My trying to be zen ain’t working

Day T-57…

So property #1 that I’m praying for may not go through after all 😠 Apparently the current tenant has some pilot friend who can move in earlier than we can, and on top of that, they bypassed the agent and went straight to the landlord. Now is that even kosher?? Isn’t the agent there for a reason?? And shouldn’t the pilot need to live closer to the airport just in case there is a plane that needs to be flown?? Apartment #1 ain’t even on the same ISLAND as HK Airport! Arghhh! Can you tell I am terribly annoyed right now!!

The agent said to leave it with her and she’ll confirm it all by the weekend. So I’m trying to remain quietly optimistic about it, hoping that Pilot Friend realises just how far the apartment is from work, and chooses to live somewhere closer to the airport 😇


If it doesn’t work out, then so be it. We weren’t meant to have the apartment. The landlord just didn’t feel all the positive vibes that I’ve been sending out for the past week. The universe is telling us it wasn’t meant to be ours, and something more suitable is on its way.

But still, the frustratement of it all!! 😫

So I have resumed my search online, in case apartment #1 is confirmed to go to Pilot Friend in the end. I looked through over 500 apartment listings today, with perhaps 5 that look somewhat passable. This is all so terribly depressing 😔 There is seriously no excitement whatsoever right now with this move!!

Oh, note that there aren’t 500 actual apartments. Multiple agents list the same property, so you see the same photos over and over and over and over again. And then you also have properties that have already been leased out, but no one has bothered to remove the online listing. So the true number of properties that is actually available is a fraction of that. Isn’t that just lovely 😒

6 thoughts on “My trying to be zen ain’t working”

  1. Urgh… sounds like our move to Dub. Truly awful experience trying to find a place; Wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. Hopefully you find something soon….

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  2. Yep, reminds me a lot of searching for somewhere to live here in Dublin. I’d turn up for some house viewings and there were queues snaking down the street. But…we did it in the end. Hope it all comes together for you soon x


    1. Oh faaantastic… But yes, you did find something in the end. Fingers crossed we’ll find something soon too 🤞 (and toes crossed too for apartment #1! I’m still quietly hoping! 😊)


      1. Ooh, I didn’t mean to be such a downer! I meant to reassure you that you’ll find somewhere in time – I found that I had to treat it like a job, and a full time one at that. But I was already here in Dublin when I was looking which added to the pressure. Thinking of you both though, it’s stressful time.


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