0 to 100

One property agent emailed me back today, and her office just happens to be smack bang in the neighbourhood that we’ve narrowed down our search to – and I already know that neighbourhood so well that I knew exactly where her office was without needing Google Maps πŸ˜‚

She and N reminded me why I knew the neighbourhood so well: we’ve been coming to HK so often these past few months to come up with our shortlist of potential neighbourhoods, just in case this move to HK was ever confirmed. At the time, I remember thinking that all this work walking around potential neighbourhoods would have been a waste of time if the move never came to fruition, and all that we would have gotten out it would’ve been some good walking workouts! πŸ˜† Especially as HK can be quite hilly in areas. But now I’m glad all that research (and walking!) is paying off 😊

The property agent showed us three properties. And wouldn’t you know it, but we both loooved the very first place we saw!! It pretty much ticked almost all our requirements! Why did we have to see this place first?? It’s now set a benchmark for all other places we see. Shouldn’t the agent have built us up to see the best one last?? πŸ˜‚ Earlier today I was terribly anxious about losing the property to someone else, but now I’ve come to accept the fact that if the place was meant to be ours, then the universe will somehow allow us to have it. So I’m definitely less anxious tonight than I was this afternoon 😌 That’s not to say that I won’t be mega upset if we lose it, but right now, I’m closer to a zen state than I was before 😊

So it feels like we’ve gone from 0 to 100 today with regard to this move to HK. Fingers and toes crossed that this place works out for us!! 🀞🀞 I’m gonna keep sending out positive vibes… 😊

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