Restrictions in HK

More COVID cases today again 😔 I really hope they start coming down soon, otherwise we may actually see a curfew imposed in the city. We’ve never had any sort of lockdown here, but if the numbers don’t improve, we may actually experience it 😔

Not that that stopped us from going out today 🤪 We went and had brunch at a local cafe, and they actually asked us to sign in online and give our details. Now that’s a first. So many firsts in this current environment. And the place was full! I’m surprised that everyone is still out and about right now.

We may go up to The Peak tomorrow night. We want to go and check out this comet if we can see it. Not that we have binoculars or a telescope or anything, I’m just going to have to rely on N’s eyesight, which is 100 times better than mine! I’m not expecting to see anything, I just want to go up to The Peak! I like it up there, it’s quite nice. I don’t go up often enough. I would’ve liked to have dinner up there, but that’s not possible at the moment with the current COVID restrictions 😔 Maybe some places still do takeaway, so we could still eat up there somewhere, just not inside an actual restaurant. I’ll let you know tomorrow 😆

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