A cold sweat and a journey completed

I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. I have no idea what happened, whether I had a scary dream or if it was just physiological and my body was just reacting to something. But I was shivering and I was so so cold. I just wrapped myself completely after waking up, and just tried to go back to sleep. I probably should’ve dried myself and gotten changed into a dry set of PJs, but I was too cold and tired to think straight at the time!

I did go back to sleep relatively quickly, thankfully. But when the morning came around, I did not feel well rested at all. I was just so tired. And even after my usual cup of coffee in the morning, I was still just really tired, I couldn’t really shake it off all day. Sighhh.

So after my usual FX seminar, I went home and took a nap. I did feel a bit better, but still not all that great. Ugh, I really hope I’m not coming down with something – AGAIN. πŸ˜”

We finished the evening watching Game of Thrones: I am now all caught up! Omg I can’t believe I made the long journey. Now I want to read the books 😊 It’s not a genre that I would normally read, so I don’t know if I’d enjoy the books as much as the tv series, but maybe I’ll give book #1 a go and make up my mind after I finish it. Or not finish it, as the case may be πŸ˜† Unless I have an overwhelming urge to read something else before it, then I think it will be my next book.


Multi-pronged progress

Today was one of those days where I felt like I moved forward in almost all of my goals. I didn’t get obsessed with making progress on just one or two of them, to the detriment of the others, which is what I normally do. Not all of my goals were touched on today, but enough of them moved forward that I feel like it’s been a very productive day.

Work – I finally had a profitable trading day, after so many losing days in a row. Not that I felt happy. I probably felt relief more than anything else: relief that I am not completely hopeless at this. Maybe this is the start of my feeling more detached with the outcome of my trades?? πŸ€” Tick.

Languages – Did some review of old words and grammar structures, and learnt a few new ones. Tick.

Reading – I read a bit more of my new book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Tick.

Finances – Paid some bills and organised a few things on this front. Tick.

Family / Home – FaceTimed my parents and learnt a new recipe from my mum, which I tried today – and it actually turned out! That’s a first! πŸ˜‚ Tick.

Home – Ran a few errands this morning, and did a few other things around the house. Tick. I intend to do a few more things around the house tomorrow, so this should be a double tick by then.

So not a bad day. Not a bad day at all πŸ‘

Reading while in this slump

The crap trading continues. It just feels like whatever I do, I just get it wrong. Sighhh… It’s so demoralising. I just wish this slump would end soon, so my work life can get back to normal πŸ˜”

So to distract myself, I read my book The Last Mrs Parrish. And went searching for a new book, coz I finished this one 😊 It actually wasn’t too bad. I didn’t find it as “cannot-put-it-down” as much as other books, but it was still pretty good.

I decided to go for a light-hearted read for my next one, so I’ve gone for The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Well, I’m assuming it’s a light-hearted read, since it’s young adult fiction, but it does apparently touch on rather heavy issues such as rape, drug use and sexuality exploration and discovery. So let’s see just how “light” this book actually is…! 😳

And we finished the evening with a few episodes of Game of Thrones. Season seven is short, so we’ll easily finish it this week. What should we move on to next… πŸ€”

Comp #3 for 2018

It wasn’t the best start to the day of the comp. Firstly, I just wasn’t in comp mode, if that’s a thing πŸ˜† I just felt like I was doing something that I didn’t really want to do. Not that I ever feel like doing a comp πŸ˜‚ but today was just different. Also all our events were in the evening, which allowed us freedom to do whatever we wanted during the day. So that freedom didn’t help me focus on dancing either 😐 I ended up getting hooked on Game of Thrones (we’re nearing the end of season six) and I’m also now up to the crazy bit in one of my current books, The Last Mrs Parrish. So the last thing I wanted to do was abandon things when they were getting good!

Today’s comp was at the same venue as our previous comp, so at least we knew the venue relatively well this time, and we didn’t have to spend any time familiarising ourselves with the layout – where the change rooms, the bathrooms, recall numbers and the marshalling area are; how fast/slow the dance floor is etc etc – and just focus on our dancing.

Well as much as we could, that is. N’s cold is still bothering him, and people were saying he looked like he was going to faint in our Slow Fox πŸ˜” I asked him if he can last through all four events that we registered for, or whether we should pull out of one or two. Of course he wanted to tough it out 😳

Despite his illness, we actually danced ok, surprisingly. Not perfect, and a few dances fell apart at times, but overall, we were relatively happy with our dancing, given the limited practice we got in these past few weeks. Our teachers said that we improved from the last comp, which is great. One of the quotes that I like from the interweb is this: “no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch”. That’s how I feel about our dancing! πŸ˜‚

So obviously a bit of a break from dancing has somehow helped us today. No dancing tomorrow, we’ll just extend our break that little bit longerπŸ˜†

A mental health day

I took the day off to give myself a bit of a break from trading. A mental health day, as we called them, back in my previous industry. I’d like to get my mental health back in order before returning to the trading screen on Monday. I hope other industries are embracing the importance of these days as well.

I wanted to have a local breakfast this morning, but all the kopitiams (coffee shops) near our place were packed as, with locals having their daily breakfast, I suppose. So that left me no choice but to have a western breakfast.

The cafe where I ended up was having cash register issues, so when I went to go pay, things were going awry. So the staff member exclaims “Alamak! The receipt won’t print!” And continues to say alamak a few more times until they finally get a receipt printed for me. That’s the first time I’ve heard alamak said in real life! It was used a number of times in that book I read recently, Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan, a Singaporean author. And I’ve seen it mentioned in Singlish related stuff. So from these, I knew how it was used, but up until today, it’s just been an academic word for me. So it was rather exciting to actually hear it in real life – and with so much frustration from the speaker as well, it just really brought the expression to life! πŸ˜†

After breakfast / brunch, I went to Gardens by the Bay, like I said I would. It was the first day of Tulipmania in the Flower Dome, and I was very excited to go see it today 🌷🌷

Until I actually got there. The display was a bit too artistic for me, it just went over my head. I just didn’t quite get it 😐

Are they meant to represent certain people? The Dutch people, perhaps? The eyelids actually opened and closed on some of them, which was also a little freaky.Β I don’t get it… I just don’t get it…

Despite the odd display, the flowers were very pretty, as they always are, so wandering through both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest raised my spirits.

I then did a bit of wandering around the shops on Orchard Road, before heading home and relaxing for the rest of the evening. We were supposed to practice tonight, but N is still not feeling all that great, his cold is still lingering around πŸ˜”

We have a comp tomorrow, but we’ve barely practiced in the past few weeks, with me first having the cold, and now him. If we hadn’t already registered and paid, I’d pull out of this comp, to be honest. Our dancing probably won’t reflect what we can actually do, and it’ll just make me feel disappointed if we don’t dance to the best of our abilities. It’s not about the results – like I’ve said before, we always rank poorly against the specialists anyway, so we’re used to not placing well. But it’s when we don’t – or can’t – give our all that will be more disappointing. Sigh. Oh well, it can’t be helped. We just have to make the most of tomorrow. Who knows, maybe the lack of practice will let us ease up and just enjoy the performance tomorrow, rather than get all bogged down in the technical detail, like we usually doπŸ˜†

Relaxed and carefree

I woke up today feeling so relaxed and carefree. It’s a Saturday, and we have no Chinese class, no dancing competition, no dance lesson, nothing. We were free πŸ˜‚ I sometimes forget what it’s like to have a free day, until one rolls around and greets me warmly with open arms πŸ€—

We took our time leaving the house, simply because we could 😊 I read a bit more of one of my other books, Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. The book is set in Sydney, so in similar vein to Crazy Rich Asians which is set in Singapore, it was cool reading all the familiar places in Sydney that I know intimately well. Harbour Bridge, George Street, The Rocks, the Fish Markets, Anzac Bridge… I felt like I was almost back there. It doesn’t take much effort for me to conjure up images of the city and visualise myself going around. I know it too well. So I could easily picture the characters in the book walking/driving around and basically just leading their fictional lives.

We then went and had lunch at this Japanese restaurant down the road. I think this place will become one of our regular haunts. The food is really good. Plus it’s owned / run by Japanese people, so they’re very polite. And of course I can practice my Japanese while we’re there 😊

They also have a collection of Japanese manga on their shelves, which customers can read while they’re in the restaurant. I have come to think that reading manga is one of the funner ways to learn a foreign language. I just need to find a series to get into, which is not only good for someone learning the language, but also a genre that I would really enjoy – and hence persevere and push through the obvious reading difficulties!

After lunch, we made our way to the annual Pet Expo! I love going to the Expo, if only just to see the competitions that they hold. Today we happened to sit in front of an Aussie judge who was judging some of my favourite breeds: Maine Coone, Exotic Shorthair, Persian, and British Shorthair. Only problem is, N is allergic to cats! He even reacts to Kitty sometimes πŸ˜” He was saying how he should’ve brought a mask with him to the Expo today 😷 Well we did sit right in front of the judge, so that probably didn’t help matters!

After the Expo, I went home to rest while N went over to our friends’ place for dinner. I was invited too, but since his wife and kids were still overseas, I figured I’d give the two boys some boy time πŸ˜‚ Plus I wanted to get a bit more rest, since this cold is still lingering around 🀧 And we have a comp in a week’s time, so not much resting is going to happen between now and then, so I figured I should take any opportunity to rest up while I can.

Remember the daily mantra that I mentioned back in January? Well I completely forgot about it (already! 😳), and only just remembered it last night. So I reinstated it today: “no trading”. I wasn’t allowed to read anything about trading, no books, no blogs; I wasn’t allowed to review my trades; and I wasn’t even allowed to think about trading. I’m getting unhealthily obsessed, and that’s not a good thing. So I’m telling myself to take the day off. Heck, probably the whole weekend off. My brain needs to switch off and have absolutely nothing to do with trading for just a few days; I want to come back to it fresh on Monday.

So I’m distracting myself this weekend, gaining traction on my other goals instead 😊

All rugged up

I wore a scarf to my usual FX seminar today. A scarf and jeans. And I also brought a cardigan. In SINGAPORE. I feel totally inappropriately dressed πŸ˜‚ I’m normally cold at the seminar, but given that I’m sick at the moment, I figured that I should layer a bit more today. But once I was in the seminar, I was actually glad that I was all rugged up! My best idea today πŸ‘

I finished yet another book today, Crazy Rich Girlfriend, the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians series by Kevin Kwan. This was wasn’t based in SG as much as the first book, so I didn’t enjoy it as much, but it was still somewhat amusing. The third book is on my to-read list, but I might give myself a bit of a break from the series and move on to something different for my next book.

So I have chosen The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine for my next book. I don’t know how I stumbled across this book. Maybe it was a recommendation based on previous books borrowed from the library?It’s not too bad so far. An intriguing concept (apparently it’s like The Talented Mr Ripley, but I haven’t seen or read that), but the “it’s a page turner”, “couldn’t stop reading it” type comments from previous readers got me interested, as I like these types of books. I haven’t quite reached the psychological thriller part yet, so I’m eagerly awaiting for the ride to start 😊

One of the “benefits” of being sick is that I read more 😊