Changing things up

It’s a long weekend here, so we didn’t have our usual Chinese class this morning. So we slept in again πŸ‘

After brunch at home, N went and got a massage, while I went to a local coffee shop and had an iced coconut coffee! That was different. A bit sweet for my liking, but still quite nice. But bloody expensive (almost S$9!! 😲). It better have been milk squeezed out of a fresh coconut for the price I paid for that coffee! They have different types of coffees on their menu, so I’ll have to make my way through it. But at those prices, I ain’t going there every day!

And then in the evening, we headed down to a sports bar to watch the France vs Australia World Cup match. We booked a table and specifically requested for a view of the tv showing the World Cup match. I’m glad we booked coz the place was busy as. Plus there was an Australia vs Ireland rugby match happening as well, and they were showing that on another tv, so the place was overflowing with people – and they didn’t have enough staff to cater for the demand. They would’ve raked even more in if they had enough staff to take all the orders. Particularly the drinks. They underestimated how much the Irish and the Aussies drink πŸ˜‚ Great atmosphere, though. It was nice to see Aussie camaraderie in a foreign country. Ah how sport brings people together 😊 We’ll have to try and come down a few more times over the next few weeks of the World Cup.

That is, if we’re here! I’ve decided to join N for some of his HK trip, so we’ll be over there for the Denmark vs Australia match. I may miss some or most of the match, though, as my plane lands at 7pm and the game starts at 8pm. But I’m planning on going with just carry on luggage, so at least I’ll have one less thing to deal with at the airport. And their train from the airport into town is freaking awesome, so I do have a fair chance of catching some of the match 😊

And then we have the Vietnam comp coming up too. Wahhh… Too much disruption is throwing off my/our routine! 😩 But I do actually like change, so I’m not really complaining πŸ˜‰ I know others who would hate this sort of upheaval in their lives, but I get a kick out of it. Each to their own, right?! 😊


Resuming my routine

I lost a bit of momentum of my routine while we were in Melbourne, and then also feeling a bit off when we returned to SG didn’t help me get back into the swing of things as soon as we returned. I lost my daily streak in Duolingo and Drops, the two language apps that I’d been regularly logging into prior to our Melbourne trip. I started up again today, and I can see the difference in recall after not logging in for about a week πŸ˜” You really have to just keep pushing on until things just become automatic, you can’t take such a long break. I guess it’s that much harder learning a language as an adult. Lesson learnt.

I also resumed my gym sessions, which also fell by the wayside in the past week. I would normally go the gym if we were staying in a hotel with one, but we didn’t stay in one this time, so I took a break from this too. It was a good session, I was particularly proud of my 3 sets of 35 squats, rising to my top toes in between each squat, which should help my strength in Ballroom, which is all about the rise and fall (except Tango, the black sheep of the Ballroom family of dances). Now my legs are totally spent πŸ˜‚

It’s a public holiday here tomorrow, Hari Raya Puasa, the end of the fasting period of Ramadan. SG is very good at being fair across the different races and religions of the people who make up this small country, and that includes its public holidays. So I’m thinking of doing another cycling trail tomorrow 😊 I want to use my scooter πŸ›΄ so maybe N and I can take turns on it, while the other one uses a share bike 🚲 I want to do a different trail tomorrow, just to see another part of SG that I haven’t seen before. Hopefully my legs will hold up after my 105 squats today πŸ˜†

And now I’m off to watch the first match of the World Cup, one of the few times when I actually watch football ⚽️ One of my old bosses got me into the World Cup in 2014, so this will be the second one that I will follow. Not that I can tell you anything about the previous one 🀣

A second spanner in the works

I felt a bit off today, I hope I’m not coming down with something. I had a bit of a headache this afternoon, and lacked quite a fair bit of energy. But I drank my usual amount of water, and I ate three solid meals, so it couldn’t have been dehydration or starvation, which is why I think I’m coming down with something πŸ€’ N’s feeling a bit off too, so maybe we caught something on the plane.

And now N needs to go to Hong Kong for almost two weeks for work, and then just a few days later, we head to Vietnam for our next comp. So today’s Ballroom lesson was our last lesson before the comp 😲 I knew my/our daily routine would be disrupted because of the trip to Melbourne, but now this unexpected trip to HK has thrown a second spanner in the works. Sigh. Oh well. Such is the way of our lives.

We didn’t go to Latin practice tonight because we were both feeling off, so we went straight home after our Ballroom lesson, watched an episode of Downton Abbey and called it a night. So it seems like we’re not going to get much practice in these next few weeks leading up to the comp πŸ˜”

A historic day

Today was all about the Trump Kim Summit at Capella Hotel at Sentosa. Channel News Asia had live coverage all day, so I was tuned in for some of it, either on my phone or on the Channel News Asia channel 😊 I did consider going down to Sentosa with the hope of seeing something – anything! πŸ˜† – at the hotel. But I checked to see where the Capella Hotel is relative to the touristy part of Sentosa, and it looked like a bit of a walk, so I changed my mind and watched the live broadcast instead 😊

Kitty and I had a vet appointment this morning, and her vet is close to the two hotels that the two leaders were staying at, so I was concerned that there’d be traffic chaos. But my fears were unfounded, it was all fine. My Grab driver actually chose to drive past Kim’s hotel, St Regis, on the way back home, but even driving that close to one of the restricted areas turned out to be perfectly fine πŸ‘

The summit was a step in the right direction.

I had vegemite on toast today at a nearby cafe. The staff member who took my order didn’t understand that I wanted vegemite as my spread, he didn’t seem to know the word at all. Apparently they had just changed their menu and he wasn’t quite used to its contents yet. But the point is, vegemite is now on their menu! So I took it as a sign to extend the Aussie feels, having just gotten back from Melbourne last night. I may have to order it again next time I’m at that cafe for breakfast 😊

Vegemite on toast! πŸ˜‹Β 

Did I mention that we’re going to Vietnam for a dance competition next month? We’re trying to get the details sorted (visas. flights, accommodation). We’re only going for a few days, much like our trip to Melbourne, so it’ll pretty much be a fly-in-fly-out trip. I’m hoping to get the flights and accommodation sorted tomorrow. I’m quite excited about it, since I’ve never been to Vietnam. I’m hoping a few days in Ho Chi Minh City will give me a bit of an idea of what the city is like, and whether I’d want to return again. I’m glad we’re travelling a bit more for dance comps. It’s one of my goals for this year (to be more well known in the dance scene in the region), and we’re meeting this goal quite nicely so far😊

Dance comp, Oz style

We were aiming to get to bed by around 8pm last night, so that we were sure to be ready by 9pm. We managed 9:30pm πŸ˜‚ But then a bunch of young’uns had just checked in to the service apartment next door, and of course they were being their usual rambunctious selves, as most youths are, so they kept me up for longer than I had wanted to be. I did eventually fall asleep, albeit later than I had hoped, and managed to get myself out of bed by around 6:15am. Not too bad, not too bad.

We got to the comp venue right on 8am, and the doors pretty much opened as soon as we got there. What perfect timing. The ballroom was quite grand and picturesque, it wouldn’t look out of place in a Downtown Abbey episode 😊 Ballroom was in the morning, and Latin was in the afternoon. As ten dance dancers, we appreciate that sort of organisation! There is no change of costume: you stay in one in the morning, and then you change to the other in the afternoon. No running around like a headless chicken scrambling to go from one costume to another and back again πŸ‘

This ballroom would not look out of place in a Downton Abbey episode 😊 

We had a few hours to kill in between our Ballroom and Latin events, so we went back to our apartment to drop off our Ballroom gear (I deliberately chose this Airbnb for its proximity to the comp venue 😊), took a bit of a nap 😴 before grabbing some brunch, just in time for Latin.

At brunch, just after we were seated, one of the wait staff turned to us and asked if we were dancers. She seemed so in awe of it all. Maybe I’m just too immersed in it that it doesn’t feel glamorous or exciting in any way at all! For example: I had to get up at 6am this morning just to put on all this ridiculous make-up, as well as half a container of gel and hairspray to hold my hair in place πŸ˜‚

And then when we got back, apparently we missed the prize presentation for our event, because we didn’t realise that they were spacing out the presentations throughout the day. We ran into some friends when we got back and they told us that they made a big hoo-ha about it: “All the way from Singapore…” blah blah – and all the while, we were lounging around resting in the apartment or having brunch down at Centre Place! Wahhh! 😫 So we won our events, but there wasn’t much competition, I don’t know where all the older competitors were today. Nonetheless, a win is a win 😝

And then after the comp, we went and had dinner with some of the guys from the dance studio who also came to Oz for this comp. They wanted to go for some pub food (and I never say no to pub food, since pubs are virtually non existent in SG), so we decided to go down to Hopscotch for a more upmarket experience down by the Yarra and celebrate the end of yet another competition πŸŽ‰πŸ·πŸ»

It was a long day with not much dancing (nor competition!), so now we can just relax and do whatever tomorrow 😌

DFO, Pasta and Kitty

I went to DFO at South Wharf in the morning, to visit my favourite activewear store, Lorna Jane. I only buy this brand when we’re in Oz, coz they mark up the prices ridiculous percent in SG. And there is no way I’m paying the inflated prices when I know how much they are in Oz. So I just hold off until we’re back here. But I couldn’t walk around the rest of DFO because 1) I was running late to meet a friend for lunch; and 2) I don’t have much room in my luggage for shopping anyway, because half my suitcase is all my crap for the dance comp! But I did find a present for N’s birthday in a few weeks, woohoo! βœ…

I went and had lunch with my friend after DFO. We went and had Italian. And then N and I had Italian again for dinner. And note that we had Italian for dinner last night, and also dinner the night before . Omg I’m all pasta’d out! 🍝🍝🍝

We have someone coming in to look after Kitty while we’re overseas, and she sent me these (slightly blurry) photos of her.

She looks sad πŸ˜” She must be feeling a bit lonely at the moment. I just want to go back and give her a big hug πŸ€— But we still have a few more days here, with a comp thrown in as well. So we’ll see her soon. Poor little one.

At the last minute

I spent the day running around buying last-minute things for our trip to Melbourne tomorrow. I always feel so unorganised packing, and I’m sure I still overpack. You’d think I’d have put together a checklist or something by now, but no, that would be just way too sensible and adult-y πŸ˜‚ And this time it’s worse because we’re also carrying dance gear! The comp is the main reason for this trip. The costumes, the shoes, the makeup… Argh! It’s all taking up half my suitcase! Plus it’s winter there at the moment, so I’m bringing more clothes as well. So not much space for any extra shopping, really πŸ˜”

And then we had an extra Latin lesson tonight, just so we got a bit of extra help for the comp. It was a good lesson, actually, I think the small tweaks we made in Cha Cha make it look that little bit more dynamic. Well, it felt that way. I’m sure if we filmed it, it would still look pretty mediocre πŸ˜‚ Oh well, it is what it is. No more help here on in. We just have to see what we can deliver on the day now!