Groundhog Day

My days are looking very Groundhog Day like: get up; work; take a break; work some more; take another break; then do some more work. And intersperse that with some Kitty hugs and watching a bit of tv, and you pretty much have my day! 😂

It’s quite sad that we haven’t really had the chance to explore this not-so-new city that we live in. We’d barely been here for six months when the protests started; and then soon after that died down, the coronavirus outbreak occurred and the whole city went into lockdown mode. There are places that I still want to visit in this city, but it’s just not quite the right time to do so 😔

The other thing that I wanted to do this year was take more trips to China, since we are literally right next door now. But again, the coronavirus completely derailed those plans 😔 And any other travel I wanted to do in North Asia is also out of the question for at least another few months yet.

So in the meantime, I’m just working and saving because that’s all I can pretty much do right now!

Deaths and stricter measures

I got a text message from my aunt saying that a distant relative has passed away thanks to the rona. Both her and her husband, actually, which is quite sad. It reminded me of that rather depressing article that I was reading with my teacher during my Chinese lesson about a family effectively being wiped out by the virus in the space of 12 days 😥 Apparently entire families were being wiped out like this in Wuhan, the family mentioned in this article wasn’t a unique case. I wonder if this type of tragedy is playing out elsewhere around the world now. I really hope not, given how long we’ve known about this virus now and what we need to do to protect ourselves. Wuhan didn’t have this ‘luxury’, unfortunately 😞

I got this text message yesterday from the HK government. They’re fully cracking down again, they really don’t want this second wave of cases to escalate. Understandably, especially with what’s been going on throughout the rest of the world 😔

Further restrictions now in place in HK

They have also introduced a maximum HK$25,000 (A$5,000) fine and six months’ jail term for those not adhering to the mandatory 14-day quarantine measures that were introduced around mid-March for all overseas arrivals.

And I love this photo from SG showing just how seriously they’re taking this whole social distancing 👍

A hawker centre in SG is taking social distancing very seriously 👍

Errands and some stats

We went out briefly today to run some errands and to go buy some groceries. The supermarket was busy as, but all the shelves were fully stocked, so people must’ve just been out for their usual weekly run for groceries. Phewwww, there isn’t a second wave of panic buying 😅 At least not yet!

We bought a dehumidifier a few weeks ago, and I probably empty the water tank (with a capacity of 4 litres) around once a day. It’s insane! How humid must it be inside the apartment?!? 😱 We’ve been worried about mould in the house, which is why we bought this dehumidifier. Maybe we should’ve bought one in SG. It might’ve helped N deal with the weather a bit better when we were there 😅

And just some stats to end the day, which get more and more depressing each day: 645,000 cases now, with almost 30,000 deaths. O-M-G 😱😞 But on the bright side, Hubei province, where Wuhan is, now ‘only’ has 2,500 people who are still sick, so things are looking promising there, at least. I need some glimmer of hope amongst all the depressing news from the rest of the world!

Not too drained

Thankfully I didn’t get too drained today by what’s going on around the world right now. Maybe because I distracted myself with other things for most of the day, which is good. I think I need to do that more often! 😆

Apparently Melbourne is looking at converting their convention and exhibition centre into a makeshift hospital – and another section as a makeshift morgue 😔 I know other cities in the world are doing this already, but this is one city that I have a personal connection with, and it has had a different effect on me, if that makes sense. I know where the convention and exhibition centre is, I know the area well. I’ve been there a number of times, and walked past it even more. And now to hear that it’s going to be converted into a hospital / morgue during this war, it’s just really sad 😢

We’re at 543,000 worldwide. Just FYI and capturing this moment in time 😔

I hope you’re coping relatively well during these tough times 🙏

Remembering the recent past

The numbers are scary, man. We’re almost at 500,000 cases worldwide. I’m sure we’ll tip over before I wake up tomorrow morning. Remember how I said last week how I woke up to an increase of 10,000 and was wondering how long that would last for? Well never mind 10,000. I’m now waking up to increases of over 30,000 each day 😱 I just didn’t expect the virus to spread so quickly and so aggressively throughout the rest of the world. Apart from Hubei province where Wuhan is situated, there were 13,500 cases throughout the rest of mainland China. And given the sheer size of their population, that was actually pretty ‘good’, so to speak. So for some reason, I was expecting the rest of the world to have a similar experience – NOT to go through exactly what Wuhan/Hubei went though, and then some.

And also remember my hypothetical question from a few weeks ago?? That was somewhat hypothetical back then, but I asked it just on the off-chance that you could be stuck at home for weeks, if not months. I never envisioned it would actually be reality for literally billions of people around the world now 😔

A makeshift morgue has been set up outside a hospital in New York; and countries ramp up lockdowns and issue stimulus packages to prevent the world from going into a total economic collapse 😞 This is surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is surreal. It feels like we’re playing out the script of an apocalypse movie.

Self-quarantine and a bit of a break

N is now effectively in enforced self-quarantine. His work has decided that he, and a number of others in their office, was exposed to the virus by going to the same gym on the same day as a now-known COVID-19 case. Rather low risk, but work isn’t taking any chances. So now he’s at home like so many others around the world. And he’s taken over the home office 😂 He takes a number of calls throughout the day, so I leave the room when he’s on these calls, which means I can’t get any actual computer work done. I think I’ll just work on my videos in the living room during these times 👍

We watched the last episode of season one of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. We stopped watching it when we discovered The Good Place, but now that we’ve finished that series, we’ve gone back to Dirk Gently. It only has two seasons, so it won’t take us long to finish it. And then we’ll be on the hunt for yet another tv show…!

All the news today on the coronavirus was affecting me mentally again, so I tried to minimise reading or watching anything on it this evening – hence resurrecting Dirk Gently 😆 But when you hear that Spain is using an ice rink as a temporary morgue; people in Australia are being laid off by the thousands and so are queuing up for hours to get government payments because they no longer have a job; and you see that numbers rose by 54 thousand in 24 hours, it’s hard not to get affected by it all 😔 It’s totally war time, except the enemy is this damn virus that nobody can see.

Is this round two??

I went online this morning to order some groceries and have it delivered, but their online system was a bit screwy… So I figured I should head down to the local supermarket in person ASAP, as I suspect a second wave of panic buying may soon start, given the continuing increase of positive cases from all the overseas arrivals that rushed in last week who beat the 14-day quarantine but are now testing positive themselves – no doubt after having infected more people in the community because they didn’t fall under the mandatory 14-day quarantine restriction. Grrr! 😠

The brands on the shelves are still a bit weird, I suspect because all the supply chains are screwed up around the world at the moment. But I’m just grateful that most of the shelves are still full. The pasta shelves and the toilet paper shelves were looking a bit sad, and so was the frozen meats section that are from Australia, so I bought some supplies from all these sections in the grocery store, just in case…

Lucky I did because when N went back later tonight, this is what the toilet paper shelves looked like:

Is this round two?? 😒😤

A repeat of what we were constantly seeing back in early Feb. Arghhh! Surely the hoarders haven’t used up all their toilet paper from round one of the panic buying back then?!?? 🙄😒

And finally, the world’s stats as they currently stand right now: 384,000 cases with 16,500 deaths. An increase of 30,000 from yesterday 😱 Wow. Just wow.

Mentally exhausted

Libraries have now closed once again here, and they have once again extended loan periods. So the one book that I have on loan for which I have already maxed out the number of times I can borrow it – so I was actually going to return it tomorrow – has once again been extended. I’m loving all these extensions 😆

HK is now closing its borders to non-residents for two weeks starting on Wednesday; and licensed bars and restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol, as a second wave of imported cases sweeps the city 😔 There were a few infected people who were found to have spent time the famous nightlife area, Lan Kwai Fong, so I suspect this is the reason for this new restriction. It’s usually a very packed area where social distancing is just not possible. So let’s see how these new restrictions work out for the city…

All this time I’ve been spending monitoring the virus around the would at the moment took its toll today. I think I reached a bit of a mental exhaustion point and now I need to take a bit of a break. I told N this, and he reminded me that I was the same during the protests here last year, constantly watching and reading the news and getting annoyed and upset with what was going on. So maybe I need a bit of a break from all the news, if not for a whole day, then perhaps I can try for half a day. But it’s one of those crazy things that I just can’t stop watching. It’s like a really bad car crash. I can’t look away!

So if anyone else is feeling like their mental health is being challenged during this crazy time, please take the time out to look after yourself and seek assistance if you need it. Difficult times are still ahead, unfortunately.

Self-quarantine take 2

We pretty much just stayed home today. N went to buy food and groceries this weekend, but that’s pretty much all we did. Exciting times 😂 Self-quarantine take 2 is what it is. We had yet another spike in our numbers today, and as expected, they’re mostly people who had just arrived from overseas.

SG and Taiwan have now further strengthened their border controls, and now non-residents are not allowed to enter their countries. I suspect HK will soon follow with similar arrangements. We’ve had a huge spike in our cases in recent days because of the new mandatory 14-day quarantine rule, with everyone rushing back last week to try to beat the start of this restriction. Now a number of them are turning into cases 😔

The world is now at 323,000 cases with almost 14,000 deaths. From when I wrote my last post, the number has increased by 36,000. 36 THOUSAND people. And remember a few days ago when I was wondering for how many days I would be waking up each morning to see a 10,000 increase in the number of cases overnight? This morning, I woke up to a 20,000 increase. OMG 😱

Let’s see what tomorrow brings… I’m not hopeful. I’m not hopeful at all 😔

Suffering, stupidity and solidarity

I posed this question three weeks ago. Where is the world now? It’s not such a hypothetical question anymore, unfortunately.

We are now up to 287,000 cases. 37,000 cases in one day. I was watching some more news updates on how the rest of the world is managing the outbreak, and now I also feel really sorry for Iran. They think one person is dying every ten minutes, but it’s not showing up in their reported figures because they don’t have enough kits to test the deceased to confirm that they died from COVID-19 and so should be added to their country’s tally. Their medical staff don’t have enough protective gear and some are just wearing plastics bags on their feet to protect themselves 😔 So really, they could actually be suffering even worse than Italy, but their official numbers don’t show it 😢

Meanwhile, in Australia, a few of Sydney’s iconic beaches are being closed because the public are not paying heed to the social distancing 🙄 Seriously, people?!? You are not learning from anything that other countries are going through right now?? 🙄😡 And apparently people have been allowed to disembark the cruise ship that has docked in Sydney, so infected people who don’t know they’re carrying the virus have probably gallivanted all around Sydney infecting even more people. Faaantastic. So now I’m suspecting the numbers in Sydney to jump up over the next few weeks 😔

And here in HK, because of the rush of overseas arrivals in recent days, we are seeing more increases again. The government is closing down all government-run places once again, including libraries and museums, to contain this second wave as much as they canz And schools will remain shut indefinitely. Crazy stuff, but necessary. So my voluntary 14-day quarantine is definitely happening 😔

I heard about Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue being illuminated with all the countries’ flags around the world that have been affected by this damn virus. I thought that was a nice symbol of solidarity during these crazy times.