A new favourite store?

I decided to catch the tram from Central to Causeway Bay today. People keep saying it’s the most inefficient form of public transport in HK, but I love it 😆 I wonder if the novelty will ever wear off, and I too will eventually join the group of naysayers bagging out the slowness of the trams. They were slow in Melbourne too. And even though the initial excitement of catching the trams there did eventually wear off, as it always does with anything, I still like them to this day 😊

I went to Muji at Causeway Bay. Apparently one of their larger stores is there, and man, was I glad I went! That store is awesome. It could be one of my new favourite stores, that’s how awesome it was! I so did not expect to like it as much as I did, especially as I am not much of a shopper at all. But that place could potentially turn me into one! 😂 I don’t know what it was about the shop that I liked so much. The ambience? The layout? The colour scheme? The music? Maybe it was a combination of them all that just seemed to gel really well with me. I could soon be an unofficial Muji ambassador! You may be hearing all about Muji in the weeks and months to come 😆 There was Muji in SG too, but it never had the same drawcard as this particular store. And even another store that I’ve been to a few times already didn’t have the same appeal. What was it about this one?!? 🤔

I bought a few storage containers, but I could’ve easily bought more, if I had more arms (and strength!) to carry them. I may go back tomorrow for round two 😊 Brace yourself for more Muji propaganda…! 😂

I have one more day to wait until our IKEA furniture arrives! Very exciting! I think I’ll be spending Wednesday evening putting the pieces together 😊 I’m not the best at these practical things, but IKEA makes it pretty simple so even inept people like me can put their items together 😂 I can’t wait until we have an actual table in the house. I also can’t believe how excited I am about finally having a table in the house! 😂 So lame 😒 hehehe But if you think about it, you actually do a lot of stuff on a table: eat, write, work, read, study, play games, do arts and crafts… The list goes on. I can’t wait to be able to do all of that on our new table! 😊


All about the home

We had a lazy Sunday today, just hanging out in our new apartment, continuing to put things in their rightful place – and also trying to figure out where these rightful places are! 😂 Even though the apartment is actually smaller than our SG apartment, the layout of the apartment actually makes it feel bigger. I think it’s longer, so when I am at one end of the apartment and N is on the other, I actually find it quite hard to hear him! We certainly didn’t have this problem in SG! 😲 So maybe this apartment is longer and thinner than our SG apartment, giving the illusion that we have more space than we actually do, and it also feels like there’s more privacy as a result. I do like the way it’s been designed, I liked it the first time we saw it. I like the cross ventilation throughout the apartment, as we only effectively share one wall with a neighbour, so three sides of the apartment has windows to allow fresh air to come in – “fresh” being rather subjective, obviously 😆 We don’t have a clothes dryer in this apartment, so the air circulation will come in handy when we’re drying clothes in the apartment!

We also looked at storage ideas online, mainly at IKEA, of course 😆 Both cupboards / cabinets, as well as storage containers for smaller stuff in the bathroom. Instagram and Pinterest are also good to get some ideas. Social media can be put to good use at times too 👍

My focus has been the home these past few weeks, so I can’t wait until we can finish the larger aspects of this project, so then I can move on to my other goals! It is December already, how did that happen?? 😲 So I will start reviewing the past year soon, and also get myself ready for 2019. I need to have a think about what my goals will be for next year: which ones will flow out of this year’s ones; which ones failed miserably (finance is the standout here 😔) and how I can get them back on track; and which ones I just want to change completely. I do like to review and plan, so I always enjoy doing this exercise at this time of year 😊

But first, it’s still all about the home for a little while yet…! 😂

Finding a good balance

We got our new mobile numbers today! And we signed up for internet at home too, woohoo! Although the latter is going to take a bit longer to set up, as they have to check whether our apartment is wired up for internet or something (why wouldn’t it be in this day and age?!) and also to install. But the earliest time they can come in and check/install is next Saturday! 😲 So now we have to wait again. But by this time next week, all our first world necessities should have arrived, so I just need to wait another seven days… ⏱

We also went and visited IKEA and Muji today. I think today was my fourth visit to IKEA these past two weeks that we’ve been in HK 😲 I could practically work there and tell you where everything is! 😂 We went there to buy curtains, but we couldn’t make up our minds at all, so we decided not to get anything and just leave it for another day. We don’t want to spend too much on curtains, as we may not be able to take them with us to our next home. Or can they be extended? I don’t know. I’ve never bought curtains in my life, we’ve always gotten pretty decent ones in all the places that we stayed at before. But this time, we don’t like the ones that have come with the apartment. They look like they’re straight out of the 1970s and have never been updated since 😳 And we’re not a fan of the retro look, so we really want to replace them. But that’s another expense, sighhh… Argh, I have obviously forgotten just how expensive it is to move! 😩 My finance goal this year is completely shot 😔 So home and finance goals are my focus for the short-term, even though gains on one will have a negative impact on the other… So I just have to find a good balance 😊

Speaking of finance goals, we did a bit of grocery shopping tonight. And we were in for a rude shock! The price of eggs, butter and milk were like double what we would pay in SG! 😲 I’m hoping that it just happened to be the prices in that particular supermarket, and that other supermarkets would stock these same items at more reasonable prices. Like that time I bought 3 zucchinis in SG for almost S$25 😲 That was obviously the last time I bought zucchinis from that particular supermarket! Hopefully I’ll have a similar story here 🤞

Our first night in the new apartment!

We finally decided on what IKEA furniture to buy, and we put the order in late last night. Yayyy! 👏 The earliest delivery date is next Wednesday, which is really just five days away now, but it just seems sooo long to wait. All I seem to have done these past few weeks is wait! 😔 I am getting a bit restless… I really want a table right now. Not having one makes you really appreciate them for their functionality! 😂

We have also almost put everything away in their new rightful place around the apartment. In some instances, just on the floor in the room, as we still need to have a think about what additional furniture we need to store some of our items. The new layout of this apartment means that we have to buy some storage units to better utilise the existing cupboard space, and some rooms don’t have any built-in cupboard space at all. And the cupboards that are here tend to be taller, but not as deep as the cupboards in our SG apartment, so we need to work upwards, meaning that we need vertical storage ideas. Argh, more expenses 😔 But we’ll slowly get the apartment organised. I like to think of it as one long, continuing project 😊

And we’re spending the night in our new apartment! It’ll be our first overnight stay here, so exciting! I think Kitty was feeling it too, she seemed much more relaxed today. She still followed me around for pretty much the entire time I was in the apartment, but there were times when she did manage to fall asleep without me being right next to her 👍