When I woke up this morning, there was all this thunder and lightning outside . I figured it was going to be one of those days where I just stay home 😔

And I did 🤣 I managed to get my next YouTube video out, and then I also called my parents. I watched some more of my current Korean drama (Crash Landing On You) and then fell asleep on the couch 🤣 Don’t you just love days like this?!? 😂

N asked if I was wearing perfume earlier. I said no, it’s probably from the essential oil diffuser! I have the damn thing on all day, I can’t get enough of it! I swear I’m addicted. I love, love bergamot! 💕 I can’t get enough of this essential oil! I love scents in general, but I have somehow become addicted to this particular one. I have my diffuser on whenever I’m working, and I also have a portable diffuser so I can continue to have the essential oil around me wherever I am. And I also put drops of the essential oil into my mask for the day. It actually makes me want to wear a mask when I’m outside! Yep, I’m totally addicted! 😂

Plans thrown out the window

I continued working on that data for the non-profit organisation here. The data is sooo bad, sighhh… I spent so much time on it today that it totally threw out my morning – and I still haven’t finished checking / cleaning it! I may as well just do it all by hand, that’s how bad the data is!

But I did manage to finish my next YouTube video 👍 It’s a vlog-style vidéo, I haven’t done one of those in aaages. I actually enjoy making them! I should make more. I usually make them when we’re out and about doing stuff or travelling, but we haven’t really been doing that because of the rona, so there hasn’t really been anything to vlog about! But now that HK is slowly returning to normal, I think we can start doing stuff around the city again, so I should start making more of these vlogs 😊

And because my plans were thrown out the window because of the dodgy data, I didn’t get to ring my parents today, like I was hoping to. I’ll have to do that tomorrow.


I went over to TST today. We haven’t gone over the harbour for ages, I wonder if we’ve even gone over ever since this virus took over the city and the world. So that means I haven’t gone over there for about four months! 😱

And as I was heading over there, I came across some riot police. They were just standing around, so there mustn’t have been any protesters around. They’re probably just maintaining a presence in the usual hotspots to make sure that nothing actually does happen. I guess the protests have reached the news in your country now 😒 They’ve basically started up again here, ever since the government started easing the restrictions in the city. And then the proposed introduction of this national security law has prompted even more protests now too. If it’s not the rona, it’s protesters. We’re having a great time in this city! 😒🤪

Anyway, I went over to TST to buy some cronuts! 🤣 The inventor of the cronut, Dominique Ansel, has opened a bakery here in HK, and they are selling cronuts for a limited time, I think until 7 June. So of course had to go and try this and see what all the fuss is about 😆

His bakery is in Harbour City, this massive shopping mall over at TST. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I don’t like shopping at the best of times, so when a mall makes it even harder for me to find a shop that I’m after, I get even more annoyed 😒 And that’s exactly what happened today. I couldn’t find this damn bakery! I had to ask two separate concierge people in different parts of the mall before I finally found it. And, as is always the way, the bakery was pretty much right at the spot where I entered the mall, just one floor down 🙄 Argh! But at least now I know where it is. And any further cronut purchases that I make over the coming week will now go much more smoothly 😂

No, I didn’t eat all of these 😂 But they sure do look pretty! 😊

Pretty cronuts 😊


I had my Chinese lesson today. I didn’t have a lesson last week because my teacher went to Sanya for a holiday last week. Prices are really good at the moment because of the rona: apparently their flights for the four of them cost around the same amount as the price of just one ticket normally 😲 And their hotel room in a five-star hôtel with a sea view cost something like A$60 per night! 😲 I wish we could travel to Sanya too!

It’s really close too, the flight is probably only around 1-1.5 hours, much like a Sydney to Melbourne flight. I think it’s about 1.5 hours to Taiwan (also on the map below), so I’m guessing that Sanya would be roughly the same. The problem is the rona and quarantine measures 😔 For mainland Chinese, they can travel around freely domestically to cities that are not deemed high-risk. But HK, despite officially being part of China, still runs very separately to the mainland (despite what the protesters and western mainstream media would have you believe) and so we follow the HK government’s regulations on travel. And that still means a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone coming back from overseas, which I think also includes mainland China.

So I have basically succumbed to the fact that we won’t be travelling anywhere in 2020 😔 And you know what one of my goals was for this year? Explore different parts of China! 😩 I thought that’d be a pretty cool goal, given our current proximity to the mainland at the moment. We may as well take advantage of it!

And then February rolled around, and all those ideas went out the window 😔

Crap data

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I volunteer at a local non-profit organisation, helping them with whatever random work that they have for me. They’ve just given me a spreadsheet and have asked me to summarise the data in it. Ordinarily this would fine, but I’ve never seen such crap data in my life 🤣 It’s so bad that I basically have to do everything manually. The power of Microsoft Excel is basically useless when you have such baaad data 😒 I’m guessing that the data has all been entered manually. They probably don’t even have a rudimentary database that they work with. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything was still handwritten 🤦‍♀️ s

I shouldn’t be so harsh, though. It’s a non-profit organisation, so it’s not like they’re rolling in 💰 But it’s such a waste of time, though, having to manually wade through every line in this spreadsheet!! 😩 Not to mention the errors that will no doubt arise from all this manual work 😔

I’ll definitely have to mention the benefits of investing in a database of some sort, even if it’s just a Microsoft Access database to start off with. It’d surely still be better than what they currently have!


Little Miss kept scratching at the cupboard doors in our bedroom last night 😒 If I walk to the spare bedroom and get her to follow me, she’ll stop her scratching. But the downside to this is that I end up having to sleep in the spare bedroom! I don’t even know why scratches anyway. It’s not like she doesn’t have any food or water 🤷‍♀️ So my sleep ends up getting terribly disrupted on most days 😔

Despite this, I still managed to get quite a fair bit done today, thankfully 👍 And that’s also despite the crappy weather we had today. Man, this 💩 weather is still lingering around! I wonder if this means we’re going to get more typhoons this year… 😱 Our first year in HK (last year) was very uneventful, thankfully, with only one T8 typhoon the whole year. T8 is the second highest typhoon level, i understand. So these typhoons are still a big mystery to me. I’m curious and nervous at the same time – as in, I don’t really want to feel our apartment building swaying as if we’re on an amusement park ride! 😲 Yesss… This is how it has been described to me. W.T.H. Hopefully that was a really bad one and most typhoons aren’t that insane!

PMQ – Central, HK

We decided to walk around PMQ this afternoon, after a quick brunch at a nearby cafe. I like PMQ, I just don’t really go there very often because there isn’t really much nearby. I have to make a deliberate effort to go there because it’s not like it’s on the way to anything else. I like the layout of the place, and I like all the eclectic stuff that they have there. It reminds me of Newtown in Sydney, just that the shops are all in one building, instead of scattered at street level. Newtown HK style 😆 So if you’re ever in HK (maybe when international travel returns to normal, whatever that means in this new era that we’re living in 😔) and want to find an interesting gift or souvenir or just something interesting for yourself, I highly recommend a trip to this place.

And then we just watched a few episodes of Community later in the evening to round out quite a relaxing weekend 😌

How was your weekend?

Compassion and gratitude

I was feeling all compassionate and grateful today 🥰 I should try and bring in more gratitude into my days, try and come up with three things that I’m grateful for at the end of each day. It’s such a different mindset when you think in terms of gratitude, and I just feel happier when I do. I probably could’ve done with some of this during the week! 😂

The weather was still 💩 so I didn’t really feel like going out today. And then N had a Zoom catch-up with some mates from Sydney at 2pm HK time anyway, so I figured we may as well just stay home. And then maybe go out later in the evening, if we wanted to. Pffft, as if we did 🤣 But I did manage to finish my next YouTube video, and I also got through an episode of Crash Landing On You, my current Korean drama 😆 I need relaxation goals too! 😌

Hopefully the weather will be a little bit better tomorrow, and I’ll actually feel like heading out for a bit of a walk somewhere 🤞

The universe was on my side today

My week finished off much better than it started 👍 I somehow managed to get a ton of stuff done today, despite also procrastinating a helluva lot again 😆

I felt like pancakes today, so I went out for brunch. The place that I went to actually gives you the options of waffles, pancakes, crepes or doughnuts – phwoar! That’s a pretty awesome selection 👍 So I actually went for crepes. I chose banana and walnut crepes, to make myself feel better by having some fruit and nuts with it 😂

My banana and walnut crepes 😋

I then decided to film my next YouTube video, even though I told myself that after lunch, I was going to finish editing my current video 🙄 I have no idea what came over me and where this urge came from to start filming my next video! 🤷‍♀️ Especially since the forecast was for rain for pretty much the entire day (heck, the whole damn week!) But I was willing to risk it for some stupid reason and actually film outdoors today.

And omg, it somehow didn’t rain the entire time I was filming. So now I have my next video ready to be edited – woohoo! Happy times 👏 Fingers crossed the audio turned out ok 🤞 I always seem to have issues with audio, especially when I’m filming outdoors 😒 But the quick checks that I did while I was out seem to indicate that it was fine. Hopefully the rest of the audio is fine too!🤞

When I got home, though, procrastination kicked in again, and I wasted another few hours before I finally got started with editing my current video. But somehow, miraculously, I managed to finish editing that video too! So despite all the additional filming that I hadn’t planned on doing today and even more procrastination, I still managed to get through what I wanted to get through today! 😲

So I ended the week finishing more than I expected to, given all the procrastinating that I was doing – and I’m also not totally behind either 👍 Total amazeballs! 🤪

My crappy week continues (or does it?)

Aaand my crappy week continues: I woke up with a headache, and I never managed to get get rid of it, even after taking a quick nap in the afternoon. It lingered around for the entire day 😔 Thankfully it was only mild, and I still managed to do stuff throughout the day. I still think the crappy weather isn’t helping my mood…

My one and only goal for the day was to film my next video, and I actually managed to do that! 😲 I even surprised myself 😂 And that’s even with Little Miss scratching at the door; some baby upstairs (or downstairs, I don’t know exactly) crying; and people generally making noise in the apartment upstairs 🙄 Hopefully very little of their noise actually found its way onto the audio… 🤞

And then in the evening, we watched the first episode of season three of Community. This is the western tv show that I’m currently making my way through. I’m still slowly working my way through the Korean drama, Crash Landing On You 😊

Okay, so it wasn’t the worst day. But I’ve had better 😆