I finished my current Asian drama: a Japanese comedy called Wise and Foolish. It was really silly, but that’s what made it quite enjoyable for me 😆 Plus I love body swap stories. I don’t think I have ever not liked a movie or TV show that had this storyline. And the main actors in this show were quite good. I thought they played the two characters (before and after the body swap) really well. But if you’re looking for something with substance, say something that will win an award of some sort, then maybe skip this show 😜 This isn’t that type of show. But it’s light-hearted, silly and fun, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then maybe give this one a go. Plus there are only eight episodes, which are around 45 minutes each, so it’s not too hard to get through 😊

And I’m definitely dancing more at the moment, thanks to this Apple Watch 😆 It’s making me exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and I feel compelled to achieve it. It’s definitely not a bad thing! So I just dance to a song for 3 minutes, or however long the song is, and then go back to doing whatever. I just do this a few times throughout the day, and then I eventually reach my goal. It’s only 3 minutes, but if you’re doing it often enough throughout the day, every day, then in the end, it actually adds up 👍 Before, I wouldn’t even bother dancing to a 3-minute song. I’d think, “It’s just 3 minutes, that’s nothing. What’s the point?” But now, it’s becoming a good way for me to take breaks throughout the day, while also practising my dancing and reaching my daily exercise goal ☺️

New things to come in the next few months, perhaps?

It was one of those good days where everything went well. These days are nice 🥰 And despite not getting enough sleep last night, I still managed to have a very productive day 👍

And this new Apple Watch is definitely making me move more. I love tracking my stats, so this watch is perfect for me. I already track a bajillion things in my bulletin journal, now my watch helps me track my health and fitness 👍 So I’m drinking more water; I’m dancing more; doing other health and fitness things (yoga, push-ups, squats, meditation etc) and I’m getting up and just moving more in general. It’s great! ☺️ I’ve only had it for a few days, so I’m sure it’s just going to continue to change my daily habits for the better 👍

There has been rumours going around that SG and HK will set up a travel bubble from November, meaning that we could go and visit SG without having to go through quarantine. Woohoo! That is sooo exciting 😁 So now I’m trying to decide which hotel I’d like to stay at. I’ve never actually stayed in a hotel in SG, so I wonder where I’d like to stay…

We haven’t really been able to travel in recent years because of Little Miss, but now she has allowed us to travel again. It’s like she timed it: she was able to spend more time with us this year because we were home much more, thanks to the rona; and now, travel looks like it may resume for us.

But if I had a choice, I would still want her back with us 😢

Still a bit sad

I was feeling a bit sad today 😞 I missed her more today 😢 I also didn’t get much sleep last night, so that probably contributed to my blah mood today 😔

I did manage to finish most of my YouTube video for the week, though, and I also called my parents and helped them a little with their finances, so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day 👍

Oh and I had my Chinese lesson. I even looked up the Chinese word for penis, ready to explain the double entendre 😅 But in the end, I didn’t have to, she already knew the meaning. She must have enough immature students who have taught her in the past 🤣

A double entendre

I borrowed a few children’s books from the library, and one of the books that I borrowed had this:

I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣 This is from a library book that kids are reading! 😱 I am going to mention this to my teacher tomorrow, but I don’t quite know how to explain the double entendre using my limited Chinese! I’ll let you know tomorrow how I go… 😆

Anyway, I’ve borrowed these rather simple books because I want to incorporate some more natural sounding Chinese sentences into my spoken Chinese. These sentences are being read by native speakers, so you can’t get any more natural than that. I am using a lot of English grammar to translate what I want to say into Chinese, and so I’m trying to eliminate the translating by trying to make these simple sentences my go-to sentences from which I can build more complex ones. So I’m trying to repeat them as often as I can to internalise them, swapping out words and inserting new ones. Basically, I’m doing this:

– The kids are playing near the river

– We are playing near the river

– They are eating ice-cream near the river

– They are drinking water near the big tree

– I am reading a book under the big tree

Basically playing modular blocks with the different parts of the sentence 😊 The words and sentences are easy, but they’re not fully internalised. I still have to think about each sentence. So it’s all about repetition. And the books that I borrowed actually do a fair bit of repetition, so it’s definitely good practice for me 👍

My new watch! ⌚️

It was a public holiday in HK today, the last one before Christmas. We went and had yum cha at our favourite yum cha restaurant, and then went to the Apple store to check out the new watch.

I mentioned my interest in the Apple Watch in this post here, and apparently we went to yum cha on that day too! 😂 Feels like we did the exact same thing exactly one month ago. But the difference today is that I actually bought the Apple Watch 😱

And it’s actually much better than I expected it to be 😅 It can do more than I thought it would. I bought it primarily for my health and fitness tracking, but you can do other stuff with it too, and this other stuff is what I’m actually quite surprised about. For one, you can set your watch face to scroll through different photos, which is pretty cool. I have set mine to scroll through photos of Kitty, which is so cool 😊

A photo of Kitty on my new Apple Watch! 🥰

And you can also access a few other apps on the watch as well, apps that I didn’t expect to be able to access on the watch, so that’s pretty cool too 👍

You can’t access most of the social media apps unless you go through a third party, but I’m not complaining about that because I’m not really using that many social media apps these days anyway. The only one that I do want is WhatsApp. That is one app that I actually use very frequently. I receive notifications saying that I have a message, and I can also reply to it, but there’s no actual app as such, unfortunately.

But overall, I’m happy with it. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it, since I’m like six versions behind 😂 But it’s been good so far 👍

Tired but still dancing 😊

I was really tired today, I’m not sure why. Because of training yesterday? Not enough sleep last night? Still feeling sad coz of Kitty? All of the above, probably. Whatever the reason(s), I decided to take a nap this afternoon. Which ended up being a few hours 😂

We then went to train at one of the sports centres again. But this time, N did karate while I continued with my dancing. We had the room for two hours, so I got through our entire samba routine and then some of our rumba. 2.5 dances done now, 7.5 to go 😱

I filmed my practising, which allowed me to see what was glaringly bad and therefore what I needed to focus on. My new camera isn’t just for filming YouTube videos; it’s now turning out to be a useful training resource as well! 👍

Dancing is such a good way to stay fit. It’s freaking hard, but it’s such a good form of exercise for me 😊

Donating and dancing

We dropped off all of Kitty’s stuff at a rescue centre today. It was a bit sad moving all of her stuff out of the house, but I’m trying to think of the positives coming out of it: other cats can now get some more food and have toys to play with. But it’s still sad 😔 One of her scratching posts actually came with us all the way from Melbourne, so it’s been with us in three different countries. It’s hard to just let these things go 😔

I am getting better, though. My habits still continue, but every time I remember, it doesn’t hurt as much. I hope I just continue to get better every day.

We then went and did some dance practice. It wasn’t too bad, but we both feel like we need to go back and do some technique classes again. Go back to basics. Because you can never do enough basics.

I might go and look for a dance class somewhere. I’m not sure if they’re allowed at the moment, though. And even if they are, do I want to be spending that much time with strangers in this current rona environment?? Hmmm…

HK’s case numbers have been really good lately, though. And almost all the cases seem to be coming from overseas, with next to no local transmissions. So maybe we’ll be okay. I’m still just very paranoid, I guess. Better safe than sorry, y’know?

Is it weird? Is it helping or hindering?

I went to pick Kitty up from the vet today. It was both sad and nice at the same time, it was a very weird feeling. So we took a walk around the neighbourhood before heading back home. She was an indoor cat, so she never really went outside, and especially not in HK. So this walk was in fact the first time she’d been around the neighbourhood! 😂

I spoke to her during our walk, is that weird? Or is all of this helping me get through this? Or is it doing the exact opposite and not helping me move on?? 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, so she’s now sitting next to her photo frame in the study. So in a way, it’s like she’s back. In this weird morbid way 😂 I still don’t know if we’ll scatter her ashes or if we’ll keep it. If we did, I think I’d want to do that in Sydney. She’s from Sydney, so I think it’d be nice for her ashes to be scattered somewhere there. That is, if we decide to scatter her ashes at all. But at the moment, I’m happy for her to sit in the study with me once again 😊

The lid won’t stay on her container, though. How so typical of her hahaha 🤣

A busy day

I was quite busy today, which was good in a way, actually, because it distracted me. But it also allowed me to slip back into my old habits because I was too preoccupied to keep myself in check: I would check the study for her to see where she was sleeping; I’d check her bowls in the kitchen to see if they needed topping up; and I would go to pick up her water bowl in the bathroom only to remember a split second later that it’s no longer there 😔 Sighhh…

And even when N mentioned that he was going to pick up some groceries on the way home, my first reaction was, “Oh we probably need some for cat food for her, I haven’t bought any food for ages”. So automatic, I tell you. I can’t just switch that off.

The busy day definitely helped, though. So I just need to stay busy all day every day until all this sadness can sort itself out and go away 🤪

I should’ve listened to The Google

Another meh day 😑 I’m not sure how long it’s going to take before I feel 100% better, but I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near it today 😔 I just miss her so much 😢

The vet texted me and let me know that we can collect her ashes from them whenever we’re ready. N went by at around 7:30pm tonight but found the clinic had already closed for the day. Their website says that they close at 9pm every day, but Google Maps says that they close at 7pm today. Maybe I should’ve listened to Google! And let them know that their website needs updating 😒