The late night last night was exacerbated by my still-itchy mozzie bites. I couldn’t get to sleep because they were still itchy as 😩 So I decided to get up and spend the 10-15 minutes applying the salt and water paste onto the bites, rather than staying in bed tossing and turning, trying to ignore the itchiness overnight. and ultimately end up getting a crappy night’s sleep. I’m glad I did make that effort, though, because that home remedy does absolute wonders. I still don’t know what it is about the magic of salt, but it works for me and that’s all that matters! 👍

The mozzie bites weren’t as swollen today compared to yesterday, so I can now actually count how many I had on my legs and arms. Yesterday, my legs just looked like they had these gigantic swollen red welts all over them and they looked so gross. I counted over fifty on my legs, and about 25 on my arms. Now can you imagine just how unbearable the itchiness is?!?? 😩😩

Thankfully they’re not as swollen anymore, so my legs have gone back to their normal shape and no longer look like they’ve blown up in size. That’s how bad they looked yesterday 😔 But even though the swelling has gone down, they’re still quite itchy, so I think I might apply my salt paste to the bites again tonight, just before I go to sleep.

I’m still taking the antihistamines, by the way, just in case they too are helping. I don’t care what the remedy is, just as long as it helps to alleviate the itchiness, then I’m all for it! 😆

Fell off the wagon

OK, I sorta fell off the wagon today with my daily routines. It didn’t help that we got up so late this morning, and that pushed the rest of my day out as well 😔

I also didn’t do my morning yoga session. I’ve been doing it so consistently this past week, but because we got up so late, I just couldn’t really fit it into my morning routine today.

And now it’s close to midnight as I write this, and we still haven’t even eaten dinner! So you can see why I’m a bit concerned about falling off the wagon today 😒 I was doing so well getting to bed early and becoming a morning person, and now I’m already slipping back into my old ways…. 😔

Hopefully this one day won’t have too much of an impact, and I can get back into my routine next week 🤞

An unexpectedly effective home remedy

Those mozzie bites that I got at the zoo yesterday were sooo itchy that they kept me up all night. The itchiness kept waking me up 😔 Sighhh… it’s not so bad when you have one or two, but I literally have about twenty mozzie bites on each leg. AND I also have about ten bites on each arm 🦟🦟

So I just wasn’t in a good place today. I could barely concentrate on anything, the itchiness was just insane. This is probably how I felt as a kid when I had the measles! You just want to scratch and scratch, even just to get that momentary relief from the itchiness.

It got so bad that I went online to look for some home remedies. The first one that I tried was creating a salt and water paste and applying it directly onto the bites, and then rinsing it off with water once the paste dries. Surprisingly, this worked for me! It doesn’t get rid of the itchy entirely, but it alleviates enough of the itch to let me function somewhat, at least.

The inter web also suggested taking an anti-histamine, so I’ve done that as well. Not sure if that’s doing anything, but I’m taking anything that I can right now! The itchiness is relentless! 😩

And I also tried applying an ice pack, which also helped. But it’s winter, and so an ice pack isn’t quite my favourite option right now… 😆

So by far the most effective solution for me was, much to my surprise, the salt and water paste! So I’m definitely going to apply it again just before I go to sleep tonight 👍 This was totally unexpected!

Good things balanced out a little bit by the bad

We had yet another gorgeous day today, so I decided to head back out to HK Zoo and get some sunshine ☀️ Unlike my last visit, though, I was completely eaten up by mosquitoes. I can’t even count the number of mozzie bites I have on my legs, I think there are over twenty all up 😱 Not to mention the half dozen or so on my arms… I should’ve brought some mozzie repellant 😔 You’d think I just sat right on top of where they all just happened to be congregating today. I interrupted their little meeting, so they let me know it. So this constant itching sorta detracted from the beautiful day that we had today 😔

I had my Chinese lesson today. I mustn’t have been in the right frame of mind today because I felt like I was asking her to repeat almost everything she said! But still, I’d say 95% of our lesson is conducted in Chinese, so really, every lesson is still a pretty damn good effort! But yes, my listening obviously still needs a lot of improvement 👂

Just 10 minutes

A few days ago, I added yoga and meditation to my morning routine. Nothing too onerous, just around 10-15 minutes all up. I figured anything more than this will just be too much, and I won’t do it at all. So I’ve been going with the idea that 10 minutes every day is better than doing an hour-long session every once in a while. So if I don’t feel like doing it, then I just tell myself “ten minutes, that’s all”, and I do it. I don’t sit there thinking about it, um-ing and ah-ing about whether or not I should do it, and ultimately just waste even more time not doing anything. I just do it. And, of course, before I know it, the ten minutes is up, and I’ve already accomplished my goal for the day ☺️

I’ve started to do this with my language learning too. I always get overwhelmed as to how much there is to learn or review in any one chapter in my textbook or whatever material it is that I’m studying. But if I tell myself that for ten minutes, I’ll just review the vocab list for that chapter, say, then it doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. And ironically, I actually usually do more than ten minutes anyway. It’s usually just the initial hump of starting that is my biggest problem. So this is how I’ve been tricking myself lately to get over that hump 😆

And on a totally different topic: N found toilet paper!! 👍🥳 It’s just so sad (and ridiculous!) how happy I am that he found toilet paper supplies at a nearby supermarket!! It’s not the usual brand that we buy, but hey, when you’re in an apocalyptic situation, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive (and stay clean!) 🤪🙃


A new goal

N is safely back in HK 😅 His flight was relatively empty, apparently. I guess not too many people are wanting to head over this way at the moment! 😆

Productivity Week is officially over 😔 I didn’t have a very good night’s sleep, so I wasn’t feeling all that alert and productive today. I did manage to come up with an idea for my next video, though. That was as exciting as my day got! 😆

I did set myself a goal today, though: by the end of the year, I want to have published at least 100 videos 😱 That sounds like a lot and a bit overwhelming, to be honest. But really, it equates to about two videos a week, which isn’t toooo bad, and I think is actually quite a good stretch goal for me. Let’s see how close we can get to this number! 👍 💪

Still riding the wave of my Productivity Week high 😆

Man, this week seriously has to be one of my most productive weeks ever. Loving it! 👍 I dubbed this week Productivity Week, and it was exactly that. Sooo happy!

I posted a really short message on that language app, HelloTalk. I haven’t used that app for a long time, but decided to write something short and sweet today, saying just how much stuff I’d done this week and how happy I am. I also recorded a quick audio clip of me saying it in Chinese. Someone replied back and said that my accent sounded very ‘standard’ and that he thought I actually sounded like a native Chinese speaker. O-M-G! How freaking awesome is that?! Doe despite my not feeling like I’m still not getting anywhere with my language learning, some things must actually be sinking in. It’s just so slow that I don’t even see it. But it was such a good feeling to get that compliment, especially when I always think just how bad I sound when I’m talking in Chinese! It was very motivating 👍

I also went to HK Zoo today. The weather was fantastic, we had yet another gorgeous spring day today. And everyone else seemed to have the same idea as me: the zoo was packed! I was originally going to film a vlog on the zoo, but when I got there, I found out that they had closed off the mammals section, so it felt like half the zoo was closed, and it just didn’t feel like I could do a proper vlog on the zoo today 😔 Now HK Zoo is tiny, so having half a tiny zoo closed off meant that there was an even tinier space left for the public. And coupled with the fact that we had really great weather today, it meant that there were many more people crammed into this smaller space today.

Gorgeous weather in HK today! 😎

But I’m still glad I went. It was nice just getting out and about again, after the whole coronavirus situation kept us indoors and just generally away from crowded places (ie virtually anywhere in HK! 😂) for the past few weeks.

BUT, there is still no toilet paper in the supermarkets… 🙄😒 At least in the supermarkets near our place. Seriously people! Stop panicking! 😤😤


Productivity Week continued throughout my day today 👍💪👍💪

Firstly, I got up at 7am. 7am! I never get up that early. I’ve been trying to become more of a morning person ever since we got back from Sydney a few weeks ago, and today was probably the closest I’ve gotten to getting there 👍

I went and had brunch at one of my favourite cafes, and then did almost two hours of walking, running errands around the city. The city was much more lively today, so I’m wondering if the crazy apocalyptic situation is actually starting to ease up a bit now. I still haven’t gone into a supermarket to check out the current toilet paper situation, but hopefully things have improved on that front too. I’ll try and pop into one of the supermarkets tomorrow 😆

How pretty was my matcha latte today?? 😁

And then I did yoga for the first time in yeeears. OK, so I still do a number of poses on a regular basis, so it’s not like I’m returning to yoga after not doing anything for years. But this was the first time in years since I followed a yoga video or did an actual class, which meant I also did poses that I normally would avoid if I was just doing yoga poses on my own. The poses that I don’t like to do are probably the ones that I need to do 😂 Anyway, it was great, and I think I’m going to try and do even just ten minutes every morning, if I can.

And then I did a few other bits and bobs throughout the day. Crazy productive! Loved it! Plus the weather was divine, it was like a perfect spring day. I didn’t get to go to a park today, so hopefully the weather tomorrow will be just as nice as today and I can head out for a bit of a wander around again. It was nice to get out of the house! ☺️

Planning my weekend

It was a bit warmer today, and the crappy overcast weather that we’ve had for aaages seems to have now gone. So now I’m in an even better mood 😁 So I think I might go out for brunch tomorrow 😊 I have to go collect Kitty’s meds from the vet, so I might grab a bite to eat before I do so.

I’ve also been cooped up for sooo long now that I feel like a walk around a nearby park will do me wonders. So I might try and squeeze a trip in sometime this weekend as well 😊 I’ve also been avoiding watching or reading any news about the coronavirus so I’m not getting as freaked out about it, as a result. Plus the infection rate has dramatically slowed here, so I’m hoping that it’s now starting to be somewhat contained, at least in this city.

I also want to go to the supermarket and see if the apocalyptic situation has improved at all 🙄

The quest for toilet paper in HK

I spoke to my mum briefly today. I told her about the current toilet paper situation here in HK and how one supermarket was actually held up earlier this week, and how the armed robbers got away with 50 packs of toilet paper. Naturally she got a good laugh out of that story! Sighhh… It’s an apocalypse, I tell you 🙄 But they do say that supplies should return to normal in the next few days, so N hopefully won’t have to bring back too many (any?!) rolls from Oz! 🤪 It’s just so ridiculous that it may even have to come to that.

But speaking of supermarkets, one of the supermarkets has available timeslots once again for delivery! Woohoo! So I managed to grab a timeslot sometime tomorrow afternoon. They did have the disclaimer on their website that delivery may be delayed, but that’s ok, I don’t mind, just as long as I can get it delivered sometime in the next few days, then I’m fine 😅 Like I said yesterday, I just don’t want to be lugging home bottles of sparkling mineral water or cat litter! And now I won’t have to 👍 But of course toilet paper is still not available 🙄