Star struck

Oooops… I was so tired last night that I didn’t hit “Publish” 😊

One of my favourite Latin dancers from Australia is now living in Singapore, and we have recently discovered his new dance studio here. So we’ve since become friends, and N, him and I all chat on the inter web. But every time I get a text from him, I’m still sorta a bit star struck hahaha It’s like all of a sudden becoming friends with Roger Federer hahaha OK, maybe not as famous, but you get the gist. He’s pretty high up there in the dancing world, and very good at what he does. And yet he’s so down to earth and nice! It’s so refreshing to have someone achieve so much in his chosen field and yet still be so humble. He is just a really nice person! 😊

I was feeling pretty down today, not sure why. The holiday season, perhaps? I should’ve gone to Gardens by the Bay to cheer myself up. That usually helps 😊 But we’re going to Changi tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll help!



I started decluttering my closet today, based on the KonMari method in Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Someone recommended this book to me last year, and now I use her method to stay on top of my stuff. Living in SG where apartments are tiny, I’ve become much better at not hoarding so much stuff. But if you don’t keep on top of it, the crap just seems to creep in on you throughout the year. So I always use the end of the year to declutter and do a massive clean out of our stuff. It’s tough to let go of some stuff sometimes, but you just have to be honest with myself. In fact, because I’ve been using her method a bit more consistently throughout the year, I have noticed that my big decluttering event this year isn’t so big compared to previous years! If anything, it’s more about cleaning inside the cupboards rather than decluttering what is inside them! So that’s a huge improvement already 😀

We had our Ballroom lesson tonight. Neither of us could recall a single thing about our previous lesson, omg. So I have vowed to write down notes after EVERY SINGLE lesson next year, because this is just ridiculous, and honestly a waste of money if we can’t even remember a single thing from that previous lesson. And even today’s lesson felt like it was just a refresher of stuff that he has been telling us all year. Omg. Much like with not dropping my phone, I need to make a tick box in my Bullet Journal next year specifically for this. If it’s in my Bullet Journal, there is a higher probability that it will get done. That Journal is doing wonders to my productivity. I wish I had it years ago! In fact, I wish I had come up with the idea myself!

Have I raved about my Bullet Journal (or BuJo for short) yet? I have a feeling I haven’t. This link takes you to the creator’s web page, which introduces people to the concept and gives people a few tips on how to use their own BuJos. There are BuJo enthusiasts in the social media world, and they have taken the pretty simple BuJo idea to a whole new level. I use it more to organise my life more than anything else, but I do try and incorporate some more creative pages in there to keep the cogs turning in a different way 😊 I’ll have to post a few shots from my new BuJo when I start it in the New Year.

Hobonichi 5-year diary

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hobonichi recently added a 5-year diary to their product range. Hobonichi is that Japanese stationery brand that my friend told me about while we were in Japan. They had run out of the natural leather cover when I went to their store near Harajuku, and online they were out of stock and said that they weren’t restocking the natural leather cover. Grrr! So I decided to try my luck in Singapore when we returned, but to no avail 😔

For some reason, I decided to go back online and check out their website again. And wouldn’t you know it, they have apparently changed their mind about restocking the natural leather cover! And sales for it resume at 11am Japan time today! So I was online at 9:55am SG time (we’re an hour behind), waiting for their online store to restock.

And my order went through! Woohoo! Lucky stationery isn’t one of those crazy products that every man and his dog are into, so I didn’t have to refresh a hundred times or anything to get through to the site hehehe 😊

Here is their English website on the five-year diary. The video may just persuade you to buy one for yourself 😊

I was feeling really tired all day, and so didn’t do as much as I would’ve liked. And then in the evening, we had our Latin lesson, which doesn’t quite make up for all the lessons that we’ve missed while we’ve been away. Sigh. 2017 wasn’t at all a year for dancing. Let’s see what 2018 brings for us…

Spent my morning QUEUING

First mission of the day: get some Irvins salted egg chips! 😊 I got to their Orchard Gateway outlet at 9:50am, a bit later than I had planned. And there was NO queue! They open at 10am, but there was already a guy there, so I asked him if they were open. He said yes, but said that there’s a queue that I need to join. He looked over behind him and pointed at the queue. Apparently the queue snakes outside! Omg. So much for no queue. Very misleading, Irvin! 😒

This is not my ideal way of spending a morning! Especially outside! These freaking chips better be worth it! 😂 Plus I was just grumpy at the time I was in the queue: I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet!

After almost an hour in the queue – and most of that time waiting outside, mind you – I finally got my hands on a few of these babies:

I waited for almost an hour for this!!

Actually, these chips are gifts, so I’m not even going to get to find out what all the fuss is about! I’ll have to queue up for a second time to get a packet (or three 😊) for myself. Argh!

I was in yet another queue later in the morning, at Crabtree & Evelyn this time, and two separate people actually asked me where I bought my Irvins Salted Egg chips. They’re damn popular, I tell you! They were so excited to find out that they had an outlet nearby. Gotta try these soon to find out what all the fuss is about.

While I was in that Crabtree & Evelyn queue, someone came up to me and asked me something in Chinese. Since my listening skills are so bad, all I got was something-something-什么 😂 couple with his hand gesticulation, I assume he was asking what we were all queuing up for. I said “to pay” in English, but he didn’t seem to understand that. So I tried in Chinese – well, what I think “to pay” is in Chinese (付钱?). That seemed to have come across better… although I still wonder if I said the right thing and/or if he understood my dodgy Chinese 🤣🤣

Kitty got picked up this afternoon for her own holiday 😔 always sad to say goodbye to her. It’s the worst part about going on holidays 😔

So without Kitty in the house, I tidied up her food and litter areas, and tidied up the house in general. I always like having the house quite orderly before we go on holidays. I did a bit of trading while I was doing this, which is never a good idea! I don’t know why I even bothered. I need my full focus to trade (and even then, sometimes it doesn’t even help!), and being half switched on meant I took really bad trades. Sighhhh… Lesson learnt!

We had our Ballroom lesson as per usual in the evening. Quickstep today. We need to remember this routine! This is always one of the dances that we dance at competitions, so we need do dance it, unfortunately hahaha it’s my least favourite Ballroom dance. On par with Jive in Latin. Need to take notes, so I don’t forget everything while we’re in Japan!

Gotta get to bed early tonight. Planning to wake up at 6am tomorrow, to get to the airport well in time for our flight! Excitement! ✈️ Goodnight!

Very typical Monday

Not much to say about today, really.

Trading: started off sh1t, but actually started to get better in the afternoon. I don’t have that many days left before we fly to Japan, so I’m just going to keep working on my short-term goals as best I can before we fly out.

Ballet: a good class, as always. I’m hoping my Ballroom and Latin is improving indirectly because of this class! It’s the whole point of me doing this class, so it would be rather disappointing if it wasn’t doing anything to help! But it is such a good class on its own anyway 😊 such a technical dance. I would probably rate it up there with Rumba, my favourite Latin dance 😲

That’s pretty much it for today. Pretty run-of-the-mill type of day for me.

All danced out

Heaps of dancing today, I was pretty much catatonic by the end of it. Latin in the morning for 1.5 hours, followed by a Ballroom lecture and then practice for about an hour. The lecture wasn’t all that strenuous: we were standing there for 1.5 hours, listening them talk about Ballroom technique, and doing the odd few movements to better understand what they were talking about. We then got to practice what they taught us after the lecture – but it seemed like most people just did their own thing hahaha  It was a tiring day. And the fact that we didn’t really eat all that much during the day didn’t help our energy levels 😒 

So of course we went and had Bak Kut Teh again for dinner hahaha 

Bak Kut Teh again 😂
I then fell asleep on the couch when we got home coz I was so exhausted. Kitty kept me company hehehe
Sleeping on the couch

This weekend is actually our last weekend in the country for the year. It’s sorta a bit sad, actually. I feel like, in a way, my year is coming to an end already. I’ve already said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my regular Saturday coffee guy and to our Chinese language teacher! I won’t be seeing either of them until after New Years! Crazy stuff.

So I’m already starting to think about 2018 and what things I need to do differently to move closer towards my goals. And whether or not I want to change my goals. Time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture again.

A typical Saturday

Mandarin is getting harder. The sentence structures are becoming less and less like English, so translations are becoming harder. I still like the efficiency of the Chinese language, though: it is so logical; there are virtually no exceptions to the rule (like “i before e except after c” lol); there are no verbs to conjugate; and there are no tenses. Where a short phrase can convey so much detail and meaning. But it’s deviating more and more from English sentence structures now, and I don’t expect things to get any easier! 😲 More practice! 

After lunch, we made our way to dancing. Mainly cha cha today, and then we worked on spins. Always makes me dizzy 😵 Good class, though, as always. I need to take better notes on our lessons. So many things to do and remember, so all the more reason to be diligent with my note taking!

And then we finished the evening with some Bak Kut Teh hahaha I’m just making up for the first two years that we’ve lived here when I hadn’t yet discovered this wonderful dish! 😊 

Bak Kut Teh again 😊