Spent my morning QUEUING

First mission of the day: get some Irvins salted egg chips! 😊 I got to their Orchard Gateway outlet at 9:50am, a bit later than I had planned. And there was NO queue! They open at 10am, but there was already a guy there, so I asked him if they were open. He said yes, but said that there’s a queue that I need to join. He looked over behind him and pointed at the queue. Apparently the queue snakes outside! Omg. So much for no queue. Very misleading, Irvin! 😒

This is not my ideal way of spending a morning! Especially outside! These freaking chips better be worth it! 😂 Plus I was just grumpy at the time I was in the queue: I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet!

After almost an hour in the queue – and most of that time waiting outside, mind you – I finally got my hands on a few of these babies:

I waited for almost an hour for this!!

Actually, these chips are gifts, so I’m not even going to get to find out what all the fuss is about! I’ll have to queue up for a second time to get a packet (or three 😊) for myself. Argh!

I was in yet another queue later in the morning, at Crabtree & Evelyn this time, and two separate people actually asked me where I bought my Irvins Salted Egg chips. They’re damn popular, I tell you! They were so excited to find out that they had an outlet nearby. Gotta try these soon to find out what all the fuss is about.

While I was in that Crabtree & Evelyn queue, someone came up to me and asked me something in Chinese. Since my listening skills are so bad, all I got was something-something-什么 😂 couple with his hand gesticulation, I assume he was asking what we were all queuing up for. I said “to pay” in English, but he didn’t seem to understand that. So I tried in Chinese – well, what I think “to pay” is in Chinese (付钱?). That seemed to have come across better… although I still wonder if I said the right thing and/or if he understood my dodgy Chinese 🤣🤣

Kitty got picked up this afternoon for her own holiday 😔 always sad to say goodbye to her. It’s the worst part about going on holidays 😔

So without Kitty in the house, I tidied up her food and litter areas, and tidied up the house in general. I always like having the house quite orderly before we go on holidays. I did a bit of trading while I was doing this, which is never a good idea! I don’t know why I even bothered. I need my full focus to trade (and even then, sometimes it doesn’t even help!), and being half switched on meant I took really bad trades. Sighhhh… Lesson learnt!

We had our Ballroom lesson as per usual in the evening. Quickstep today. We need to remember this routine! This is always one of the dances that we dance at competitions, so we need do dance it, unfortunately hahaha it’s my least favourite Ballroom dance. On par with Jive in Latin. Need to take notes, so I don’t forget everything while we’re in Japan!

Gotta get to bed early tonight. Planning to wake up at 6am tomorrow, to get to the airport well in time for our flight! Excitement! ✈️ Goodnight!


Very typical Monday

Not much to say about today, really.

Trading: started off sh1t, but actually started to get better in the afternoon. I don’t have that many days left before we fly to Japan, so I’m just going to keep working on my short-term goals as best I can before we fly out.

Ballet: a good class, as always. I’m hoping my Ballroom and Latin is improving indirectly because of this class! It’s the whole point of me doing this class, so it would be rather disappointing if it wasn’t doing anything to help! But it is such a good class on its own anyway 😊 such a technical dance. I would probably rate it up there with Rumba, my favourite Latin dance 😲

That’s pretty much it for today. Pretty run-of-the-mill type of day for me.

All danced out

Heaps of dancing today, I was pretty much catatonic by the end of it. Latin in the morning for 1.5 hours, followed by a Ballroom lecture and then practice for about an hour. The lecture wasn’t all that strenuous: we were standing there for 1.5 hours, listening them talk about Ballroom technique, and doing the odd few movements to better understand what they were talking about. We then got to practice what they taught us after the lecture – but it seemed like most people just did their own thing hahaha  It was a tiring day. And the fact that we didn’t really eat all that much during the day didn’t help our energy levels 😒 

So of course we went and had Bak Kut Teh again for dinner hahaha 

Bak Kut Teh again 😂
I then fell asleep on the couch when we got home coz I was so exhausted. Kitty kept me company hehehe
Sleeping on the couch

This weekend is actually our last weekend in the country for the year. It’s sorta a bit sad, actually. I feel like, in a way, my year is coming to an end already. I’ve already said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my regular Saturday coffee guy and to our Chinese language teacher! I won’t be seeing either of them until after New Years! Crazy stuff.

So I’m already starting to think about 2018 and what things I need to do differently to move closer towards my goals. And whether or not I want to change my goals. Time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture again.

A typical Saturday

Mandarin is getting harder. The sentence structures are becoming less and less like English, so translations are becoming harder. I still like the efficiency of the Chinese language, though: it is so logical; there are virtually no exceptions to the rule (like “i before e except after c” lol); there are no verbs to conjugate; and there are no tenses. Where a short phrase can convey so much detail and meaning. But it’s deviating more and more from English sentence structures now, and I don’t expect things to get any easier! 😲 More practice! 

After lunch, we made our way to dancing. Mainly cha cha today, and then we worked on spins. Always makes me dizzy 😵 Good class, though, as always. I need to take better notes on our lessons. So many things to do and remember, so all the more reason to be diligent with my note taking!

And then we finished the evening with some Bak Kut Teh hahaha I’m just making up for the first two years that we’ve lived here when I hadn’t yet discovered this wonderful dish! 😊 

Bak Kut Teh again 😊

Typical Monday – with some 日本語 thrown in

Trading: a great start to the trading week.  If only every day was like today! I wasn’t shouting at the screen, and I didn’t feel like I was fighting with anyone. It was just calm and easy. So gooood!!

Ballet class: great, as always. Such a good supplement to my Ballroom & Latin 😁 

I also did a bit of Japanese language review, in preparation for our trip to Japan. You do know, though, that when we finally get there, most of it will just go out the window, and a helluva lot of pointing and gesticulating will be happening instead, lol. I still remember the basics from high school, so that will always be there, but it never hurts to add to vocab or grammar structures. Plus I’ve just forgotten so many words, it’s been years since high school, after all. It’s just doubly hard now too, coz the Chinese word for something is the first thing that comes to mind now! Which is good, though, since I’m spending so much time learning Chinese these days! 😂 but it just makes it harder and harder to retrieve those Japanese words… ahhhh wouldn’t it just be wonderful if I were a polyglot!

Dancing and then chillaxing

We had our first Latin lesson today in what feels like aaaages. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I can’t remember the last time we had a lesson 😔 and you can’t ask me what dance I want to do. I will ALWAYS choose Rumba lol but luckily for me, Rumba was already playing in the studio, so we ended up doing that dance. We changed up a bit of the choreography, but for the better, I think. It flows better now, and it felt really good to dance. Something else to work on now… 😊 

We were asked if we wanted to teach a Beginner Ballroom class. I said no. I sorta feel bad for doing so, but I know that’s the right thing for me. And if I did say yes, I’d just start resenting the studio, and being all annoyed with myself for committing to something that I didn’t want to do in the first place. There’s preparation that goes into teaching a class; dedication; commitment; and for a beginners class, responsibility for setting a foundation for their future higher-level classes, should they choose to pursue it. And I don’t want to spend that time preparing lessons or grooming students.  Nor do I feel qualified enough to do so! Plus I really want to spend most of my time getting my trading up and running, that’s probably my highest priority at the moment. So it was a nice gesture to be asked, but I think I will have to decline at this time. Ask me again in five years when (!) my trading is looking good and my Ballroom has improved some more and I have more time to spare, and I may have a different answer for you 😊

And we just ended the day watching a few episodes of 13 Reasons Why. A pretty quiet, relaxing day 😌 we’re not quite up to a typical Sunday yet. Maybe next week when I’m hopefully fully recovered. It’s good to have these quieter, more relaxing days, when I don’t feel like we’re constantly on the go. Nice to stop and smell the roses occasionally 🌹 

Lots of sprinkles today

I was going through my Twitter feed this morning and stumbled across this tweet, which I thought was very timely, since I was feeling like I wasn’t progressing with my trading at all.

So after seeing this, I vowed to review all my trades from October, and make sure I understand what worked, what didn’t and why; and how I can go about improving my process and understanding of the market.  It’s like the universe was telling me not to give up, and gave me a sign to point me in the right direction. That gave me hope!

We had our Mandarin makeup class this afternoon, since we didn’t go on Saturday, and our teacher corrected my earlier message.  So much for flawless Chinese!  hahaha but hey, at least I gave it a go.  How else do you learn if you’re not willing to put yourself out there and fail a gazillion times? 😊

Before correction:


After correction:


Not bad. He understood what I was trying to say, but there was one sentence/phrase that stumped him, lol (the bit with 出差了 apparently does not make sense hahaha). Oh well, I gave it a go 😊

I went and had bak kut teh for the second time in my life today, which literally means “meat bone tea”. Not that there is any tea in it, so I don’t quite get why it’s in its name.

Bak kut teh 肉骨茶

Despite it looking pretty damn boring lol it’s actually really nice!  I like to have it with rice, but I’m sure you can have it on its own or with veges.  It’s basically just boiled pork, but the soup must be jam packed with different herbs coz it’s so flavoursome.  And definitely lots of pepper!  Both times I had this, I choked from the pepper, not expecting just how peppery the soup would be hahaha


I was reading the Chinese on the sign thing on the table, and was impressed that I could read almost the entire thing.  Except I didn’t know what 脸书 (liǎn shū) was.  I know 脸 is face, and 书 is book, but it didn’t click for aaaaages hahaha even with the English right on top!  One of my new words for the day 😊

We didn’t have our usual Ballroom lesson tonight: our teacher is in Vietnam for the coming week.  Sighhhh… I can’t even remember the last time we had a Ballroom lesson (or a Latin lesson, for that matter!), other things just keep getting in the way!  And we were gaining such good momentum too.  Oh well, such is life.

We managed to get to the last hour of the Wednesday social, though, and we got to go through all ten dances in that hour, amazing. Well, as much of each dance that we could remember anyway. We could tell just how out of practice we are: Ballroom was so rough; Latin was not sharp. Blahhhh… I wore my new practice shoes – and they were gooood 😁 they did the job perfectly. Happy with my purchase 👍 now just need to USE them!