Protests and rain

The protests continued in HK today, which is becoming the norm on weekends now 😔 They opened up about half the train network this morning, but then later this evening, when the protesters decided to ramp up the violence once again, they decided they’ll close down the entire network at 9pm 😔 They severely attacked one of the train stations tonight (Mong Kok) so they might choose to keep the network closed again tomorrow, at least for part of the day. Blahhh…

All the stations that were still closed today, before thy decided to shut down the entire network again tonight 😔

And then on top of all the protests, the skies spewed forth a whole ton of rain today, which made going out even less enticing 😒

Instead, I just caught up on my current Chinese drama, Ode to Joy, and watched a few more episodes of Lucifer. A pretty quiet day – well, for me at least 😊

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