I went to a social entrepreneurship meetup today, my first meetup in HK. I went to a few in SG, mainly (only?) language meetups, which weren’t too bad. But today’s meetup was awesome, really inspiring. I want to do something in this space, but still not sure what, but today’s meetup inspired me to really spend some time on this interest and actually see if I can actually make some meaningful contribution somehow. A few different organisations were mentioned today, and that has already given me enough to research for the short term. These guys were so full of passion and ideas, I really just wanted to join in the movement and actually do something too! So watch this space, there may be something that comes out from this 😊 I’m really glad I went today. Hopefully their future meetups will be just as informative and inspiring 🤞

And speaking of language meetups, there’s a few here for Mandarin language learners as well. And given the positive experience I had today, I’m more inclined to try a few of these other meetups now too 👍

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