What is ‘normal’?

We went and got our passport photos taken today. It cost an arm and a leg, OMG! We paid close to A$50 for both our photos! 😱 Do passport photos normally cost a bomb or is it just HK?? I wouldn’t be surprised if you said, “It’s just HK”, because this city is just so damn expensive! 😒

N went to karate today for the first time all year, I think. We still haven’t resumed dancing. We were going to go back this year, but then the rona happened, and that threw out that plan, as well as my travel plans this year 😔 And I’m still hesitant to go back now. Sighhh… I think my ‘normal’ life is effectively put on hold this year.

And then in the evening, we started watching a Chinese drama! It’s called All is Well, and apparently it was one of the most popular dramas in China last year. It has been recommended to me by a few people now. The first episode was intriguing, so I’m definitely going to continue watching 👍 It doesn’t have the same pull as the Korean dramas, but it’s gotten me interested in a different way. Plus the listening practice is good, even if I am still reading English subtitles! 😂

Oh, did I mention typhoon season has started? We had our first T1 and T3 signals in the past few days. Luckily it didn’t progress any higher than T3. Although N would get the day off if it goes to T8, so that’s not bad. So everyone keeps wanting a T8 to be called! 😆 I remember last year when I was freaking out about my first T8, and people just kept saying, “Don’t worry about it! Enjoy the day at home, and just have a bottle of wine to get you through the day!” So I’ll definitely take up this suggestion this year! 😆

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