Reality hits

I sorta feel a bit empty now, after finishing Bad Blood 😂 I always feel this way after finishing something that has consumed me for days or weeks on end. I guess my obsession was short-lived! I still want to listen to the podcast The Dropout, and watch the Jennifer Lawrence movie, but thankfully that all-consuming feeling that I had yesterday is no longer there 😆 Monday has probably brought me back to reality.

Cases in HK continue to rise, unfortunately, and there is now talk of a possible curfew if the numbers don’t improve after the tighter measures that they put in place on the weekend: masks are now compulsory in indoor spaces such as shopping malls and public transport; and civil servants in non-essential services are working from home this week. Sighhh… We were doing so well in this city, did we just get complacent at some point?? 😔

Bad Blood, The Inventor, The Dropout

Like yesterday, we didn’t leave the house again today. And I’m glad we didn’t: apparently there were 108 cases today! OMG! I think that’s a record number of cases in one day that we’ve seen throughout this entire pandemic. I’m really not wanting to go outside these days 😔

So I just spent most of the day just reading Bad Blood and actually finished it 🤪 I couldn’t put the book down, it’s so addictive! Even though I already know what happens to the company and to the CEO, it’s still a very riveting story. One of those times when you just can’t believe that something as crazy as this actually happened.

I then watched The Inventor after I finished the book. I’m obsessed with the story now! I also found The Dropout, a podcast on the whole crazy story about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. So obviously I can’t wait to start listening to that! 😂 And of course I’m going to watch the Jennifer Lawrence movie when that comes out 🤣

I had heard about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes years ago, but I never really followed the story. And then all of a sudden I heard how it was all one big fraud, and I was like, howww?!? How did it go from being this mega awesome company to becoming the biggest fraud case in recent times?? I just couldn’t believe it. And part of me still can’t. The whole thing is just so surreal.

Anniversary weekend – day 1

I’ve sorta labelled this weekend as our anniversary weekend. If you recall, I was thinking of doing a staycation this weekend, since we can’t travel anywhere at the moment. But I’m glad I didn’t, because the virus numbers are still going bonkers 😔 There were 64 new cases today! And the total number of cases has now apparently surpassed the total number of SARS cases back in 2003. Sighhh….

So we just stayed home again. And since it’s our anniversary weekend, I just wanted to relax and enjoy this weekend 😌 So I just read more of Bad Blood and finished watching season one of Modern Family. You can’t get any more relaxed than that! 😉

Virus and Bad Blood

The stupid virus is back with a vengeance. There were 58 new cases in HK today 😔 Blahhh… This third wave is terribly annoying. I seriously don’t know where they’re coming from. Everyone has been so digilent:

– Almost everyone wears a mask whenever they’re outside, and almost all places expect you to wear one before you walk in;

– Heaps of offices, shops and restaurants take people’s temperatures before they’re even allowed to walk in;

– There are partitions between tables at restaurants if they can’t provide 1.5m between customers, and sometimes there are still partitions anyway; and

– Hand sanitisers are everywhere, and they usually give you some while they’re taking your temperature. Some escalators even have these automatic hand santiisers that go over the handrail belt that continually cleans it!

One of the escalators in a shopping mall at Causeway Bay that has this automatic sanitiser that continually cleans the handrail belt

And somehow, despite all these precautions, this stupid virus is still penetrating its way through! 😒 Argh! I wonder if people were starting to get complacent. It happens. It’s exhausting. But obviously this is how the damn virus survives 🦠

So we stayed home again today. I was thinking of going for yum cha this weekend, but I’m hesitant to do that now 😔 I’d rather be bored at home, thanks, than catch this stupid virus.

Not that I’m bored anyway, since I’m reading Bad Blood. OMG, I can’t put this book down, it is so good! I can see why people did what they did in the story, given what they knew at the time, but it’s just sad how things turned out for so many people.

Apparently there’s a documentary about the whole thing, and also a movie, so of course I want to watch both. The whole story is fascinating but quite sad as well, with all the false hopes that Theranos promised to customers and investors. I hope lessons have been learnt from this scandal that must’ve rocked Silicon Valley at the time.

Crazy real-life stories

N worked from home today. And supermarkets are again limiting the number of items you can buy of the more popular products, the products that were flying off the shelves during round one (remember the toilet paper hoarding?? 🙄) It feels like we’re back in February again 😔

Although remember this post? Back then, I was wondering if I’d be waking up to 10,000 new cases every morning. These days, four months after that post, cases are going up by at least 100,000 each day 😱 I seriously did not imagine that this would happen. This is definitely very different to what was happening back in February-March 😔

My estimate back then was that the worst will be around May-June, and to some extent, that might actually have been a pretty good estimate, with a lot of countries slowly starting to return to normal now. With the exception of the United States perhaps. I really didn’t expect the whole world to change as much as it has this year. No one probably did. Crazy times.

I started reading John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood yesterday and I am riveted! It is so good! If the writing stays as good as it has been in these first few chapters, then this is going to be my book for the year. It is so good! And just as amazing is the fact that it’s a true story. Heck, if a book was written about this COVID-19, that would sound like a pretty insane book too! Real life can sometimes be so insane that you just can’t think that it could even be real.

Mindfulness and passports

I started reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It’s actually not too bad so far. It’s helping me become much more present and aware of what’s going on around me. I don’t think I can ever become fully enlightened, which isn’t really my goal anyway. I just want to lead a more mindful life, not get too anxious about things and just try to really experience each moment. It’s doing exactly that so far, so I’m happy! 👍

I also organised stuff to get our passports renewed. Fat chance we’ll be travelling overseas this year, but our passports are expiring soon, and I want to be ready for when things do start returning to normal. I don’t want to be scrambling around at the last minute. So we got our photos taken yesterday; printed out the application forms today; and I’ve also booked our appointment at the consulate on Wednesday 👍 Hopefully the photos will be fine when I go pick them up tomorrow 🤞 For the price I paid for them, they better be!

And because no one is travelling right now, bookings are eeeasy to make at the consulate at the moment! Their website says they’re usually booked out at least one week in advance, so we should take that into consideration if we have travel plans. But because of the rona, no one’s travelling, so I could’ve made a booking for tomorrow if I wanted to! 😱 Crazy days! But I’m not complaining ☺️

A bit of perspective would be good

Hmmm… I’m just not having a good week. I don’t feel like I even did anything productive today 😔 I know I did, but my brain seems to be ignoring all that and it’s just focussing on the fact that what I set out to do today (write up the script for my next YouTube video) didn’t happen. Why focus on the negative?? 🤨 Because some good things also did get done today!

For example, I finished reading From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler, a children’s book by EL Konigsburg. I’ve read a few children’s books lately, and I actually haven’t been all that impressed with them. But I actually really liked this one! I would definitely recommend this to my 10-12 year old self 😊 Now I’m thinking that my next fiction novel should be one that’s for adults 😆

And I’m also connecting with a few friends on Facebook. I’m trying to be a bit more active on social media these days to try and stay in touch with friends, especially my friends in Oz who I don’t see much these days (and not at all at the moment 😔).

And I did do some research for my next YouTube video today too. Now I just need to get a better idea of what I want included in the actual video. Okay sure, I didn’t write out a script like I had wanted to, but I’m on my way there, so I have done something.

So even though I might not have gotten the script written up, it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. Get a bit of perspective, sheesh! 🙄

A relaxing Mother’s Day

It was quite a relaxing day, which was nice. I just watched TV, and also took a nap as Little Miss kept waking us up in the middle of the night again last night / this morning 😒

I also finished reading The Subtle Art of Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, which was pretty good. Very easy to read. I like his writing style 👍

And I also gave my mum a call. It’s Mother’s Day in Oz, and apparently in a ton of other countries around the world too, so I thought I’d wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. They can’t really go out at the moment because of the rona, which is a bit sad, but hopefully they’ll be able to go out soon. The curve is pretty much flattened in Oz, it seems.

We had three new cases today, all imported. So still no new locally transmitted cases for 21 days straight now. C’mon, we can make it to the one month mark! 💪

A pretty non-eventful day

There were four new cases in HK today, all imported cases from Pakistan. They anticipated this increase, as a number of people were flown back to HK recently after being stuck overseas. Hopefully they can isolate these cases and make sure there are no local transmissions.

And it was a pretty non-eventful day closer to home as well. I worked on my next YouTube video and then did some Japanese language study. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my language learning lately, so I’m trying to spend a bit more time on them now. I’m trying to make sure I just do even just five minutes a day. Five minutes a day is still better than nothing!

I’m also started reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. It’s quite good! I’m enjoying it 😊 He injects a bit of humour throughout the book, while also having a lot of useful tips to try in your own life. Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

More depressing stories

I started reading Charlotte’s Web a few days ago. I never read it as a kid, and I heard this book mentioned somewhere recently, and one of my students is also reading it now, so I figured these were signs telling me that it is now time for me to also read it 🤓📚

I told one of my bookworm friends that I’m currently reading this book, and she basically told me that it doesn’t have the happiest of endings. I have somehow managed to not know anything about this book up until this conversation with her, so this was news to me! So basically I’m now in the middle of reading a Chinese news story about a family in Wuhan who I suspect will all die from the virus by the end of the article; and now I’m reading a book where I’m expecting at least one of the protagonists to also die. What is up with all these depressing things around me?! 😔

To add to the depressing stories, I also keep seeing the numbers of infected people in all the other countries continuing to increase 😔 So please stay safe and take all the necessary precautions.

For what it’s worth, here are the rules I go by whenever I’m outside these days:

– I minimise touching things whenever I’m out in public: hand rails; lift buttons; door handles. If I have to touch any of these things, I use hand sanitiser immediately after, as washing my hands with soap and water isn’t always available;

– I wash my hands thoroughly, right up to my wrists;

– I try and maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from people, which isn’t always possible in congested HK, but I try my best; and

Don’t touch your face with your grubby fingers!