TV and walking

I had a bit of a lazy day today. I ended up just watching TV all afternoon, taking a nap in the middle of all the TV watching πŸ˜‚

I finally started watching Breaking Bad today. It has a rating of 9.5 on IMDb! 😱 I didn’t know that when I first started watching it. I just knew that it was really popular when it first came out, so I wanted to watch it too. But I’m always very slow compared to the rest of the world, so I’m only just starting to watch this now πŸ€ͺ And it may still take me a while to get through, because I can’t really binge watch shows either. I can only really handle a maximum of maybe three episodes in one sitting, and then I have to get up and do something else (or take a nap hehehe). And I’m talking about 20-minute episodes! Maybe that’s why movies don’t interest me too much?? πŸ€”

I wanted to go for a bit of a walk today, and we finally left the house at around 7:30pm to do that. This is definitely one thing that I like about Asia: things don’t close until quite late, so there are always a lot of people still around, and you can easily find a restaurant that is still open. We stumbled across a Vietnamese restaurant that we hadn’t tried before, so we decided to give them a go. They were actually pretty good! I would definitely go back again if we were in the area. It’s always good to try new places, sometimes you find some pretty decent places 😊 And yes, sometimes you get a mediocre place too, but I think it’s worth the gamble 😊

I suggested that we go up to The Peak tonight, actually, but N pooh-pooh’d that idea πŸ˜‚ So I’m thinking of maybe going up there tomorrow instead. I wonder how he’ll feel about that same idea tomorrow…

A brief respite

I mentioned in this post that our douche of a landlord dropped his legal bill on us the other day, and basically said that we’re splitting the bill. Well, N doesn’t think we should pay it. Plus, the landlord hasn’t returned the balance owing to us because of the change in our rent. We give him two months’ rent as deposit as part of the first lease. But because we had negotiated a lower rent in the new lease, the required deposit has actually decreased, and he should be paying us back the surplus amount. But of course he hasn’t done that – and yet is quick to send us this legal bill, of which we didn’t even agree to pay half. Ugh, so the saga continues πŸ˜’ I really don’t like this guy. Part of me just wants to leave this apartment just to get away from him, despite the good rental deal πŸ˜”

Overall, I felt like I just wasn’t in the right headspace today. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t actually focus on any one particular task, I was just jumping around from one thing to the next. Sighhh…

We finished Brooklyn Nine-Nine last night, so N introduced me to a new show today: Kim’s Convenience. It’s not baaad, but definitely not my favourite. But it’s light and easy to watch, so we’ve already watched a few episodes of season one πŸ˜† They’re up to season five, so they must be doing something right!

Despite this brief respite, it still didn’t completely shake off the blahness of the day πŸ˜” Hopefully the weekend will be better 🀞

Taking it easy

I walked a LOT today. 9km, according to my Apple watch 😱 And coupled with the jogging and the star jumps that I did yesterday (trying to reach my exercise goals for my watch πŸ˜‚) and the daily stretches that I’m still doing for my splits goal, my legs are now SORE 😝 And my body was just generally tired. I’m no spring chicken anymore, these things are now tiring!

So I took it pretty easy tonight, and just resumed watching my current Korean drama, Secret Garden. Oh, that link is to IMDb! I’m glad to see that Asian shows are now showing up on IMDb πŸ‘ I guess a lot of these are available on Netflix, so they’re getting seen by more people outside of Asia, which is cool. And Korea makes the best dramas hehehe It’s just a shame that I’m not learning Korean! πŸ˜†

N had karate today. It was the first time that he’d been to karate since the restrictions were imposed back in December, so it’s nice to see things open again. There are a few places that are still closed, but they are places that I don’t really go to (eg karaoke venues, mahjong parlours and swimming pools) so it doesn’t really bother me. So I’m good πŸ˜„ But summer is just around the corner, and I’d like to be able to go to the beach when the weather starts warming up. I hope they’ll open the beaches sometime in the next few months… 🀞 πŸ–

A lazy, foggy day

Today turned out to be a lazy day πŸ˜† I ended up playing games on my iPad for literally hours today, OMG. I never do that! But somehow, I managed to today lol πŸ˜‚

The thick fog outside and the thunderstorm warnings throughout the day just didn’t entice me to go out. I was going to go through my books, like I mentioned yesterday, but that didn’t happen either. Instead, I watched TV and played games all day. Like a teenager 🀣

We watched:

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be more of this blahness, but I hope I have a much more productive day than I did today!

New routines and language goals

I got up mega early again this morning. Not as early as yesterday, but earlier than usual. It’s really nice getting up so early! I get so much more done in the morning, and I feel so much more productive πŸ‘ The problem with this, though, is that because I am naturally a night owl, it is VERY easy for me to burn the candle at both ends πŸ˜” So I really have to try not to do that. It’s ok to do it every now and then, but it’s just not sustainable. I do try and take it easy in the afternoon now. Before, I’d be working frantically to get stuff done because I was running out of time; now, because I did so much in the morning, I don’t really need to stress out as much in the afternoon. So maybe these new hours will work for me after all?? But first, let’s see if I can continue to get up early! 😜

We started watching My Hero Academia recently. And now we’re watching one episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and then one episode of My Hero Academia to wind down for the evening 😊 I feel like I need to study it to get some Japanese language study in. It feels like such a waste if I don’t do that. I’ve actually been reviewing a lot more of my Japanese Anki flashcards lately, surprisingly, so it feels like I should back that up with some listening practice as well. And given how crap my Chinese listening skills are, chances are my Japanese listening skills are going to be just as bad!

But Jap has the added advantage of a lot of words being much more ingrained in me. I studied it in high school, which was a bajillion years ago now, but a lot of the vocab is still in my long-term memory, and hearing certain words is almost the same as hearing English. Almost 😜 I don’t think my Chinese will ever get to that same level. But ultimately, I would love to be conversational in both languages. That is my long-term goal. I’m sure it’ll be an uphill battle the older I get, but I’m going to try my darndest to achieve it πŸ’ͺ

On the hunt for a few apps

We went to one of N’s workmate’s places for lunch today. A few others came over as well, and they all played mahjong. I don’t really know how to play. My knowledge of mahjong is just as good as my knowledge of poker – ie very little! πŸ˜† So I just watched on the sidelines, asking questions and trying to figure out the rules of the game. I want to learn how to play both, but mahjong requires a whole kit: the tiles and all the other bits and bobs, as well as an actual table. I wonder if there’s an app where I can just learn to play on my phone, and I don’t have to actually bet any real money (yet?? 😜). And same with poker. I’ll be trying out a few different apps tonight! 😊

And then I watched the men’s singles final at the Australian Open. It was too quick a match, unfortunately, but it was still great to watch. It’s not as easy as just turning on the TV and having it on free-to-air TV like in Sydney, so at least I didn’t put my life on hold for two weeks just to watch tennis πŸ˜† So I only watched the odd game this year. But at least I could still watch it at home here in HK without having to go find a sports bar that’s playing it on one of their TVs πŸ‘

But my one and only project for this weekend never happened: my closet was not touched πŸ˜” Maybe next weekend.

Not quite what I had planned…

I had planned on cleaning out my closet today, doing a really good decluttering. But that didn’t happen. At all. I didn’t even start 🀣 I only had one thing that I wanted to do today, and I really should’ve started with that before doing anything else – ie before plonking myself down on the couch!

So it ended up being a lazy day ☺️ We watched:

I also did my stretches. I’ve actually finished my 30-day splits challenge, I’m not sure if I’ve told you. But I’m still continuing with the stretches, wondering if I will ever get down to the floor one day. Like with my YouTube channel, I don’t know if I’ll actually achieve what I’d like to, the only thing I can control is to try my best to achieve it. And I just have to keep showing up and hope that one day, the results will speak for themselves 😊

Stuck in a rut

Another difficult day πŸ˜” I got up feeling quite tired, which didn’t help. We didn’t go to bed until quite late last night, so I don’t think I got enough sleep. That probably didn’t help me shake off this blah mood that I’ve pretty much been in all week.

I did write my next script, though, which was totally amazing. It took way longer than it normally would have, but at least I finished writing it, that’s the main thing. And I also started editing my next YouTube video. I didn’t do much, but again, a little bit is better than nothing πŸ‘ Baby steps.

I did watch some other people’s YouTube videos, though. Partly to get inspiration, partly to learn, and also partly just procrastinating πŸ˜† I watched one video, though, where he was telling the audience that one of his dogs just passed away. Sighhh… I really didn’t need to hear that another pet passed away, after what I said in my post yesterday. So of course that just added to the blahness today πŸ˜”

It’s the weekend tomorrow, so I hope that’ll bring a bit more sunshine into my life. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut this whole week πŸ˜”

Another difficult day

Sighhh… It doesn’t feel like I’m having a very good week πŸ˜” My usual cheery mood is nowhere to be found right now, and I don’t quite know how or where to find it…

I’m reading a book at the moment, and in the book, her dog passed away. It reminded me of when Kitty passed away and how horrible those last few days were 😒 I still don’t like looking at our photos during those last few days, it still hurts when I see them. But at the same time, I really cherish them because they were our last few photos and videos together ❀️ It’s bittersweet.

So that didn’t help my general mood today πŸ˜”

And then I watched this reality TV show where one of the contestants basically grew up in foster care for virtually her entire childhood. Neither of her parents wanted to look after her when they divorced – and she was only two. How sad is that?! I thought that that was really sad already, but apparently there’s more to her story. And of course they want to drag it out, so I have to watch more of the show to find out.

And then to top it all off, our time in HK is now uncertain. Chances are that we’ll still stay, but there is now the slight possibility that we might not be here this time next year 😱 Anyway, nothing is certain. It’s still 12 months away. But like I’ve said numerous times before, this expat life is fleeting. You never know when the winds will change and you’ll be drifting off somewhere else again!

So yeah, another difficult day for me today πŸ˜”

Over on the TST side

We went over to TST today, just over on the other side of Victoria Harbour. We were dropping off some stuff for one of N’s workmates who is quarantining in one of the hotels over there. Quarantine has been bumped up to 21 days here, omg 😱 We couldn’t see him, though. We just had to leave his stuff with reception, and they delivered it up to his hotel room.

He’s staying at the Sheraton, though, so it can’t be all bad πŸ˜‚ But still, that’s three weeks in a hotel. Sighhh… And it’s not like you’ll be put up in a suite where you have extra room. And you can’t use the hotel facilities. So t’s not quite the same as a staycation πŸ˜” I’d be working and watching TV for 16 hours a day, every day, for three weeks! I’d probably get through a lot of Korean dramas during that time, though 😊 And maybe get some language study done too. Hmmm… OK, it might not be too bad after all…! πŸ˜†

It’s quite nice walking along the promenade over on the TST side. We always walk on the HK Island side, so I forget just how nice it is to walk over on the TST side too. I should make more of an effort to go over there every now and again. But like I said in this post, crossing Victoria Harbour always seems like a huuuge challenge, even though it really isn’t!