A balanced Monday

So you know that detailed schedule that I started recently where I break down my day in half hour intervals, keeping a Pomodoro timer to keep me on track? Well it kept me on track today 👍 I really didn’t feel like doing anything today, particularly after the rugby sevens long weekend. But I stuck to my detailed schedule nonetheless, and in the end, I managed to have quite a productive day. This detailed schedule has done wonders to my productivity 👍 Loving this new addition to my bullet journal! 😊

And then just to balance out all this productivity, N introduced me to this game called 2048. Someone was playing it on his flight to Taipei this morning (yes, he’s back there again this week 😔) and he thought it’s be a game that I’d enjoy too. Yesss… yes it is… 😒 So I ended up playing that for almost two hours tonight 😱 Greeeat… Hopefully this addiction won’t last for too long…!


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