Virus and Bad Blood

The stupid virus is back with a vengeance. There were 58 new cases in HK today 😔 Blahhh… This third wave is terribly annoying. I seriously don’t know where they’re coming from. Everyone has been so digilent:

– Almost everyone wears a mask whenever they’re outside, and almost all places expect you to wear one before you walk in;

– Heaps of offices, shops and restaurants take people’s temperatures before they’re even allowed to walk in;

– There are partitions between tables at restaurants if they can’t provide 1.5m between customers, and sometimes there are still partitions anyway; and

– Hand sanitisers are everywhere, and they usually give you some while they’re taking your temperature. Some escalators even have these automatic hand santiisers that go over the handrail belt that continually cleans it!

One of the escalators in a shopping mall at Causeway Bay that has this automatic sanitiser that continually cleans the handrail belt

And somehow, despite all these precautions, this stupid virus is still penetrating its way through! 😒 Argh! I wonder if people were starting to get complacent. It happens. It’s exhausting. But obviously this is how the damn virus survives 🦠

So we stayed home again today. I was thinking of going for yum cha this weekend, but I’m hesitant to do that now 😔 I’d rather be bored at home, thanks, than catch this stupid virus.

Not that I’m bored anyway, since I’m reading Bad Blood. OMG, I can’t put this book down, it is so good! I can see why people did what they did in the story, given what they knew at the time, but it’s just sad how things turned out for so many people.

Apparently there’s a documentary about the whole thing, and also a movie, so of course I want to watch both. The whole story is fascinating but quite sad as well, with all the false hopes that Theranos promised to customers and investors. I hope lessons have been learnt from this scandal that must’ve rocked Silicon Valley at the time.

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