Chinese New Year long weekend – Day 1

We got up later than I had hoped this morning, so we couldn’t really do the hike that I wanted to do. It was getting a bit too warm, especially for N, who really doesn’t like the heat. And even though it’s winter, it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the moment! So we just had a leisurely morning, walking around the area near the hotel, and then just chillaxing in our room watching TV 😌

We did finally go on the hike later in the afternoon, starting at around 4pm. It was actually really perfect because we got to the viewpoint, my original destination point on the hike, at around 5:30pm. It was a little later than I had hoped (and expected), but it still wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t too dark yet. A lot more people were heading back down than going up, so that was good for us too: the trail wasn’t teeming with people! Or at least they were all heading in the opposite direction to us 😆

Thousand Island Lake / Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

But despite the relatively short trail, our legs are now exhausted. And N tripped over some uneven part of the footpath on the way back to the hotel, so his ankle also isn’t feeling the best 😔 We were actually thinking of heading back up first thing tomorrow morning, but I think we’ll skip that idea and just wander around the hotel grounds instead 😜 It seems quite nice out there, so that might be a relaxing way for us to finish our staycation.

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