Remembering the recent past

I pretty much told myself that I was going to chillax today and not do much at all. Mission accomplished! 😆 I did do some work in the morning; I also spoke to my mum briefly and I also did some laundry. So I wasn’t a couch potato for the entire day! But I did watch a lot of TV today 😂

I remembered this post that I wrote back in March, and I was wondering how long I would have to wake up to 10,000 new coronavirus cases. I don’t track the numbers as closely anymore as I did back then, but the numbers are now going up by around 100,000 each day. Which means that I am basically waking up to even more cases two months later 😔

I also guesstimated in this other post that the global peak will be around May-June. Well we’re smack bang in the middle of that estimate, so I wonder if the numbers will soon start tapering off now…

I’m glad I have these posts to read again, to see what life was like back then when we were at the peak of cases here. Despite feeling rather emotional at the time (and the panic buying! 😒 😂), life still went on as normal here, just with schools and other government-owned facilities closed. I do remember the apocalyptic feeling, though, when the usually bustling HK was eerily quiet, and when restaurants that we usually go to were really empty. We’re not quite at the same level yet as pre-rona, but we’re getting there, at least. And I’m truly grateful for that 🙏

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