Takeaway lunch and some bleeding

N wanted to go out for lunch today, but just as we were literally walking out the door, he remembered that he had a meeting in about 45 minutes 😆 I asked if he could take the call at the restaurant or if he needed to be in front of the computer for it. He said he would prefer the latter. So that meant his idea to eat out just wasn’t going to happen today, so we just went and bought takeaway and ate at home so he could make it in time to his meeting 😆

Kitty started bleeding again today 😔 This is probably the third or fourth time this has happened to her in recent years, but it still doesn’t make me feel any more prepared to deal with it. I also forget what to do when it happens. She seems relatively ok at the moment, so we can wait until tomorrow to go and see the vet. But still, bleeding is not normal, so I’m still feeling rather anxious 😟 Plus she’s been particularly fussy with her food the last few days, so I hope this isn’t a sign that she’s taken a turn for the worse 😔 I’ll keep you posted 🤞

Apart from this unplanned (albeit quick) outing, I had a very productive day.

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