Instagram update

I came across this mum on Instagram, sumpermommyof123, and she puts an entertaining spin on the joys of motherhood. I’m not a mum (well, not to a human), but even I find her posts quite amusing, so actual mums may appreciate her that much more. Anyway, just spreading the love πŸ’•

Speaking of Instagram, I have created mynonfoodielife, to complement my My Non-Foodie Life blog. The whole project has been good, actually. It that been getting me to actually try new recipes as well as go to different restaurants, so that I have different blog posts to write and photos to upload; and I’m not cooking the same things over and over again, and going to the same places and ordering the same things off the same menu each time, like I normally would πŸ˜†

I surprised N at the airport today, I didn’t tell him I was going to meet him there 😊 Well, it helps that Changi is such an awesome place to go and visit, even when one isn’t travelling! It’s a destination in itself 😊 And it’s even better when you are travelling, as they have all the good stuff in the transit areas. Ah Changi, I’m gonna miss you 😘

Day T-56 today…

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