An unexplained rule and Mandarin practice

We went to the Chi Lin Nunnery today, and spent most of our time in the Nan Lian Garden right next door to it. It’s really pretty there and I got a ton of footage, which I’m hoping to eventually turn into a nice vlog post 😊

Towards the end of our visit, I got pulled up by one of the security guards for using my gimbal. I asked him why I wasn’t allowed to use it within the gardens, and he never gave me a reason why, just that they’re not allowed. So if anyone knows why selfie sticks and gimbals are not allowed here (and in other places), please do let me know. The only reason I can think of is that they want to prevent accidents and mishaps, if people aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing while they’re wandering around with them. A reasonable reason would’ve been nice, rather than just a flat “you’re not allowed” πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Since couldn’t you also randomly just say something like, “you can’t wear that yellow t-shirt in here” with no follow-up reason?? πŸ™„ Luckily, though, I had finished most of my filming by the time he told me off, so I still got quite a fair bit of good video πŸ˜…

And then we went to a birthday dinner in the evening, which was quite fun. I sat next to a Taiwanese woman, and she was kind enough to entertain me and give me some Mandarin practice! 😊 We went to a Spanish restaurant, and they even had a piΓ±ata for the birthday girl! That was pretty cool πŸ‘

And then I started packing when we got home: we’re off to Shenzhen tomorrow for a few days! ☺️ I’m actually really excited, as it’ll be my first holiday this year! I’m also a bit nervous, as I think there is a total lack of English there, so we may have to rely on our limited Mandarin for the next few days… 😱 So it was a good thing that I got some Mandarin practice in tonight! πŸ˜…

2020 is close…

N’s brother flew back to Sydney today, which was sorta sad, tbh. I felt the same way when he left last year too. It was quite nice having him around.

But his leaving has made me a bit more focussed on what I need / want to do when the New Year comes around – which isn’t all that far away! 😱 I’ve already started having a think about my goals for next year, and I might start putting my 2020 bullet journal together tomorrow. There are still some goals that I haven’t quite achieved yet, so they’ll be transferred over into the New Year; but there are also some other ones that I’m changing completely. The New Year always feels so refreshing for me. It always feels like a brand new slate 😊

And I watched a bajillion more YouTube videos on creating my own videos πŸ˜„ We’re planning on going to Shenzhen next week, so no doubt I’m going to have a ton of stuff to film while we’re there! πŸ˜†

Loving things today!

This winter has been really mild – I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve never been a fan of winter, so a mild winter is the next best thing πŸ‘ I haven’t had the need for jackets so far, and sometimes I don’t even wear a scarf. Loving it! πŸ˜„ I hope it stays that way for the rest of the season 🀞

And I have finally come up with my one-word theme for 2020. I figured I should try and come up with my annual theme when I’m half asleep, they say that you’re at your most creative when you’re groggy. So I would start thinking about it and try and come up with ideas just before I fell asleep. And the idea finally came to me today: growth. I love it 😊 I’m really happy with it. I think it’s such a good word that encompasses almost everything that I want to focus on in the new year. I’m so excited! πŸ˜†

I also have to start getting my Bullet Journal ready for the new year. I’m still feeling like the days are just going so damn fast right now that I barely felt like I saw December! 😱

Playing the tourist and the local

We went to the Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha today. It’s a bit of a trek out there, as it’s pretty much out near HK Airport on Lantau Island. But as I expected, it is rather pretty out there and well worth the trip πŸ‘

We caught the cable car there and back 🚠 Expensive, but it was a pretty nice ride πŸ‘

It took about an hour to get out there, so it was quite late when we got back. I had a bit of a rest before we went out for a late hot pot dinner, and got to the restaurant at around 10:45pm. The place closes at 3am! 😲 Apparently people tend to come in for a late dinner after they’ve had a few drinks. One large table came in sometime past midnight! 😱 Crazy stuff.

So playing both tourist and local in the same day πŸ€ͺ

Relaxing on Boxing Day

Lazy day today. I didn’t do much at all, just watched more YouTube videos to help me make better videos 😊

We went out for a quick dinner and then watched The Game Changers when we got back, which was very interesting. And then we watched some other stuff that basically took the opposite side of the debate πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ So basically what I got out of what we watched tonight is that I should just add more vegetables to my diet! Not a bad result, if you ask me 😊

I think I’m going to include that in my goals for 2020. I need to have a think about what I want to focus on in the coming year and then to write them down. I only have a few days left before the New Year comes around. December hasn’t slowed down one bit! 😱

A mega-busy Victoria Peak

Merry Christmas!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

We had quite a relaxing day. We decided to go up to The Peak and just hang out there for a little while. It was mega busy! 😱 The queue for the tram up was ridiculous. I’ve never had to wait to get on the tram before, I’ve usually just been able to get onto the next tram, no issues. Straight onto the platform. That wasn’t happening today! πŸ˜†

And then of course it was also mega busy up on The Peak itself. We still had to wait for a table for lunch – at 2:30pn! And there was just a ton of people milling around, both inside and outside the two shopping malls up there. So now I’m not sure if I’d want to go up there on a public holiday again… πŸ€”

N and I went to the gym once we got back from The Peak, while his brother met up with a friend near Sogo in Causeway Bay. We then all just met up together again for a late dinner somewhere in Central.

Hope you had a wonderful day too! 😊

Banksy on Christmas Eve

We went to see the Banksy exhibition today in Kowloon Bay. It was in the same space as the Van Gogh exhibition earlier in the year, but it was a much better exhibition. There are more interactive displays, plus there were more actual Banksy pieces. And lots of photo opportunities πŸ˜† So I got a ton of footage for another vlog post. I want to spend some time editing it, but we just haven’t really spent all that much time at home in order for me to do any of it! πŸ˜”

And then we just had a quiet Christmas Eve dinner near home. It was relatively quiet in the restaurant, but I’m just happy that virtually everything is still open on Christmas Eve! And even tomorrow will still feel pretty normal, which is so different to Australia, where everything effectively shuts down after 5pm Christmas Eve. So I’m expecting a pretty typical public holiday tomorrow, being able to do whatever we feel like! πŸ‘ Woohoo πŸŽ‰

At Tsim Sha Tsui

It was so warm today! I had to get changed into lighter clothes in the evening because I was dying of heat during the day. That’s insane, I’m never warm during winter! That’s just an oxymoron πŸ˜† Now I feel like all my winter clothes are too heavy for this year’s winter. Who woulda thunk?!? 😱

We went over to Tsim Sha Tsui tonight, and checked out some of the Christmas decorations at a few of the shopping malls there. Malls here do a pretty good job with Christmas decorations, so it’s nice to wander through them and check out the displays πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Christmas display at K11 Musea

We then went and had hot pot for dinner. I haven’t had hot pot in aaages! Always so good πŸ˜‹

Hot pot!

I got a fair bit of video footage at TST tonight, so I’m hoping to get some more editing practice with them πŸŽ₯ My second attempt at a vlog post! 😊

My new toy!

So I’ve sort of gotten a bit obsessed with this whole vlogging idea 🀣 I dragged N to come with me to the Wan Chai Computer Centre so that I could buy a gimbal 🀣 Just even knowing what a gimbal is is already total amazeballs for me! And now my gimbal and my GoPro are both charging so that they are both ready to be used tomorrow. I feel so technologically advanced now! πŸ˜‚ I want to do something worth filming tomorrow just so I can test out this new gimbal!

I was thinking of going to Shenzhen, but N’s brother doesn’t seem too keen on going, so maybe we can just go and do the Monkey Mountain hike. I wanted to go today, actually, but the weather was quite overcast, so I scrapped that idea. Hopefully we get clearer weather over the next few days 🀞

There are only three more days until Christmas and I am so unbelievably not ready for it 😩

A few firsts

We went and had yum cha in Wan Chai today, a new place that we hadn’t tried before. Not hard to do, really, when there are a bajillion yum cha restaurants in your city! 🀣 Although there’s an abundance of choice, we do tend to stick to our favourites and don’t venture out too often, so I’m glad we decided to step out of our usual yum cha comfort zone today 😊

I then spent a good few hours in the afternoon and evening editing my first ever video! 😱 It felt like it took foreverrr, but given that I had no idea what I was doing and that I also had to find my way around the editing app, I think the total length of time that it did eventually take me wasn’t too bad at all! And from here on in, I’m guessing it should just get easier – and more fun! The sound quality of my original footage wasn’t all that great, so that was rather disappointing, but all up, I’m pretty happy with the result! πŸ‘ It was my first ever editing attempt, so I hope my editing skills will also get better with time. So for a first video, I’m pretty damn happy! It’s not quite ready to go up on YouTube yet, as well as on one of the equivalent Chinese sites (they have multiple equivalents in China 😱) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to upload it soon enough 😊 I just hope the sound quality isn’t too bad… 🀞