Christmas Eve

I watched Love Actually today, one of those classic films that I can watch over and over again. And it’s a “Christmas” film, so I like to watch it around this time of year. It’s not entirely a feel good movie, but it just somehow gets the amount right for me. Which pretty much sums up how I feel during this holiday period: not entirely happy happy joy joy, as there is always a tinge of sadness for me – I have no idea why – but happy enough.

We then ran a few errands in the afternoon after grabbing some lunch. We were originally going to have ramen somewhere, but we walked past a McDonald’s and N felt like having a Big Mac, so we changed our original plan of having Japanese to having fast food 😳

One of our errands was to go back to the Sony store to pick up our grocery vouchers. And yes! They were proper vouchers, which we could spend however way we pleased at one of the supermarkets here πŸ‘ And luckily there is one near our place, so we will easily use up these vouchers in the next few months, possibly weeks 😊

We played with the virtual reality goggles at the Sony store again while we were there. They are sooo much fun! I’m still thinking of buying a Playstation just so we can play these virtual reality games. I haven’t been this excited to play computer games since I was a kid! Maybe it can be my birthday present…

Because for Christmas, we’re going to splurge on food 😊 We went out for dinner tonight, and we’re going for dinner again tomorrow. We went for a late dinner, sometime after 9pm, and there were still restaurants open, as if it was a normal weeknight. The restaurant that we went to was packed as! It was lucky that we even got a table, I reckon. That’s one good thing about celebrating Christmas in Asia: shops and restaurants are still open! You can still have a fun day/night out, even though it’s Christmas Eve 😊

I ordered this cocktail as it had egg white, so I could have something that was close to eggnog πŸ˜‚

Merry Christmas to everyone, and enjoy this festive season!!



Yum cha fail and Friends with family

We wanted to go have yum cha today, so we decided to try Maxim’s Palace over at City Hall, as it’s quite popular and apparently not so much of a culture shock as some older, more “local” places. It was around 2:30pm when we got there, and they had a sign up saying that they were closing between 3-5:30pm, I assume to prep for dinner. We took a ticket, and there were 15 numbers ahead of us. We figured by the time we get seated, it’ll be 3pm, so we decided to look for another place instead.

We walked to another nearby Chinese restaurant, but when we got there, we quickly see their sign saying that they too finish up at 3pm πŸ˜” Then we walked to Tim Ho Wan in IFC, and the queue there was just ridiculous. We decided to skip this place too and just gave up on the whole yum cha idea, and settled for Tsui Wah, a local chain that’s quick and easy and relatively cheap. So lesson for today: yum cha places tend to close at 3pm in HK, and they’re really busy on Sundays! So maybe go either really early, or really late – but not as late as us today πŸ˜†

Then we just went home and rested up a bit (not that we did anything today anyway 😝) before N went to karate. And we all spent the rest of the evening binge watching Friends episodes, while Kitty happily slept on the couch in between the two brothers. It seems N’s brother and her are both starting to get used to each other now: he’s not breaking out in a rash every time he comes into contact with her fur; and she’s not acting all strange like she normally does when there’s someone new in the house. Progress πŸ‘

Errands leading to a possible Christmas present

We ran a few errands today, and we kept going to and from home. I think we went back and forth three times over, so we got some good walking exercise today! No wonder my feet are throbbing a little now 🦢 I need to find myself a good pair of walking shoes, I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot more walking here in HK!

One of our errands was to pick up some grocery vouchers as part of Sony’s promotion when we bought our new tv. We had to go to their store in Causeway Bay. We brought along all the documents that we had relating to the tv purchase, as we weren’t quite sure what we needed to bring along with us in order to redeem our vouchers. Luckily there was next to no one there, so we got to see a customer service officer straight away. She asked us if we had some bar code with us that’s on the box. Of course we didn’t have that, we weren’t told to bring it along with us πŸ™„ And there was no documentation to tell us what we actually needed to bring. Greeeat. So we have to make another trip with this bar code in hand in order to redeem our vouchers. Arghhh! 😀 These vouchers better be worth it! I have received vouchers in the past where they’ve said “$x worth of grocery vouchers”, only to receive vouchers that said that I could only buy certain products totalling $x – eg $20 of so-and-so product of potato chips; $50 of this product of baby diapers etc etc – ie how I could spend the vouchers was entirely dictated already. Dodgy or what?! 😠 So I hope these vouchers won’t be something similar!!

We decided to wander around the Sony store afterwards, and we played a bit of some virtual reality game that they had set up on the Playstation. I decided to try it out, so I put the headpiece on. It was sooo good!! I’ve never had any VR experience before, so that was a bit weird, and it actually gave me a bit of motion sickness, and eventually a bit of a headache, but it was so much fun! So much so that I’m thinking we should get one as a Christmas present to ourselves! πŸ˜‚ I’m there shrieking in the store as I was trying to dodge the monsters that were attacking me. I couldn’t figure out how to attack back (I felt so old!) and I was just being attacked from all angles. So what do you reckon?! Should we get a Playstation?? πŸ˜†

Goals, family and friends

I got my haircut today! I’ve been so excited waiting for this day to come. I didn’t even get anything drastic done, it was really just to tidy up my hair, since I hadn’t cut my hair in probably over two months, so it was looking rather shabby. It’s so nice to get excited about the smallest of things, it’s as if I’m a kid again 😊

The hairdresser I got today was Japanese (although I think they all are at this salon?!), so I got to practise a bit of my Japanese again. He asked if I could speak Japanese, and I said (in Japanese) that I studied the language in high school. He was surprised that I still remembered some of it. I surprise myself too, as my recall for Japanese can sometimes be wayyy faster than my recall for Chinese, even though I’m currently studying the latter! And my sentences flow much better than my Chinese too, although there are a few Chinese sentences that are becoming much more natural for me to say now – particularly the sentence “can you/he/they speak English?” πŸ˜‚ I just need to practise more, I think. Hopefully it can be on par with my Japanese soon enough – which really isn’t all that good, so it’s not too high a bar to reach! πŸ˜‚

Trading today was shite, which was unfortunate, because I was hoping to end the week/year on a good note. I doubt I’ll trade next week, as I expect the market to be pretty quiet, so today was my last trading day for the year. Shame it didn’t end on a high, but what can you do. The market is what it is πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

And then in the evening, we went and had dinner with N’s brother and his friend, at this rather generous restaurant that handed out JΓ€gerbombs like they were cups of water 😲 The place shouted our table two rounds of these cocktails, and that was on top of the bottle of sake that we ordered with dinner. Those JΓ€gerbombs are pretty easy to drink! Very potent, but deceptively so. It certainly doesn’t give away its potency based on its taste! πŸ˜†

Convenience and a curious Kitty

I’ve been doing some online window shopping lately, simply because I don’t know HK yet and where I can go to find what I need. (Yes, I really should get on top of this and start exploring!) As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a shopper, and I really only shop when I need something. And right now, there are a few items that I actually need – like cold weather clothes! πŸ˜‚ I went to Zalora today, an online retailer here in Asia. I looked at their return policy, just to make sure I can return stuff if they don’t fit me. One of the things that I don’t like about online shopping is this sizing business, as I’m never sure if it will actually fit me, and I don’t really want to go through the hassle of returning items that I don’t like or don’t fit me. But apparently Zalora makes it that little bit easier for you: you can drop off any exchanges/returns at selected 7-Eleven stores around HK! 😲 Wowww… Has online shopping been this convenient in recent years or is it just Zalora?! So then of course I check to see where these selected 7-Eleven stores are, as I don’t want to be trekking for two hours just to get to the nearest one to us. I then find out that there are a few of these selected 7-Eleven stores near home! OMG! How mega convenient is that?!? Not that I’m expecting to be doing much online shopping with Zalora, but if I were, then this service definitely makes it all the more appealing to do so! πŸ‘

N’s brother is allergic to Kitty: he breaks out in a rash whenever he comes into contact with her fur. And she has a lot of fur! Luckily it’s cold here now, and she’s not moulting as much as she was in SG. He’s staying in the spare bedroom, and we’ve kept the door closed so she doesn’t go in there and make herself comfortable. But of course, in typical cat fashion, even though she never went into that room before, now that the door is closed, she is curious as to what’s inside. So she keeps scratching at the door to get me to open it for her πŸ™„

So I decided to open the door today and just leave the door ajar, thinking that she won’t be so curious if the door is at least open, and thought nothing of it.

Then later on in the day, I went looking for her, as she wasn’t in her usual spot where she normally spends the day sleeping. I then walked around the rest of the apartment trying to find her, and she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Apparently she’d found a new hiding spot. I seriously don’t know how she finds new places to hide in the tiny apartments that we live in! I did eventually find her: sleeping on the bed in the spare bedroom! Not under, not beside, but ON. Greeeeat… So I ushered her out and tried to get rid of any fur that she left on the bed πŸ˜’ Such a little miss!

All about appearances

I haveΒ finally booked myself in for a haircut on Friday. Ordinarily I’m not all that great with getting my hair cut, which my hair actually needs on a regular basis because it’s quite short. I can’t just hide my laziness in a ponytail like I used to before πŸ™‚ And then this move to HK just made that time between haircuts even longer than normal, as I’ve been too busy with all the packing and unpacking to even think about getting my hair cut. And then when we did finally settle in to our new home (more or less, as we’re still not fully settled, really), I’ve had to figure out a way to choose a new hairdresser, as there are a bajillion salons even just in our neighbourhood alone! I find choosing new service people rather painstakingly difficult for some reason. A new doctor, dentist, hairdresser, vet etc… 😩 So I had to find a way to choose which hairdresser to try out. I finally chose one because the stylists are mostly (if not all?) Japanese πŸ˜† There is this Japanese hair straightening treatmentΒ that I really like, which I have done a few times, but not very many places offer it. And this salon does. So I thought that if I want to do it again while we’re here in HK, then I can just go to my usual hairdresser, confident that they will be able to do a good job of it 😊 Plus I love the Japanese level of service. So I am already expecting a high level of service before I’ve even walked in!

I did do some more decluttering of our (my) home office, although it doesn’t look like I made much of a dent in the clutter πŸ˜” But I made some progress today, however small, so I am trying to focus on that, taking baby steps each day towards my goal. And hopefully, before I know it, the room will be completely decluttered, and I will feel absolutely wonderful about that room, in the same way as I currently feel about our dining area 🀞

I can somewhat understand the kids!

I had about six items on my to do list today, and I did two of them 😞 And my trading was shite today too, sighhh… It wasn’t the best day, obviously. So hopefully I can be a bit more productive tomorrow and get the remaining four done… 🀞

I am watching this Chinese tv drama called Lover’s Lies (ηˆ±δΊΊηš„θ°Žθ¨€) with Chinese subtitles on, but I’m only up to episode two and I’m already lost. I don’t know who is who, because the show spans a few decades, and I don’t understand who the characters are as the actors change as the characters age. And since it’s a drama, people are snubbing other people but I don’t understand why! The first episode was somewhat ok because there was a lot of dialogue between different kids or the kids talking to their parents, so I could get the gist of what was happening. But then I got to the second episode and realised that I couldn’t follow the relationship between the adults anymore, so I watched the first two episodes again, only second time around with English subtitles πŸ˜… That’s when I realised that I completely missed all the adult conversations! Sighhh… My understanding of the language is obviously at a kid’s level πŸ˜‚ So I think I’ll watch the whole series through with English subtitles, and if I’m up for it at the end of the series, I may study a few of my favourite episodes in more detail to learn some new vocab and sentence structures. But for this first run through, I think I’ll just enjoy watching the drama and not get so hung up about learning. Hopefully my listening is still improving anyway, as I can only choose one language for the subtitles, which I have chosen to be English, so I am forced to actually listen to the Chinese and not use the subtitles as a crutch.