A relaxing Sunday

We had a nice, relaxing Sunday. Firstly, we met up with friends for a belated Easter lunch. We started this tradition of going for an Easter lunch with them a few years ago, but they were overseas during Easter this year, so we postponed the lunch until today. It’s a nice tradition that we’ve started, and I hope we can continue it for a while yet. But like I’ve said before, who knows where we will be or where they will be next year, so I just take things as they come, and appreciate the time that we are all in Singapore together.

We then went to a Dyson exhibit at the Art Science Museum. Yes, the vacuum cleaner company. I thought it would be more about the evolution of their products over the years, but it was more about promoting their current products, and learning some science along the way. They had a few interactive displays to learn about science and engineering for kids, so that was quite cool, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. The kids of our friends who we just had lunch with would probably have had a better time. Oh well. But it did get us thinking about buying the brand new Dyson product, especially with N being allergic to Kitty 😔 so I guess their marketing efforts have paid off…! 😆

And then we rode share bikes to Suntec to watch Rampage at the movies there. We’re getting into the share bikes at the moment. Singapore is such a perfect place for it: it’s a small city, so it’s quite easy to get around on a bicycle. The pavements are smooth, the cost is cheap, and there are so many areas where you can pick up and drop off the share bikes that it just makes it so easy.

And we finished the evening with an episode of Game of Thrones. We finished season six. Now I only have one more season to go before I am all caught up. But then once I’m finished with season seven, I’ll be waiting with bated breath for season eight – for about a year! 😳


Easter Saturday

We went and had breakfast down the road this morning, at a cafe that we haven’t yet tried in the 3+ years that we’ve lived in the area. I may be heading back to buy some of their bread on a regular basis, they’re very tasty! 🍞

We went to IKEA to check out some alternative dining table options. We don’t have a proper dining table; we just have a bench that can open up to create more bench space, and we use that as our dining table. We rarely use it as a dining table, I guess because it’s a bit of an effort to pull it out and set up as a table. If a proper dining table was there, I assume we’d use it a lot more often. But then if we move, we’d have to reassess our furniture requirements… So the question once again goes back to do we move or not move… If something comes up that we really really like, then yes, we will probably move, but it’d have to be pretty damn impressive to get us to move, coz we really like it where we are, even if the apartment is quite small. So let’s see…

Speaking of the apartment, we just chillaxed back at home for the rest of the afternoon, before heading over to Suntec to watch Ready Player One at the movies 🎥 A lot of 80s references, that was pretty cool 😊

So another relaxing day today. It’s turning out to be quite a chilled Easter 🐣

In transit yet again

We’re on the go again, travelled to Melbourne today. Sigh, we’re actually all travelled out, if that makes any sense whatsoever. We barely got settled at home after returning from Japan, and now we’re on the go again. This trip isn’t really a holiday; I don’t consider going to Australia a holiday; I see it more as “going back home”. Plus we’re both working for most of the time that we’re here, so yeah, not a holiday 😊

I watched a few movies again on the plane: I finished the Singaporean movie that I didn’t get to finish on our last flight (7 Letters); then I watched a Filo movie called Dear Other Self; followed by a Chinese movie 77 Heartbreaks. I was in the mood for some lighthearted viewing today, hence my two chosen movies.

Dear Other Self was all about the dilemma of travelling vs staying put and staying committed to your responsibilities at home. There was a conversation in the movie that I can relate to. It went something like this:

Henry: OK look, don’t get me wrong. I love travelling. But staying home scares me more.

Rebecca: Facing all the responsibilities?

Henry: I’m not ready for that. Well that’s why I travel.

Rebecca: Well if you put it that way, it sounds selfish.

Henry: Well travelling comes at a cost. When you go home, you may be happy that you’re home, but you feel like an outsider. You’ve changed.

Rebecca: Then why do we do this?

Henry: Don’t you know?

Rebecca: For me, I want to see the world.

Henry: Yeah. Well if that’s what you want, then it’s worth it.

Reminds me of this Elite Daily article I came across when we first moved to SG. I read it periodically, and each time I read it, it still speaks volumes to me. It can be hard being an expat. People just see the excitement of living in a different country, but they don’t necessarily understand the downside. I now understand how hard it is for migrants to leave heir home country and try and set up a new life in another country, a country whose customs and maybe even language is completely different to what they’ve known all their lives. It’s tough. But it also makes one stronger, and more self-reliant. And broadens your horizons. If I had a do over, I would still make the same decision. The experience is invaluable, and I wouldn’t change a thing.