β€œForced” to spend the morning outside

They were cleaning the water tanks in our apartment building this morning, so I went and spent the morning outside. I had a leisurely morning tea, and then headed over to the library to read my trading textbook for a while. While I was there, I also decided to borrow The Little Prince, a book that I stumbled upon the other day. The library’s version has both English and Chinese, so I figured that will be good reading practice, especially since it’s a children’s book and so is quite easy to read. It’s a huuuge step up from my “Where’s Spot?” Chinese equivalent books that I’ve been reading πŸ˜‚ So it may be a bit ambitious for me. Even if it is, the story is quite entertaining anyway, so at least I can enjoy the English half 😊

After another shite trading session, I decided to vent my frustration at the gym – and actually ended up having a good sesh there! πŸ’ͺ I was quite proud of my effort 😊

And then we just watched an episode of our current Cantonese drama, The Exorcist’s Meter. I can’t believe I’m not obsessed with a Korean drama at the moment, actually. I think I’ve just been so focussed on my goals that I haven’t really cared too much about tv. That and the fact that I haven’t found an addictive series to get into! πŸ˜‚ So if anyone has any recommendations, send them my way! 😊


All pumped, and then…

So I was all pumped this morning, ready for the first day of the week, month and quarter. A pretty spesh day, don’t you think?? I started updating my Bullet Journal this morning, reviewing March and starting to prepare for April. Then as the morning progressed, I started feeling more and more lethargic, and come midday, I pretty much just needed to rest. And I ended up sleeping for the rest of the afternoon πŸ˜” I have no idea what happened. A change in the weather? The disrupted sleep from the past goodness-knows-how-long finally catching up on me? Who knows. All I know is that I didn’t get to enjoy today as much as I had planned to πŸ˜” Such a disappointing start to the week, month and quarter!

I did finish Rich People Problems, though, the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. One of the benefits of being under the weather is being able to listen to more audiobooks! πŸ˜† This book started off a tad slow for me, actually. It was really only in the last third of the book that it got interesting for me, so it took me aaages to finish this book. But now I have, and I have also finished the series, so now I can move on to a new fiction book 😊

But I had to take a break with the rest of my goals, though. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Asian dramas and languages

I came across this on Twitter today, which I really needed to see. I’ve been mentioning my shite trading the last few days, and I’ve been feeling rather dejected with my recent results. So seeing this has actually perked me up a little. Maybe I should make a printout of this and paste it up on the wall, so I can see it every day… 😊

I finished my current Korean drama today, Devilish Joy. I really enjoyed the last episode – in complete contrast to the very first one! The first episode was so bad that I actually gave up on the series initially, but then decided to give it a second chance, as I couldn’t find anything else better to watch. I’m so glad I gave it a second chance, as every subsequent episode was way better than that first one! πŸ˜‚

But now I am back to feeling empty again, with no Asian drama to keep me entertained. I would like to watch a Chinese drama next, to help me with my listening skills. But it’s only the Korean dramas that are luring me in! Damn, why are their dramas so good?!? πŸ˜†

I’m reading Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 Months, it’s my non-fiction book at the moment. It’s given me a few tips so far, and is motivating me to push on with my Mandarin. In fact, it’s making me want to venture into Korean and Cantonese now as well! The former because of all these Korean dramas that I’m watching at the moment 😊 and the latter because we’re currently living in a Cantonese speaking city. And of course continue to improve on my existing Japanese knowledge. Never mind the fact that these three languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) are notoriously the hardest to learn (along with Arabic) for a native English speaker 🀣🀣 Of all the languages in the world, why do my target ones have to fall into this hard basket?!? 😩 So let me continue reading his book and see what other tips he has about learning foreign languages…

Written in the stars

I updated our address details with a few more organisations today. A lot of Aussie sites won’t let you update your address without a postcode, which is fair enough, because everyone has a postcode in Oz. But in HK, there are no postcodes! I still find this really odd, after having lived my entire life up until this point in places with a postcode. And in Singapore, postcodes are even more precise in that a postcode will effectively give you the building’s street address! So it is even more of a contrast that there are no postcodes here. So websites that require me to input a postcode get my default “0000” πŸ˜† They really should just build open fields for overseas addresses, as different countries all have different address formats. But I guess it’s probably not enough to build that added complexity to your website if only a very small minority of your users have an overseas address… Anyway, just sayin’ (read: ranting πŸ˜†).

I assume postcodes aren’t really needed here because the city is so densely populated, and thousands of mail items can be delivered by going down just one street πŸ˜‚ Perhaps maybe even just going into one complex in some instances 😲 I did a quick Google search and found an article that pretty much said that this is indeed the case. And it also says that you should use “00000” for overseas forms that require a postcode to be used. Perfect πŸ‘Œ

I went and did a coding workshop at the Apple store today. I thought I’d find out a bit more about it as I’m interested in making an app. I didn’t learn all that much coding in the workshop per se, but he did give a few resources for us to check out afterwards, so I will have a look through those. It was still a fun workshop, so I may go to a few more in future 😊

Somehow that workshop threw me off my daily routine and I didn’t get to spend as much time on my trading as I normally would. Plus it was a news driven day, which isn’t how I like to trade, so it was sort of written in the stars anyway 😊 Hopefully I can end the week on a positive note 🀞

I went to the gym in the evening, and now my arms are so sore and tired that I can barely lift them πŸ˜‚ They feel sooo heavyyy… Whoch means I had a good session, then πŸ‘

And then I finished the day off with a few episodes of The Last Empress. And I have also decided to resume reading Rich People Problems, the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. I felt like something light-hearted and fun, to balance out the stress and intensity of The Last Empress. It’s just so full on and extreme, and each episode is filled with so much nervous tension that you just want a bit of a break from all the craziness! I think the writers try to balance that out with a bit of light comedy thrown in now and then, and just some “regular” scenes where nothing stressful is going on, but it’s obviously not enough of a balance for me! πŸ˜‚

Keeping myself occupied

N flew to SG today πŸ˜” He’s there until Sunday, so I think I will end up immersing myself in my trading more over the next few days, and also watch a few more episodes of The Last Empress 😊

Speaking of the latter, I am now halfway through the series, and it is total cray cray! It is very stressful and very extreme, and so of course very addictive. I sorta want to the series to end so all the stress can leave my life! I’m constantly stressed that someone will overhear a conversation that they shouldn’t have heard, or a betrayal is revealed and someone gets killed for it, or the good people being framed for something they didn’t do and being punished for it. But I’m only halfway through, so I don’t know how much more insane the storyline can get. But it’s so good! 😊

I also finished my current fiction book, What Alice Forgot. I actually enjoyed it, I’m glad I gave it a go πŸ‘ Now to look for my next book… I’m thinking of just finishing Rich People Problems, the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. I had to return it to the library before I could finish it and couldn’t renew the loan because a bajillion other people had reserved the book (my renewal was something like 88th in the queue! 😲). But now that I have subscribed to Scribd, I can just “borrow” it from there and resume where I left off 😊

And I also had a relatively good trading day today. Not as good as my godlike performance yesterday, but I was still happy with what I did today πŸ˜‚

Overall a good day 😊

Decisions made today

N came home soon after I had fallen asleep last night, so his coming home woke me up. And then Kitty scratched again to get someone’s attention at about 2am (we left a door closed so she scratched at it to let us know that she wanted it open – argh!); and then again in the wee hours of the morning, this second time because she wanted food. So basically the whole fam woke me up a few times throughout the night πŸ˜” I am not having much luck getting a good night’s sleep at the moment!

I spent quite a fair bit of time on social media today. I don’t normally go on social media for that long, as I tend to prefer to unwind by watching Asian dramas now, after having discovered this whole new world that I never even knew existed πŸ˜† But today, I spent over 1.5 hours scrolling through my feed on Facebook 😲 I must’ve been feeling quite social today πŸ˜‚

Speaking of Asian dramas, I decided to abandon my current Korean drama, The Beauty Inside. It hasn’t really drawn me in, and the episode that I was watching today was particularly uninteresting, so I stopped it and decided to read instead. I have to look for a new drama now… It’s going to be hard, I reckon, after having just watched Sky Castle! πŸ˜† Maybe I’ll choose a Chinese drama, to work on my listening skills again… I’ll see what I can find…

I also finally decided to sign up to Scribd. It’s pretty good so far! Slowly building up my reading list in the app 😊 I’ve set a goal to read one fiction book and one non-fiction book each month, have I mentioned this already? I think Scribd will help me quite well with this goal πŸ‘

Little Miss

Kitty woke me up really early this morning by scratching on the front door again πŸ˜” And can you believe it: she then proceeded to guide me in to the kitchen! And she sat there expectantly, obviously waiting for me to feed her. I looked over at her bowls. She has a wet food bowl and a dry food bowl. The latter still had kibble in it, but she had totally cleaned out her wet food bowl. Like totally licked it clean. And yet she wasn’t making her way to the dry food, no no, she wanted none of that. She wanted more wet food. And I, her servant, had been woken up to dutifully give it to her. O-M-G. Un-freaking-believable. So needless to say, I was not in a good mood when I eventually woke up properly this morning!

I’ve started to read What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. She’s an Aussie writer, I assume from Sydney, because she refers to a lot of Sydney stuff in both this book and in Three Wishes, another book of hers that I read last year. In my current book, she mentions Parramatta, Chatswood, Royal North Shore Hospital and Manly beach, among other things, which then of course made me feel nostalgic about my home town. I feel like I haven’t been back in sooo long. Come to think of it, I don’t think I went back to Sydney at all last year, did I?? No wonder the city feels so far and distant right now πŸ˜” I wonder if I’ll go back sometime this year. For Christmas, perhaps? Maybe… We’ll see…

N went to the races tonight with some work colleagues, so I just watched an episode of my new Korean drama, The Beauty Inside, and I’ll probably have an early night. Hopefully Little Miss will stay asleep throughout the night tonight…! 🀞