Too hot

I was thinking of going to Causeway Bay today, one of the shopping areas in HK. But N went out to run a few errands this morning, and while he was out, he was basically complaining about how hot it was today, hinting that he didn’t really want to go out and do anything in this heat. So we just stayed home with the aircon on and watched a bit of Community 😂 And besides, we figured everyone and his dog would be out celebrating Father’s Day, so this probably wasn’t such a bad idea anyway! 😆

(Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I hope you guys had a great day 😊 )

I also downloaded DaVinci Resolve, the free version of this video editing software. I’m getting a bit tired of trying to edit my videos on my phone, the whole process is just taking wayyy too long now. So I thought I’d try this free version on my computer and see how I go with it. Apparently even the free version has a ton of features for the average creator, so I figured I’ll just try it out and see how I like it before I fork out any money for the full suite of features that I may not even use anyway for the type of videos that I make (and my current skill level! 😅). So I’m very excited to try it out this week! 😄

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