End of CNY week

We went to Mong Kok today, to check out the Ladies Market and the Goldfish Market. The Ladies Market is like Paddy’s Market in Sydney or Queen Vic Market in Mebourne, but without the fresh food. But the Goldfish Market… Now that’s different. It’s basically a street with all these stores selling fishies and aquariums, and other pet stores as well. It’s quite strange how all these stores are all right next to each other. Wouldn’t they want to spread themselves out over the city?? I don’t get it. It made for a fun afternoon in any case πŸ˜†

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy tonight, continuing to make my way through the Marvel movies. And then I watched the first episode of Big Mouth, which was totally weird and out there, but hilarious at the same time. I’ll see if it gets any weirder and more outlandish as the episodes go on, like South Park did…

And today marks the end of the Chinese New Year week, and our lives go back to normal tomorrow. How sad… The holiday period is always so much fun πŸ˜”


Not much luck shopping

I am so into my Korean drama at the moment, Sky Castle. It is sooo good. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a drama as much as this one. It’s all about how wealthy parents in Korea push their kids into medicine or law. I think it’s relevant all around Asia, with parents being so competitive in this part of the world. I wonder how the drama was received in Korea. Of course it’s a satire, so there are elements in it that are just so silly and ridiculous, which adds to the fun of the show. But some scenes are also pretty full on, and unfortunately, I can see some of these being re-enacted in real life πŸ˜” So I am totally loving it! I’d like to finish it this weekend, if possible, I only have a few episodes left. Just need to do a bit more binge watching to get to the finish line! 🏁

We went to Wan Chai today to visit a Victoria’s Basement of sorts, only to discover that the store was closed for Chinese New Year – and will reopen on Valentine’s Day! So I guess they’re taking a nice long break 😊

So we then proceeded to head over to Causeway Bay to buy some Crabtree & Evelyn. And there I find out that their store has closed down! 😩 So I went online to find another Crabtree & Evelyn store in HK, only to find out that they’re slowly closing down all their physical stores in both HK and SG! Whaaat?!? Apparently they’re moving 100% online. Boohoo… So I guess I have to embrace this whole online shopping business a bit more now!

And we finished the evening with the next movie in the Marvel series: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not bad, and definitely much better than the first Captain America movie πŸ˜† But I have to say that out of the ten movies that I have seen so far, the Iron Man movies are probably my favourite. The two Guardians of the Galaxy movies are up next 😊


My coughing kept us both up last night πŸ˜” N bought me a bajillion different types of cough meds, both western and eastern medicines. I’m taking them all πŸ˜‚ I just want to get rid of this stupid cough! It’s still hanging around, though, so I’m not sure if they’re actually improving what was originally a pretty shite situation, or if they’re just not doing anything at all πŸ˜”

I was thinking of going to HK Zoo this afternoon before going for dinner, so I googled to see how long people say it would take to walk through the zoo, to see if we had enough time to walk through it before dinner. I found a blog post that started off with this:

β€œHong Kong Zoo is, quite frankly, small and largely unimpressive. While there are a handful of blockbuster animals such as primates and alligators, most of the crowd pleasers are missing; there are no lions, elephants or giraffes. If you’re prepared for the lack of animals, the park grounds are attractive enough and can make for a very decent half-day out. If not, head to Ocean Park.”

It goes on to say to think more of it as a park rather than a zoo, which is more in line with its admission fee: it is free. I’m glad I read this before heading over there and being terribly disappointed with the lack of animals! So if even Ocean Park isn’t a fully-fledged zoo, does that mean HK doesn’t have one?? That’s rather disappointing.

In any case, we didn’t make it to HK Zoo: we took a nap instead, as we were both quite tired from our lack of sleep last night, with my coughing keeping both of us up πŸ˜”

We did make it to dinner, though πŸ˜… We went to Chaiwala, an Indian fusion restaurant in Central, which was really nice! We’d definitely take friends or family there if they’re into their Indian food – and are ok with fusion. It’s got a pretty funky atmosphere, and the food was really nice. And not too spicy! I was a bit concerned with the spicyness of the food, especially given my stupid cough, as spicy foods would just aggravate it πŸ˜’ But it actually wasn’t too bad at all. Maybe it was the “fusion” bit that made it less so πŸ˜†

We finished the evening off with Thor: The Dark World. Not my favourite, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m going to make a few comments re the movie, which might be spoilers for some people, so if you don’t wish to read anything about the movie, then you can stop here πŸ›‘


There was a shot taken up high of some area in London, and I was like, “Ooh, that’s a pretty area! I want to go there!” And N goes, “That’s Greenwich, we walked down that path!” Ah yes. Yes, we did πŸ˜‚ I just didn’t see the aerial view at the time. It is very pretty indeed 😊

Having said that, though, most of the movie is out of planet Earth, which I don’t really enjoy. I prefer it when the superheroes are doing stuff on Earth and interacting with humans, rather than fighting aliens in other realms. Not sure why I even have this preference, but I do, so I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I would’ve liked. Plus I’m not a fan of the Chris Hemsworth / Natalie Portman relationship. Again, not sure why! But these are my personal preferences, so ignoring them, I thought the movie itself was actually quite good.

Books and movies

I actually felt worse this morning, isn’t that great πŸ˜’ So much for getting rid of this damn cold by this weekend. And of course that meant I didn’t do much around the house today, either πŸ˜”

We went to the library this afternoon, and even N borrowed a few books today. He is feeling quite motivated to do some more cooking at the moment, so he borrowed a few cookbooks, including one or two that is entirely in Chinese 😲 Not sure how much he can get out of those ones! πŸ˜† But he did go through the books once we got home, and then decided to go to the supermarket soon after to buy some ingredients, so he’s definitely motivated, at least! πŸ‘

I, on the other hand, borrowed some more picture books in that Chinese-English bilingual series 😊 I’m really liking those books! Easy to read, yet enough new words to keep me interested and learning, and with the English translation right there too, if I need it πŸ‘

We watched Iron Man Three this evening. I enjoyed this movie too! I like the Iron Man movies. I think I’d rank #1 and #3 equally, I thought they were good for different reasons. Thor: The Dark World is up next. Out of the eight movies so far, prior to embarking on this quest to watch all the Marvel movies, I’d actually only seen the first Iron Man. So watching them in timeline order and understanding the different characters as we go along is pretty cool 😊

Not quite the day that I had planned

I wanted to take it a bit easy today to try and get better, but instead I spent the day cleaning around the house, in preparation for Chinese New Year πŸ˜‚ I always try and clean the house in time for New Year, and now I get to clean up two times each year, one for the end of the Gregorian calendar year and a second time for the end of the lunar year πŸ˜† I still didn’t get to finish all that I wanted to do today, but I was just getting quite tired and I didn’t want to over exert myself, so I’ll just leave the last few bits for tomorrow.

I decided to learnt the Korean alphabet today πŸ˜‚ Just in case learning Chinese wasn’t enough to keep me occupied πŸ™„ I’ve been wanting to learn it for aaages, as I see it pretty often, but I just can’t read any of it. And even though I can now read it (albeit really really slowly and with numerous errors, but hey, I just learnt it!), it just means that I can sound it out, but not know what any of it means πŸ˜‚ Although I can now read the name of my current Korean drama! I thought that was pretty cool 😊 And surprisingly, it’s just “Who Are You” written phonetically in Korean! Anyway, it was pretty exciting when I could read it, though 😊

And in the evening, we watched The Avengers, the next movie in our Marvel movies. It wasn’t baaad, but I’d definitely rank it pretty low out of all the ones I’ve seen so far. Just above Captain America: The First Avenger, I think. Next up is Iron Man Three. Let’s see how this one stacks up against #1 and #2 😊

Not quite the day I had planned, but nonetheless happy with how it turned out 😊


I started my new Korean drama today, Who Are You. As I had expected, it was a bit freaky! Not quite the usual drama that I watch, but it’s been good nonetheless. I think I’ll continue with the series – unless it gets more freaky, in which case I may just give up on it! πŸ˜‚

And then we went to Tsim Sha Tsui for an early dinner. This area / neighbourhood / suburb, whatever you want to call it, is sooo busy. There are people everywhere. We were only there for a few hours today, and the sheer number of people is just insane. I think there are so many tourists that head over there, and then coupled with locals on the weekend, the place is just totally crazy. It’s ok to see the craziness as a tourist, but experiencing it every time you go there just gets really draining. It actually puts me off going over there, to be honest. But we’ll still go on the odd occasion, because there are a ton of restaurants in the area that we want to try πŸ˜†

I wanted to watch the next movie in the Marvel series, The Avengers, but I was so sleepy by the time we got home that I had to abandon the idea. Hope it’s a good one! 🀞

Energetic, fussy and another surprise

I woke up this morning feeling excited and full of energy. This hardly ever happens, and when it does, I can’t quite contain myself and I just want to do EVERYTHING!! πŸ˜‚ Why can’t I have this much energy every day?!? Needless to say, I had a very productive day πŸ‘

I bought a different brand of cat food recently, and gave Kitty a can today. She didn’t even touch it, reacting to the food as if it contained poison or something πŸ˜’ I had to throw it all out because she simply refused to touch it. Such a waste of food – and money. I bought it on sale at the supermarket, something like 8 cans for HK$48, so now I have another 7 cans to get through. I wonder if she’ll react the same way for each can, or if it was just that particular flavour. I thought I’d buy her something different, just to give her some variety so she doesn’t get sick of what she’s currently having, but obviously she’d rather stick to her current brand πŸ™„ That is, until she gets sick of it and I have to find something else that she will eat. Such a Little Miss!

We watched Thor this evening. Again, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. These Marvel movies are surprising me 😊 I should know better than to judge a book by its cover πŸ˜†