a friend for dinner, so I was going to head over to dance practice on my own. But I’m not feeling all that great, so I decided to just rest instead today. I ended up watching a few more episodes of Masterchef Australia, and started forming the idea for my new blog project 😊 Let’s just say the main theme for the blog is perhaps the last choice one would expect from me 😜 But all will be revealed in the next few months, when it’s taken a bit more shape…