I finally got my hair cut today. I went to a new hair salon, I thought I’d try a different one. I liked the ambience at this one, and I liked the hairdresser who cut my hair 💇‍♀️ Plus he said that since I’m growing my hair out (this is my current plan), I don’t have to return as regularly as I would if I was keeping my hair short. The longer (in between haircuts) the better”, he said. YEAH! I definitely like this guy 😆 I’m not a fan of going to the hairdresser, so hearing this is absolutely wonderful 😊

I went to the gym tonight. I resumed doing some basics on the treadmill. And on the day that I decide to resume my basics, I had someone running on the treadmill next to mine 😂 I wonder what people think when they see the weird things that I do on the treadmill… Basically I’m doing what these guys are doing in the first ten seconds of this video, but I just do it for the entire length of a song 😂 I haven’t done my basics in so long that my leg muscles are now sooo tired! I am clearly out of shape 😔 We definitely have to get back into dancing soon! Or at least head down to the gym much more often than I currently am!

And then after dinner, N and I watched the first episode of a Hong Kong drama, The Exorcist’s Meter. It has a supernatural theme running through it, greeeat… I really needed to watch a scary-ass episode just before N flies out to Japan tomorrow! Great timing, there! Good work, 99 😒 I’ll have to more than make up for it while he’s in Japan – watch more Korean dramas, perhaps… 😉

And I finally got a taste of spring today 👏 Last time I got this taste was weeks ago.

It was a good day 😊


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