Sick on day one

My cold came back with a vengeance today, after thinking that I was already getting over it 😔 I used up all the tissues in the serviced apartment, my nose was running like crazy 🤧

Nonetheless, I pushed on and continued my exploration of HK Island, sussing out potential new neighbourhoods. Oh, none of the property agents who I emailed late last night got back to me today. NONE. That was quite disappointing, to be honest. Not a great start to our property search in this country 😕 So maybe we’ll just have to walk in to some offices tomorrow and see if we can do a few viewings then and there. Apparently agents specialise more than not in their local area, so maybe we’ll have better luck going down this route. Let’s see… 🤞

So by the time I got back to the serviced apartment, I was so tired that I just had to take a long nap to recover. I feel a bit better now, but my nose is still stuffy and I’m still sneezing 😔 Argh! I hate being sick! Especially when I’m overseas. So I’m just going to drug up with Panadol and hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning.

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