More TV and more rona cases

N took the day off today. So of course that didn’t help me concentrate on anything 😂 I did teach all my lessons, but I didn’t do much else except watch more TV 😝

We continued watching Timeless. I started watching it because it involves time travel, and I like shows that have time travel in the storyline. But it’s also quite funny: they make references to pop culture but they integrate it into the storyline in a creative way. They go back in time to significant moments in American history, so if I was American and actually knew more American history, I would probably like this show even more. And it’s also quite sensitive to the racism and sexism that existed in their history, and I thought they dealt with that issue quite well too. So overall, I’m really enjoying this series! It’s a shame it got cancelled after the second season. So yeah, it won’t be long before we’ll be on the hunt once again for our next show.

Any suggestions?? 😁

The HK government has brought back restrictions, which start on Wednesday. Public gatherings have now been tightened to just 2 people, down from 4; most civil servants will be back working from home, and the government is encouraging the private sector to allow working from home to resume once again; and they’re considering increasing fines for violating social distancing rules. Gyms and sport facilities can stay open, but activities will be restricted to 2 people in each group. 76 cases today 😔 But at least that’s better than yesterday’s 115.

Binge watching

I spent a ton of my day just watching TV 😆 I continued watching Gossip Girl, and continued to still be disappointed with the cinematography. Then again, it was filmed back in 2007, so I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh 😊

And then N introduced me to Timeless, this time travel drama. It turned out to be quite addictive! I think we watched the first five episodes today 😳

Not much to do, as you can see, when you’re at home coz the number of rona cases just continues to increase outside 😒 We had 115 cases today, the most we’ve seen since goodness knows how long. Maybe since July. I’m actually quite surprised that the government hasn’t brought back any restrictions yet. This surely is our fourth wave 😔

N isn’t as freaked out as me, so he’s been going out to get his exercise and meet friends. I’d rather that he didn’t, of course, but it’s his choice. And if the government brings back some of the previous restrictions, this choice may be taken away from him anyway.

Life imitating art

I watched more episodes of Gossip Girl tonight 😂 It’s a bit cheap looking, to be honest. It feels like I’m watching one of those dramas like The Bold and the Beautiful or Home and Away or something, even though it’s supposed to be all about the rich and well to do in New York City. Most of the time, it just feels like they’re on a set and not actually in some fancy schmancy hotel or apartment on the Upper East Side. So that sorta loses the glamour for me. So I’m trying not to focus on that and just watch it for entertainment and not for the cinematography 😆 And it’s delivering on that, at least. I’m now about halfway through season one. I now know all the main characters, and things are now starting to get interesting 😊

Speaking of interesting, apparently there was a little bit of drama at the Thanksgiving dinner that I pulled out of tonight. I don’t have all the details yet, that’s all I know so far. I’ll give you more goss when (if) I find out more 😂 Gosh, they sound like they’re straight out of Gossip Girl 🤣 You’d think they were 16 🙄 But I won’t judge. Yet 😜

Books, travel and the rona

I finished reading Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None today. I first read this book as a kid, so this was the first time I read it as an adult. I’m surprised I even understood it as a kid 😮 Don’t underestimate children’s intelligence! Anyway, I remembered enjoying this book as a kid, so I thought I’d see if I’d enjoy it again as an adult. And I did! I guess because Agatha Christie isn’t really known for writing children’s books. Again, I’m surprised that I even read this book as a kid!

So the next book that I want to read is Murder on the Orient Express. I’ve never read that one, so I have no expectations – other than the fact that I enjoyed her previous book, so, in a way, I’m hoping that this one will be just as good! 😆🤞

It’s the last week of November, can you believe that?! Where did 2020 go?? Well, the rona sorta screwed it pretty bad 😒

I’ve been wanting to travel so badly, but I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Apparently the chief exec of HK, Carrie Lam, went to Beijing to see if we can have a travel bubble between mainland China and HK. Apparently she came back empty-handed and they effectively told to get her city’s act together first before they will even consider such a deal 😔 And then the HK-SG travel bubble has been delayed because of the increasing number of cases here. We had 81 cases today. That’s pretty much a whole week with cases in the high double digits. Dang. So I’m guessing these travel bubbles ain’t happening anytime soon. Sighhh…

So it’s making me not really want to go out again. We have this dinner thing on Saturday that we have already committed to, but if I had a choice, I wouldn’t go. It’s a large gathering, and large gatherings freak me out a bit these days. In fact, I’m tempted to forego the money that we’ve already paid so that I’m not exposing myself unnecessarily in this current environment.

A blah day to end a blah week

I feel like this whole week has been pretty blah. Or has it just been the last few days?? Anyway, today was another blah day 😔 I don’t like these days. They’re not very productive, and I just feel so… well… blah! 😑

I even set my intention for today: to be more creative. Maybe that was a poor choice of word, because I’m not a very creative person to begin with, and maybe that pressure just didn’t help on a low-energy day 😔

I started watching Gossip Girl, of all things. You’d think I was 17 years old 😂 I just needed to watch something to take my mind off the blahness. It was actually a good way to distract myself. It’s not my type of show (since I’m not a teenager! 🤣), but it’s one of those shows that’s nice to watch when you just don’t want to have to think too much. Plus the good-looking cast isn’t bad on the eye, either! 😜

I also went for a bit of a walk to buy dinner tonight. And of all things, I went and bought maccas 😒 Isn’t that great. What better way to end a blah day (and a blah week) than with fast food 😔

Caffeinated up

We went to a friend’s birthday brunch today. Weekend brunches are a big deal in HK. Sooo many places offer them, including the hotels. And they usually come with free-flow alcohol, which of course goes down well with the expats 😆

The place we went to today, Duddell’s, was basically an upmarket all-you-can-eat yum cha 😱 with a free-flow alcohol option for an extra HK$250 (A$50) or something 😱😱 All-you-can-eat yum cha! With Peking duck on the menu! 😱 One of my favourite Chinese dishes. I went crazy 🤣

Later on in the evening, I was watching more of the US election coverage and realised that I wasn’t sleepy, despite a long day. I then realised that I had three cokes at brunch and an espresso martini 🍸 It’s now almost 1:30am and I’m only now just starting to get tired. Tomorrow might be a tough day to get through…! 😔

Watching the stats 😆

I was following the US election a bit more today. The stats drew me in – see, I told you, these damn stats! They’re so addictive! 😂 But it’s a waste of time just sitting there watching people just talk about the election, so I just checked in every few hours to see how the votes were looking in each of the close states. They’re now saying that they could make an announcement soon, but I think that may happen while I’m asleep 😔

Not that I expect Trump to concede. I don’t know what he’ll do instead, but I don’t expect it to resemble a concession speech in any way 🙄 And what will happen in the coming weeks is probably unprecedented, so the 💩fest that we have seen in 2020 will just continue to play out in the US, unfortunately 😔 All the best to the people there. I hope you can come out of this peacefully.

Shopping, TV and exercise

I went to Causeway Bay today. I decided to go to Lee Theatre, a shopping mall that I don’t go to often because I keep thinking that it’s mega far from the other malls that I usually go to. It turns out that it’s only about 200m from one of the main malls that I like to go to! Why did I even think that it would be so far away?! Everything is just so damn close in this city! 🤣

I also started watching a new TV drama called Doctors. It’s a Korean drama, so of course I have high expectations. They make the best dramas 😆 I haven’t watched a Korean drama in a while, so it’s good to be back on them again! 🤩

And my Apple Watch kept me active once again today. I noticed that I had 9,770 steps clocked for the day, and I decided to just walk around the house a little bit to make it tick over 😆 The number of steps isn’t one of my daily exercise goals, but it’s nice to see it over 10,000! 😜


I finished my current Asian drama: a Japanese comedy called Wise and Foolish. It was really silly, but that’s what made it quite enjoyable for me 😆 Plus I love body swap stories. I don’t think I have ever not liked a movie or TV show that had this storyline. And the main actors in this show were quite good. I thought they played the two characters (before and after the body swap) really well. But if you’re looking for something with substance, say something that will win an award of some sort, then maybe skip this show 😜 This isn’t that type of show. But it’s light-hearted, silly and fun, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then maybe give this one a go. Plus there are only eight episodes, which are around 45 minutes each, so it’s not too hard to get through 😊

And I’m definitely dancing more at the moment, thanks to this Apple Watch 😆 It’s making me exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and I feel compelled to achieve it. It’s definitely not a bad thing! So I just dance to a song for 3 minutes, or however long the song is, and then go back to doing whatever. I just do this a few times throughout the day, and then I eventually reach my goal. It’s only 3 minutes, but if you’re doing it often enough throughout the day, every day, then in the end, it actually adds up 👍 Before, I wouldn’t even bother dancing to a 3-minute song. I’d think, “It’s just 3 minutes, that’s nothing. What’s the point?” But now, it’s becoming a good way for me to take breaks throughout the day, while also practising my dancing and reaching my daily exercise goal ☺️

Still tired 😔

Kitty woke me up a bajillion times again last night 😒 She finished her food from last night and wanted a top up. I gave it to her at around 4:30am, and figured that I’d be good for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Two hours later, though, she woke me up again. She had demolished her 4:30am food and needed another top-up! 😱 How is that possible?!? And of course she was miaowing between all this eating to announce that she was about to drink water. I still don’t understand why she does this! 🙄

I took a quick nap in the early evening, which recharged my batteries and I managed to film another YouTube video 👍 It’d be nice if I could just get a decent night’s sleep so that I didn’t need this nap to get me through the day 😔

And then we finished season six of Modern Family. We like ending the evening with this show. It’s lighthearted and funny, and we can just relax in front of the TV for an episode or two before getting ready for bed 😊