Worrying too much

I feel like I’m losing my hair. I’m sure it’s linked to ageing, as everyone does lose hair as they age, but still, *I* know the difference from how my hair was when I was in my teens to how it is now. Yeah, ok, that was over a quarter of a century ago now πŸ˜‚ So I really shouldn’t compare. And then I just got my hair straightened, so it’s feeling “flatter” than it normally would too. And then all this worrying is probably not helping either! Argh! 😫 I should just accept that this is a fact of life and move on. Although it’s hard to when I see my parents’ hair still looking pretty damn good at their age! I was hoping to have hair as good as theirs when I get to that age. Now I’m wondering if I will… πŸ˜”

I watched more of Ode to Joy today, my current Chinese drama. I’m getting close to the end, which I didn’t expect, actually. I felt like I was aaages away from the end, but apparently it’s crept up without me even noticing. It’s been a really good drama, I’m so glad I found it 😊 And it’s also serving as good Chinese practice too, which is awesome πŸ‘

Tomorrow is a public holiday here, it’s National Day. But HKers are pretty much seeing it as non-National Day, with a number of protests planned all around the city. So I’m not sure if it’s really worth doing anything tomorrow. It’s all quite sad, to be honest. I feel for the city. It’s really suffering as a result of all these protests πŸ˜”

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