Not bad for a Monday

Man, this miserable weather just ain’t stopping ⛈ But it didn’t affect me today, surprisingly. I just pushed on and did what I needed to get done today 👍 I don’t know how people keep their spirits up in places like Scandinavia where the days can be sooo short during winter! I guess you just do what you gotta do!

And one of those things was figuring out what to do for N’s birthday next week. I know what I want to do now, and I’ll book it in tomorrow 👍 I won’t write it here yet because he may actually read this post and I want it to be a surprise ☺️

One of my students asked me today if I did any Spanish study this past week. So now he has unintentionally made me accountable for my Spanish language study! Spanish isn’t really my focus at the moment, but I try and dabble in it every now and then because Spanish and French are actually the next two languages on my list. But now I feel like it needs to get a bit more attention if he’s going to keep asking me how my own language learning is going! 😂

And then N and I finished season four of Community. Not a bad start to the week!

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