Best day I’ve had in ages

I went to take Kitty to the vet this morning. As I was waiting downstairs of our apartment building for my Grab driver, the skies decided to open and spew forth a whole heap of rain. When the driver arrived, I started whinging to him about how I didn’t bring an umbrella with me. So when we got to the vet clinic, he was actually nice enough to give me his umbrella. I felt sooo bad taking the umbrella, as I would’ve survived the 20 metres from the car to the entrance without it, and I knew the chances were slim that I’d need it on the way home, as torrential rain hardly ever lasts for more than 10-15 minutes in SG. But he insisted. When I got home later, I tried ringing the Grab hotline to see if there was a way to give it back to him, but the customer service officer actually spoke to him and he told her to tell me to keep it. Arghhh! So that was a very kind gesture that I received this morning, which I definitely want to pay forward one day.

And while I was on my way to the vet, the designer of my new Ballroom dress sent me his sketch of the proposed dress.

It’s so niiice! I’m so happy with it 😊 It’s simple yet elegant, and will match my Latin dress wonderfully, all of which was what I had requested from him. I’m starting to get excited about it now, after having (mostly) gotten over the shock of having paid so much for the deposit! 😂

And then the rest of my “usual” day worked out well too: I had perhaps my only good trading day this entire week; and I also had a good session at the gym later in the evening, lifting heavier weights for the most part and also still getting my dance basics done on the treadmill 👍

I finished off the day with the season five Christmas special of Downton Abbey. It was a good episode, happier than most, but it was Christmas when it was released, so I suppose they didn’t want to make it too depressing 😆

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish the work week 😊


Lots of food and training

We went and had lunch with N’s karate instructor and his wife, who are both visiting from Australia for the next few days. We went to this well-hidden restaurant. It’s on level 5 in some office building, but not just any level 5: you walk out of the lift lobby and you’re in a car park! And then the restaurant is at the end of the car park! How insane is that for location?!

Beng Thin Hoon Kee restaurant – in a car park! 😲 [[[[[[
It’s won a few different awards, so obviously enough people have come here in order for the restaurant to have won them! Really good food, I’ll definitely come back here again, if we have guests coming from overseas 😊

A few of the karate guys trained in the afternoon, and I decided to join them and do my own dance training in the corner. I ran through five of our eight dances, so that was a pretty good attempt, I thought. We trained for just over two hours, and we all could have continued on for longer, if we didn’t have a dinner reservation.

The taxi driver on our way back from training asked their karate instructor what level he is in karate. He said 8th dan. Wowww. I know he’s one of the most senior guys in their karate style, but when you actually hear “8th dan”, it’s so impressive just how much he must know about karate. I’ve seen him so often outside of the dojo for almost two decades now that I just “forget” this rather important side of him!

A few other spouses joined me for dinner, so it wasn’t just a dinner where the topic of conversation was dominated by karate 😂 We all escorted the karate instructor and his wife back to their hotel after dinner, and then we just caught the train home from there. Apparently there is a lift that goes straight down from their hotel and into the train station. I didn’t realise the train station was that close to the hotel – ie directly underneath! Sooo convenient! His wife was saying that the hotel was quite good, so I’m thinking that maybe we’ll recommend this hotel to friends and family who may be visiting SG. Rooms are a bit small, but it’s Asia. Everywhere is small! 😂

Dorsett Singapore

333 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 088765

It was a busy day with lots of food and training with friends 😊

Dinner, training and finances

N’s karate instructor from Australia is visiting SG for the next few days. He and his wife flew in late this afternoon, so we met up with them for dinner near their hotel in Chinatown. They’re training with him all weekend, so not sure what I’m going to be doing…! 🤔 I’m toying with the idea of just doing my own dance training in the corner of wherever they may be training, depending on if there is enough room for me to do so. But not sure yet, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow 😊 I may just go to the gym and do my usual training there instead…

That was probably the most interesting part of my day! I spent a lot of time on my trading, which I won’t bore you about, and I paid a few bills. Just as exciting 😂 And I did remember yet again that I still need to do my taxes! FY17 and FY18. Now there are two years looming over me. Ughhh! It’s one thing that I really struggle to do each year… I really have to force myself to just get it over and done with next week. C’mon, you can do this! 💪 😂

Dancing and immigration

My friend pulled out of lunch at the last minute, as she wasn’t feeling well this morning and needed to go to the doctor during lunch today. So I ended up going to the dance comp earlier than I expected to.

I’m glad I decided to attend this comp, even just as a spectator: the standard of dancing was just on a totally different stratosphere. It must be what it’s like watching a comp in Europe. I don’t know what the Europeans do, but their dancing is truly incredible. I don’t get to watch so many high-level dancers all at the one comp, so this was a rare experience. Plus we got a three-course dinner, and I actually got to enjoy the food this time, as I wasn’t dancing! It was well organised at a nice venue; with good food and top-level dancers. I definitely want to go again next year. Maybe we can get a group together 😊

Oh and I applied to use the e-channel service at Hong Kong airport. Apparently Aussies with no “issues” with the HK government can apply. And since we’ve been coming to HK so often recently (and will probably continue to do so), I thought by being able to use their e-channel when going in and out should help to expedite the travelling. Hopefully…! 😊

Feeling a little down

We went to the grand opening of a store of this ballroom and latin dress designer from China; they are opening a store in HK. One of our friends from SG recommended that we go, she really likes his designs. We actually spent a lot longer there than we expected to! His designs are really nice, very intricate with a lot of detail. And not too expensive, relatively speaking, given the amount of work is involved in each of the dresses. So I have now finally ordered a new Ballroom dress, and N a new Latin top 😲 And am now also feeling a bit ill as a result, as it is still sooo much money. I’m sure I’ll be excited once he sends through the sketches, but for now, I just have to try and calm down! So much for our finance goal this year. That’s taken yet another hit 😔

N went to karate soon after we finished ordering our new costumes, and I organised to meet up with a friend tomorrow for lunch, before I head over to watch a dance comp (on a Monday!). Apparently her office is near the comp venue, so that’s worked out really well!

N went out for dinner with the karate guys, so I went out for dinner on my own. But because I was feeling quite down, I didn’t really feel like venturing out of the hotel, and was tempted to just order room service. But it’s times like this when I know going out is the better thing for me to do. So I forced myself to wander outside.

I felt like having sushi, and apparently there’s a sushi place virtually right around the corner from the hotel. So I did manage to go out, and I didn’t even have to go far at all to find exactly what I was looking for. The convenience of HK is just astounding.

And then after dinner, I was tossing up about going to the gym. What’s new 😂 As N was on his way back to the hotel, he asked if I was going to go tonight. He said he’ll come up too, so that was enough to convince me to go 😊 As per usual, I’m glad I went! I still don’t understand why I still have to struggle, as I know perfectly well I’ll feel better when I go.

We got back to the room and N started looking through photos and videos on his iPad – from 5-6 years ago! We watched a few clips of our old dance videos from when we were still living in Melbourne. Omg. All I can say is that I’m glad we’ve improved since then! 😂

Almost 12km

We did a fair bit of walking today. We haven’t really ventured off HK Island though, so there’s a lot more of HK that we need to visit! And we actually haven’t done much touristy stuff! We spend a lot of our time just walking around and exploring HK Island. We passed on an invitation from one of N’s colleagues to go hiking with her today. N had yet another long week at work, so all he really wanted to do was rest today. But we still managed to walk almost 12km today, and we also did a short session at the gym, so it wasn’t really all that restful! 😂 Maybe we’ll do a hiking trail next time we’re here.

My feet are still throbbing, and both our hips are sore. Omg. Once your hips start to hurt just from walking (even though it was 12km 😳), I reckon that’s a sign that you’re old 😆 We walked through Victoria Park today, and there was a group of young’uns doing squat walks. I don’t think I could do those now, my knees couldn’t handle the stress. So I’ll just pass on that exercise and leave it to the youngsters with the perfectly functioning knees!

We actually went to a dance studio today to practise, but it was so busy that we decided against it. Later we found out that there’s a comp on Monday, which that particular dance studio is organising. So I guess everyone was in the studio today practising for it. I think I’ll try and go and watch on Monday, if it’s not too expensive. The comp venue isn’t that far from our hotel, so it’d be a nice way to spend my last night in this city.

A relaxed and heart-warming Sunday

We moved our Latin lesson to earlier this morning, so N had time to catch his flight to HK this afternoon. We agreed to a 10:45am start – and yet we still struggled to get up in time for it! Argh! We are just not morning people! Will I ever accept this fact?! 😂

We did Paso Doble today, that elusive fifth dance that we never do. And by not working on it, it is keeping us from competing in five-dance Latin events. At least this way, if we keep working on it for at least the next few weeks in our lesson (when we’re in SG, that is), and we keep practising it ourselves, then we can slowly start building it into our repertoire, and before we know it, we’ll be able to compete with it 😊

Oh, we got some feedback from our performance last Sunday from the guests. They described us as elegant! Awww! That’s so nice! That’s exactly how I like to express myself when I dance, so for others to describe our dancing in this exact same way is just so heart-warming 😊 Despite freaking out every time we go out and perform, I do like it when the audience appreciates our dancing. That is, hearing that we’re not boring them to tears! 😂

I then spent the afternoon tracking flights: a friend flew from Canberra to Sydney, and then N’s flight to HK. The Canberra-Sydney flight is nothing: the plane takes off, and as soon as they’ve reached whatever required altitude, they’re needing to get the passengers back in their upright seats in order to land 😂 So basically as N’s flight was hurrying to get everyone on board, the Canberra-Sydney flight was done and dusted. Nonetheless, I find this whole tracking business so much fun 😊

I actually wanted to go back and check out the kites at Marina Barrage again today, but it was quite warm this afternoon, so I changed my mind and stayed home and read a bit instead. I ended up taking a nap too, since I had such a disrupted sleep last night, no thanks to Little Miss. It’s that time of year when even I can’t survive without the aircon. Summer is here, baby! The only time in the year when it’s warm enough for me to go swimming 🏊‍♀️