My trip to Causeway Bay

The city woke up again today, with the start of a new work week. Public transport was up and running, albeit a few train stations still remained closed, as they have been so severely damaged by protesters that they are still undergoing major repairs πŸ˜”

I decided to take the opportunity to go to Causeway Bay today, a major shopping district in HK – and the site of a number of violent clashes in recent weeks. So much so that a lot of large shopping malls and departments stores in the area have remained shut over the long weekend that we just had, to avoid any more damage from all the protests. And/or perhaps it is just more cost effective for them to remain shut, given how few people are out and about at the moment πŸ˜” Either way, I was just happy that they were back open again today.

On my way to Causeway Bay, I sat next to this little boy and his mum on the bus. He was saying to her that he didn’t want to see the protesters because he was scared of them, and that he was scared of both the police and the protesters, because he didn’t want to get hurt. How sad. He was so young, maybe around 5 years old, and he already knows what protesters are πŸ˜” His mum reassured him that he will be ok if he is a good boy, but still, his comments actually brought tears to my eyes. This city is this little boy’s city, and for many other millions like him, it’s their home, and their fellow citizens are driving it to the ground. Heck, it’s our home at the moment now too. It’s such a sad state of affairs.

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