Last day of February

It is the last day of February. We are already two months into 2019, can you believe it?! Where in the world has this year gone?! It is flying!

I have only just realised this, so I didn’t review my goals today. At the end of each month, I normally assess how I am coming along with achieving my goals (or not achieving them, as the case may be); what went well during the month to get me closer to my goal; and what things could be improved to clear the path some more. I’ve been doing this monthly review ever since I started my Bullet Journal, and it has definitely kept me on track. It also makes me properly review any of goals, and make a call whether I want to keep one or not, or tweak it somehow to make it more relevant to me. But one thing I should do more often throughout the month is look at my goals. I know what they are, but I think having them stare back at me each and every day has a different effect to just remembering what they are. And also to read my whys, why each of my goals are important to me. That’s what spurs you on to keep going, I think, your why. I’ll have to build this into my daily routine 👍

Still trying to find our feet

We’re both still trying to find our feet in this new city. We haven’t yet found our new local joint, our go-to place for when we don’t feel like cooking and just want a quick and dirty meal nearby. We haven’t found a dance studio yet either; a new hairdresser; a new doctor; a new favourite shopping mall; and I haven’t found where to buy my Japanese goods that I’ve gotten used to having on hand in SG… The list goes on. Plus we’ve been so focussed on our respective work that we haven’t really done much else! Hopefully we’ll start getting into a good rhythm soon enough 🤞

We watched the Friends episode tonight where they make New Year’s resolutions. It’s still one of my favourite episodes, and is still hilarious to this day. This year marks the episode’s 20th anniversary OMG. I can’t believe it (this episode and the series as a whole) was released a whole generation ago. The show is now getting a whole new batch of fans in the form of millennials 😲

And I decided to give Devilish Joy a go, and make it my new Korean drama. It’s not bad, but definitely not on the same level as Sky Castle or The Last Empress. It’s more a light-hearted rom com, with a bit of amnesia thrown in 😊 That’s not a bad thing, because the previous two that I watched were pretty full-on and crazy intense. I hardly ever felt like I was “relaxing” in front of the tv, if you know what I mean. So this will be a good break from all the stress that the previous two series brought into my life! 😂

Looking for my next fix

I finally finished The Last Empress today, my current Korean drama. I found out today that they sometimes extend dramas after their initial number of episodes, if the series ends up proving quite popular. So they extended The Last Empress for another four episodes. But because of this, one of the main actors couldn’t film these last four episodes, due to a scheduling conflict, so they had to write that into the storyline. That was actually really disappointing, as his character played such a pivotal role in the story. I think if they didn’t have to work around this real-life issue, the story might have ended a little differently. Nonetheless, despite this, I thought the ending was really good. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better ending.

So now I’m feeling rather empty! 😆 This is how I usually feel after every drama series that I watch, even more so when the series is really good, like this one was. They’re like drugs, I tell you! You’re constantly looking for when you can get your next fix, your next high 😂 They really suck you in. I will need to find my next drama soon, to fill this current void in my life! 😆 I think it’s going to be hard to find the next one, as the last two series will be hard to match, let alone beat. They were awesome 👏


Little Miss had a lovely time scratching at doors at 2 o’clock in the morning, waking me up on numerous occasions. I had to put her on the couch and coax her to sleep, before I could head back to bed myself. Needless to say I had yet another poor night’s sleep 😔

I had a pretty shite trading day today 😔 I overtraded, wanting to win back my losses – acting exactly like a complete noob. You’d think I’d know better by now, but no, obviously not 🙄 In hindsight, after such a poor night’s sleep, maybe I shouldn’t have traded today…

And I watched a few more episodes of The Last Empress, and I now only have two episodes left. I am nearing the end of yet another drama series, so I have gone searching for my next one already. I have a few on my shortlist, so I’ll see which one draws me in right from the very first episode. It’ll be hard to draw me in now, I reckon, after watching the last two very good dramas, Sky Castle and The Last Empress. These two, as great as they were, were very stressful, though, so I hope I can find a more light-hearted drama for my next one, perhaps more a traditional rom com type one…! 😊

An expensive day

I got to do some more flight tracking, with N flying back to HK today 😊

We decided to order in today, but we still somehow managed to pay over HK$400 (S$70) for dinner. We did order quite a fair bit of food, though, so at least it’ll last us until tomorrow. Still, HK$400 stung quite a fair bit, just for takeaway 😔

And then after dinner, we just did some grocery shopping – with the bill racking up to almost HK$1,000 (S$170)! 😲 And we barely bought any food! OK so HK$200 (S$35) of that was alcohol, which is obviously a splurge; and we bought Froot Loops, which apparently cost HK$70 (S$12)!! 😱 But there wasn’t much else added to that: cat food, cleaning stuff for the house, and a little food for us. That’s it. So if we want to buy our western comforts, it ends up becoming a rather expensive grocery bill! 😔

We did also buy some of those dehumidifier packs, as the humidity here is apparently quite bad. There is mold growing on some of our stuff! 😱 We never had this problem in SG! But we suspect it was because we had the aircon on quite a fair bit each day there (it was always on overnight, as we wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise), which must’ve helped to some extent to dehumidify the apartment. So now I’m making a concerted effort to turn on the aircon units for a little while each day, if only to help dehumidify the place. We may eventually need to buy a dehumidifier, if the aircon units and dehumidifier packs don’t alleviate the problem 😔

So it ended up being an unintentionally expensive day 😔

Work and play on a Saturday

I went to K11 at Tsim Sha Tsui today, a shopping mall, to look for a replacement handbag for my current black one, because it is now looking pretty appalling, with the material just wearing down and disintegrating, and bits of the material now flaking off. I am getting rather desperate 😂 This is what it can come down to when one is an underbuyer! But once again, as per usual, I had no luck finding anything vaguely appealing 😔 I will continue the hunt tomorrow…

I actually spent the afternoon at the library today, trying to finish off the trading book that I’ve been reading in their reference section the past few weeks. It took longer than I had expected, so rather than being there for about an hour, it ended up being the entire afternoon 🤓 I felt so proud of myself finishing a trading book, of all things, on a Saturday 😊 But I did expect to spend more time on my trading while N was in SG these few days, although I didn’t think it would spill into the weekend too 😆

And then in the evening, I just watched more of The Last Empress, my current Korean drama. There were a few more light-hearted scenes in the episodes that I watched today, so that made it easier for me to get through them. The stressful ones are just very exhausting to watch! 😂 I am getting close to the end, so I’m tempted to just binge watch the remaining episodes tomorrow…! And then I will need a new drama to watch, to fill the void that this one will no doubt leave behind 😆

Quiet but productive

I missed the delivery for what I think was my first-ever Amazon non-book purchase. I don’t do much online shopping, as you can see 😆 So I had to go collect it from the GPO. I walked in there for the first time today: the place is HUGE! It’s multiple stories and I had NO idea where I was supposed to go. I had to ask someone on the ground floor, and then someone on the next floor up to point me in the right direction. But now I know where to go in future if I miss the delivery of any of my online purchases 😊

I went to the library and read more of a trading book that I’ve been working my way through these past few weeks. It’s only available as a reference book – ie you can’t borrow it – so I just read one chapter at a time whenever I’m there. It’s working out quite well, actually. I probably concentrate better reading it at the library anyway, rather than trying to read and trade, which is what I tend to do when I’m at home.

I tracked my parents’ flight to Manila today. Their flight was delayed for over an hour, and they never made up the time while in the air 😔 Nonetheless, they landed safely, and that’s the most important thing 😊

And then I just watched some more of The Last Empress, my current Korean drama, and cleaned up a bit around the house. A relatively quiet, but productive, day 😊