Lazy, convenient

It was a nice, lazy day today 😌 The weather was shite, and the number of new cases has been in the triple digits for 12 consecutive days now, so I was even less inclined to go out today.

I watched a few episodes of the Chinese drama All is Well. I don’t remember if I’ve talked about this drama before, but let’s just say that I was not terribly impressed with the first two episodes when I first started watching it about a week or two ago. I’ll just leave it at that in case you want to watch this show, I don’t want to spoil anything for you! I pretty much told my teacher this, but she suggests that I continue watching because it supposedly gets better. I have now watched five episodes in total, and I’m still not all that impressed. But it was very popular in China when it came out last year, and it’s a relatively good show for working on my listening skills, so I’m persevering. But it better improve soon, otherwise I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to stick it out!

One of N’s workmates likes to bake, and she baked some cakes today and gave us some 🍰 Notwithstanding the fact that HK is so densely packed, expats tend to live close to one another, and so she actually just lives a street down from us, about a 5min walk away. I think four of his colleagues live within a 500m radius from us 😂 Actually, there are 5 (five!) supermarkets within that same radius 😱 I think I will miss this convenience when we move.

Yum! 😋

Not that we’re moving any time soon, don’t jump to conclusions! I’m just sayin’ 😉

A depleted battery that wasn’t full to start off with

Let me just start off by saying that my day was very productive, the type of day that I wish I had more of 👍

But I didn’t have a very good night’s sleep, so I didn’t quite start the day with a full battery. So the full-on day just depleted whatever juice I did wake up with🔋

So by the evening, I was completely exhausted. All I wanted to do was just sit in front of the TV and mindlessly watch whatever light-hearted show took my fancy tonight.

But that’s when l I discovered that our TV wasn’t connecting to the internet for some stupid reason 😒 And so I wasted probably about an hour trying to figure out how to get it to reconnect – with no success 🙄

N was using the wifi for a social Zoom call, so I couldn’t reset it to see if that’d help. I decided to just give up on the TV tonight and try again tomorrow.

But when he finished Zooming and turned the TV back on, it somehow magically reconnected 🙄 At least it’s connected again. I’m trying to focus on the good news and not on the hour that I wasted trying to get it to connect! 😒

Remember the all-day ban on dining in at restaurants that was introduced two days ago? Well the government changed their mind about that decision. The all-day ban only lasted for 48 hours 😂 We can go back to eating breakfast and lunch at restaurants again 😅 I can go back to having my brunches. That’s all I need so I’m happy 😄

Bad Blood, The Inventor, The Dropout

Like yesterday, we didn’t leave the house again today. And I’m glad we didn’t: apparently there were 108 cases today! OMG! I think that’s a record number of cases in one day that we’ve seen throughout this entire pandemic. I’m really not wanting to go outside these days 😔

So I just spent most of the day just reading Bad Blood and actually finished it 🤪 I couldn’t put the book down, it’s so addictive! Even though I already know what happens to the company and to the CEO, it’s still a very riveting story. One of those times when you just can’t believe that something as crazy as this actually happened.

I then watched The Inventor after I finished the book. I’m obsessed with the story now! I also found The Dropout, a podcast on the whole crazy story about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. So obviously I can’t wait to start listening to that! 😂 And of course I’m going to watch the Jennifer Lawrence movie when that comes out 🤣

I had heard about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes years ago, but I never really followed the story. And then all of a sudden I heard how it was all one big fraud, and I was like, howww?!? How did it go from being this mega awesome company to becoming the biggest fraud case in recent times?? I just couldn’t believe it. And part of me still can’t. The whole thing is just so surreal.

Anniversary weekend – day 1

I’ve sorta labelled this weekend as our anniversary weekend. If you recall, I was thinking of doing a staycation this weekend, since we can’t travel anywhere at the moment. But I’m glad I didn’t, because the virus numbers are still going bonkers 😔 There were 64 new cases today! And the total number of cases has now apparently surpassed the total number of SARS cases back in 2003. Sighhh….

So we just stayed home again. And since it’s our anniversary weekend, I just wanted to relax and enjoy this weekend 😌 So I just read more of Bad Blood and finished watching season one of Modern Family. You can’t get any more relaxed than that! 😉

Mondayitis and rose-coloured glasses

I had a mild case of Mondayitis today. I procrastinated and basically just wasted time. So as you can imagine, it wasn’t the most productive day 😔

We watched more of Dance Academy today. It’s making me want to dance again! It’s also set in Sydney, so it also makes me miss my hometown 😔 I too just want to walk through Circular Quay too, or the Rocks, or the Opera House or wherever else they film 😆

But as with any city, once you’re not living there, you remember the place with rose-coloured glasses. I’m sure all the sh1tty things about the city would come flooding back after a few weeks of living there again 😆 But Sydney is my hometown, so it will always have a special place in my heart 🥰

TV nostalgia

For some reason, the Australian teen show Dance Academy came to mind today, and so I felt the urge to watch the series again. The whole series is actually on YouTube, so now I’m making my way through the show 😂 I actually don’t think I watched the entire series when it first aired, so this is as good a time as any to watch it from start to finish 😆 There are only three seasons, so it shouldn’t take too long to get through 😊

We also started watching The Breakfast Club today 😊 This one was because of Modern Family 🤪 They mentioned the song If You Leave by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark , which I think was from The Breakfast Club. But now that I think about it, it might be from a movie with Andrew McCarthy, probably Pretty in Pink…

Yep, it was from Pretty in Pink. Too late, we’re halfway through The Breakfast Club now 😂 That’s ok, that movie is such a classic anyway.

We didn’t finish it, though, because N had to go to karate, so we’ll have to finish it another day. We might watch Pretty in Pink afterwards. I haven’t seen that movie in decades either anyway 😊

More tech gear 😂 and TV

Little Miss woke us both up a number of times last night, so needless to say, we were both very tired this morning 😒

We went to Times Square in Causeway Bay to pick up the tripod that I bought with my camera last week. They were out of stock so they had to order it in.

Times Square is one of the shopping malls in Causeway Bay. They have a promotion again where they give you HK$X in vouchers for every HK$Y that you spend in one day, with a minimum purchase of HK$Z. Sorry for the algebra, I just don’t remember the actual dollar amounts. All I know is that the promotion is good 😂 We got some vouchers during their first promotional period during April-June, and now we got some vouchers again during this second promotional period, July-September. It’s definitely a good way to get more foot traffic into their mall! We definitely wouldn’t be going there as often as we have been these past few months if it wasn’t for these vouchers 😄

We were both pretty tired (thanks to Little Miss 😒) so we didn’t really hang around at the mall for too long. We just picked up some groceries on the way back home and then just chillaxed for the rest of the evening.

Oh, we’ve started watching Modern Family! We both just want something really easy to watch, a modern version of Friends, if you will. And this is the closest thing I could find. We watched a few episodes of Grace and Frankie, but I couldn’t really get into it, so we abandoned that about four episodes in. But Modern Family is going strong so far, seven episodes in 👍 Apparently they had eleven seasons, so they must’ve been doing something right!

I think I’m getting a bit TOO excited

OK, I have pretty much decided on my new camera: a Sony ZV-1 👍 It’ll actually be my first camera since maybe the 2000s. I don’t even remember when I last had a camera that wasn’t my phone, that’s how long it’s been! 😱

So now I can’t wait to buy it 😊 Hopefully there won’t be protesters around Causeway Bay on the weekend again and so the Sony store will actually be open 🤞 I feel like I’m entering a brand new era with my videography/vlogging and photography journey with this new camera. I might actually even create a vlog about it 😂

N and I haven’t really found a new tv show to watch after we finished Community, so while we’re searching for our new show, we’ve been watching product reviews on YouTube of the various cameras in the market at the moment! 😆 I don’t know why I keep watching review after review of the Sony ZV-1. It basically does everything that I need from a camera at this stage of my journey, so more reviews of the product isn’t going to change my mind 🤣

Can you tell I’m so excited?? 😁 I’m building it up in my mind to be this mega awesome camera, but then what if it doesn’t deliver? I need to stop getting all hyped up about it. It could end up being very anti-climactic… 😒

Fun and relaxation

N did a ton of karate today, two hours in the middle of the day and two hours later in the evening 😱 I did the complete opposite: absolutely nothing 🤣😔

Well, in terms of exercise, that is. I did manage to cobble together a quick video from yesterday’s brunch, I actually had enough footage to work with 👍 I hope the birthday girl liked it. If anything, it’s the thought that counts 😊 This whole vlogging business is so much fun, though. I really should do more, I enjoy making them so much 😄

N is also doing some research for me in the camera space. The difference between us, though, is that he is willing to spend a lot more money on technology than I am. So the camera he suggested to me is 5x more than what I’m willing to spend 🤣🤣 FIVE TIMES! So I didn’t even look at the specs of the camera. But for that price, I’m sure it’s pretty damn awesome. Or least it better be!

Anyway, I still need to read up on the various options that I have. I still have no idea what I want to buy! 😒

And I finally finished Crash Landing On You, five months later. I don’t know exactly when I started watching that drama, all I know is that it took me months to finish it! Not that it was bad or anything, it was just that I never really had the time to watch it. And when I was watching TV, it was usually with N, and Korean dramas aren’t really his thing, so we usually just watch whatever American show looks interesting.

But I’ve finally finished it, so now it’s time to find a new show. Actually, we’ve also just finished Community, so if you have any suggestions for our new show (or an Asian drama for me 😉), then please let me know! 🙏

Eating and more eating

It was a public holiday in HK today, so we just had a relaxing day. We were going to go and have Singaporean for lunch, but when we got to the restaurant, we found out that they’re closed on public holidays. Grrr! Although we should’ve checked this before we left the house 😆 It’s just that most restaurants are open here, public holiday or not, so I didn’t even think to check.

So we ended up having Viet at the restaurant next door. We actually had the choice between ramen, Viet and goose (!), but Viet won out in the end. We walked past the goose place afterwards – I think goose is a specialty here in HK – but it just didn’t really appeal to me, so I’m sorta glad we decided not to try that place 😅 I think I’ve had roast goose before, but this place seemed to cook the goose a different way, I don’t quite know how, but it just didn’t look as appetising. Maybe I’ll give it a go when I’m feeling a bit more adventurous 😄

We then went back home and watched an episode of Community before taking a 2-hour nap 😴 We then headed back out for ramen, although at a different ramen place to the one at lunch (which lost out to viet). We ran into one of N’s workmates on the way to the ramen place, so it was nice to just stop and have a bit of a chat with him and his wife before we went off and had dinner.

It was a nice, relaxing day 😌